How to See for Yourself the Sun Simulator Fake Sun

Click here to read Short answer how to see lightbulbs in our sun.

New fake sun theory update


Fake Sun .UK article or Smithsonian article

The name of the fake sun advertised on Smithsonia website and is “Synlight” sin-lite.  Oh how the elite love to mock God with blatant rebellious antics.

I Saw The Black Hole Sun The Sun Simulator in the Sky.

Click here to read Short answer how to see lightbulbs in our sun.

There is truth in plain sight, watch the “black hole sun” video.  Truth in plain sight. It even shows tanning booth lamp, smoke and mirrors etc.  This video was a clear confirmation to what I saw.

The few elite controllers are hiding our real sun because our real sun is setting in the southeast and rising in the northeast.   But I believe by January 2021 it will be setting in the east and rising in the west.

There are many videos and websites that talk about having evidence of a fake sun.. .The patents are in the records.  The photos, news articles, evidence is full blown but still to me the concept was unbelievable that man could have a device of lights (basically tanning booth x a million) that could light up and even surpass the brightness of our true sun.

However what I saw yesterday in the reflective outter lens of my sunglasses, NOTE:  Do not put the sunglasses on.  Your using them like a mirror to see the sun at your back.  Then YOU WILL SEE THE BULBS AND THE Black Hole Sun.  See photo drawing below.

I was neither looking for it nor considering the theory to be true.  I had no interest in the fake sun.  I assumed to was a hoax till I saw it with my own eyes.

My theory is this.  The True Sun is now rising in the North and setting in the South.  This is why we keep seeing bright lights in the eastern sky hidden by clouds that seems to move from north to south throughout the day.   Chem-trails always hide the light behind them.  I believe one they don’t want panic fr us to see the sun setting in the south east.  And two they always need desperately to hide from us the existence of God.  Why?  Because prayer is the absolute power that we have and those few elite know it but Christians are either clueless or have never learned from Father how to take authority during prayer.  When the sun moves its progression so far that its setting in the east and rising in the west day will be night and night day.  Will they still be able to hide the truth from us?  Idk.  I feel like eventually we will see what they are hiding.

Vampires cannot be seen in the mirror, the sun simulator can be seen in reflective lenses of sun glasses, mirrored or not.  You will see the bulbs.

Here is how to see it. #1TAKE OFF YOUR SUN GLASSES(See photo directions below).  It’s simple and cost nothing.  What you need: One pair of sunglasses but if you have two you can compare.

This drawing is what I see in my reflective sun glasses using 
them as a mirror to see the sun behind my back.
Use the reflective OUTER lens of the sunglasses JUST LIKE THE PICTURE BELOW.  Look w/back to sun at outer lens of your glasses to see a reflection of the sun simulator at which time YOU WILL SEE THE LIGHT BULBS CLEARLY IN THE GLASSES.
Use the reflective lens of the sunglasses. A straight up mirror is too clear and bright.  Do not put the glasses on.  I saw the fake sun in the lenses of the glasses.  NO CLOUDS, AT SUNSET & AT MID DAY BOTH.
Use the reflective lens of the sunglasses. A straight up mirror is too clear and bright.

26 Replies to “How to See for Yourself the Sun Simulator Fake Sun”

    1. Time is divided. Into “two times” “The dividing of time.” as prophesied. That means there are two realities at play right now. One reality that the religious/Gentiles see where nothing is going on any different than any other time. They see no signs except ONE (as prophesied). Watchmen see & are the sign of Jonah (as prophesied). And what is the sign of Jonah? THE WATCHMEN themselves are the sign of Jonah. So many watchmen proclaiming end of days all over the internet. Hence just as Jonah was to proclaim to Nineveh God’s coming. So too the Watchmen. Then there’s the 2nd reality which is for those who see the signs and wonders or at least the signs. They see miraculous Mandela effects history not holding up. What once was now never was. And what is and always was, was not. They see the changes to the Sun yellow to white. The changes to the moon, spinning & smiley face, And if they are Jacob (Israel) they are seeing the Deity and they see beyond the strong delusion that is on most people. They see beyond the controlling towers of babble the iron rod rule of the beast system at hand. And they see the magic degrading desecration of the holy place (bibles one and all) prophesy fulfilled. And many many more fulfillments. So if your a Gentile you will think akin to the Watchmen on Youtube because your in their timeline. If your an unbeliever your being called to repentance so you see some miracles. As for Jacob he is not under the strong delusion therefore what he sees is the hardest to process emotionally.

