How to See for Yourself the Sun Simulator Fake Sun

Click here to read Short answer how to see lightbulbs in our sun.

Fake Sun .UK article or Smithsonian article

The name of the fake sun advertised on Smithsonia website and is “Synlight” sin-lite.  Oh how the elite love to mock God with blatant rebellious antics.

I Saw The Black Hole Sun The Sun Simulator in the Sky.

Click here to read Short answer how to see lightbulbs in our sun.