      1. The sign of Jonah that Jesus referred to when the Pharisees asked him for a sign that he was truly the messiah refers to the 3 days Jonah spent in the belly of the whale. Jesus was telling them that he would be dead for 3 days and then be resurrected. To claim that Christ’s answer to hostile unbelievers of his time was not about his imminent crucifixion, death, and resurrection but about people 2,000 years in the future is to perpetuate a gross ignorance of the Bible and the purpose of Christ’s coming.

        1. And yet both prophecies are true. Due to too many multiple choice tests as children. With only one right answer per question over and over and over and over(in the formative years childhood)….minds are set to only see one possible prophecy fulfillment. Most all are programmed in that way to be closed of mind. Only one right answer lest it break the comfortable habitual neural-pathways. Your bible all bibles are now written by the Author of confusion and are now desecrated. Yet the strong delusion hides the blasphemy and lies. “Desecration of the holy place” x2 Mat. 24:15/dan.11:31. Bodies and books. And yet Christians call an imaginary temple built by & for antichrists to be sacred and “holy”. The book must be understood by the Holy Spirit within. When the Holy Spirit comes they are born again. But there is an even greater portion of The Spirit that comes by prayer & laying on of hands called Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Nevertheless it’s not a salvation issue we don’t think. As always I could be wrong on any of these points.

  1. If you have a security camera that can watch the SUNRISE, you may notice that about 4 days a week, the Sun comes ON, like an old fluorescent bulb. ON for 15 seconds, then OFF for 15 seconds, then ON again 15 seconds, then OFF again 15 seconds, then ON, and stays on all day. You cannot see this w the naked eye, only through the monitor of your security camera. The remaining days of the week, it’s a normal sunrise. The satanist nazi U.N. serving scum running our govt must be stopped. They are also stealing our WATER, and causing all kinds of ‘disasters’ in their depopulation agendas fr hell.
    If u are a born again Christian, Jesus gave you AUTHORITY to bind demons, demon hybrids, demon ALIENS, principalities, powers and rulers in darkness and all other demonic entities. We need to be binding these in all our leaders, binding their cloaking abilities, so that all who look on them will see them, and commanding OUT those who are not directly indwelling our leaders. Do not cast out those that are indwelling because it will make the leaders WORSE, just bind them. Those that are not indwelling should be cast into the abyss for eternity never to return, or if they are flesh, as in demon hybrid sasquatch , dogmen, demon aliens, etc. commanded to the farthest ends of the earth never to return. Do this in the AUTHORITY OF JESUS CHRIST. We also need to cast all these out of our homes, lands, public lands, cities, states and nation, break all curses off these areas, rededicate them to Jesus Christ and bless them in His authority and name. God bless and protect those who serve Him. My email is blocked, so can’t respond to any comments here. Sorry.

  2. I have been noticing the sun has been so much hotter and brighter lately, I used to be able to tolerate the sun no problem and now my body is just so sensitive to it. I just had this feeling that something wasn’t right and did a search and sure enough I’m not the only one. I have been having a lot of very odd coincidental things happening to me more frequently, and I’ve been very uneasy with no explanation. Something has definitely shifted and I’ve been feeling it intensely

    1. I th it no that’s why when I was younger I could sunbathe ALL DAY and get a sunburn. Now I can get a sunburn in an hour. I always thought that the sun in my older age felt way different than when I was a kid. Now I know why.

    2. Thank goodness. I really thought I was alone in this . Yes it is almost unbearable here near the beach in Los Angeles but everywhere is hotter and brighter

      1. Blessings to you Ribert! Many take no notice of it. They are either spiritually vailed or they just don’t pay attention. Watchmen I have seen on YT who claim to be awake. I have seen them say they notice not changes in anything around them. You know the dark sun and dark moon were prophesied. If the elite made a fake sun due to the dimming of the real sun they are trying to save the earth/trees/ect. but are likely doing more damage. Who knows.

  3. I have been watching the weather cams in Alaska, Colorado etc and you can clearly see the reflection of the tech used in the fake sun. There’s a light and a series of rotating discs, plus some kind of spotter craft. The reason is also plain to see, its to hide the eclipses and reflection of the massive planets that have entered our solar system. You can see at least four different rotating celestial bodies and just recently I saw the reflection of a huge rotating metal object with a deliberate design on it. The fake sun tracks these objects and is able to produce a massive glare at will, in order to hide the objects. This is the reason the satanic elite are trying to kill or enslave humanity and the jab is part of the Mark of the Beast. But this means that the Sun of Righteousness and the destruction of the wicked by fire are both imminent. Stay strong, pray powerfully and God bless.

    1. Blessings to you Carrie! I am very glad to read your comment of encouragement. Ya I don’t know what to think about the bulbs in the sun or why its so much brighter except that it is fake. Crazy. What a time we live in, what a time. Do you believe there is a serpent race on earth? I once had a dream of Obama (I know, a common theme) and he had serpent skin. In the dream I was praying and his son, a white guy about 29 said “where did you get the ability to pray like that?” Obama just stood their with great false pride/ego. He reeked of power hungry ego.

  4. I’m here because I just picked up my son from school and as I was backing out I saw the sun in my rear view mirror with a black spot in the middle. I’ve never been so shaken. WTH is going on?

    1. Blessings Dawn. I noticed too that I see the sun in some way or another different when in the rear view mirror. Strange supernatural times. Your eyes are open. Truth is in your heart. This is good. Very good.

  5. I found this because I was wondering how I could stare at the sun today without quenching or blinking and I didn’t have a problem at all. I said then “this is not the real sun”
    Thank you for this. I can wait to try this!

    1. We are in the dividing of time. Two times meaning two realities are at play. Please don’t look directly at the sun it’s blinding. The sun is 7 times (they say) brighter than it was 30 years ago. Now, as for the two realities. Very few can see what I thought was readily viewable. My brother did the sun glasses test and could not see the bulbs. Also another friend I have online tried it and he could not see what I saw clearly. I can attribute this oddity to the two realities. The Biblically prophesied “time & two times”. Study the Mandela effect to see if you are in the time or the two times. Those in the two times remember history differently than it’s being presented to us now. Example? “mirror mirror on the wall whose the fairest of them all?” History dictates that the line from the movie sleeping beauty was always and forever “magic mirror on the wall whose the fairest….”. Yet we remember differently. Multiply that 1 Mandela effect by 100,000 more all around us and you will see there is a dividing of realities. And that signs and wonders are so prevalent today that the secular world put a label to them. “Mandela effects”.

      1. I recall where I went to church, there was a picture that hung on the wall, of a lion laying down with a lamb, and the scripture said The lion will lay down with the lamb..But when I looked it up…so weird..God has shown me so many things in this crazy life. Check out YouTube Kelly Carver I Saw Satan Abd Lived. True story. Also watch my worldwide tunnels/sheriff’s alert and Demon Tech Implants vid. I was used as a test subj for what is now in the shots. NEVER take them. There is neural lace operational systems in them that let them see and hear all we do and even take over totally during sleep, and we don’t remember what they use us for! It is 24/7 rape of our brains. Worst crime ever against us. I think it is the towers that serve as the remote control. Cell ph are also being used against us to emit frequencies to hurt or even kill us. I busted agents making my little doxy have seizures. This is likely why our filthy govt sends our dna to Chinese labs, so they know what freq to use! Fauci even admitted he and the DoD were going to do this! Go to stateofthenation site and watch Felony Crimes End Pharma Immunity vid. Dr Carry Madej vids, Dr Ricardo Delgado. Many labs now verify it’s in the shots. SEEK JESUS AND GET SAVED IF U HAVEN’T!

    2. Sun is so bright. I cannot look at it especially in the morning. Care for your eyes. Protect them from the sun please.

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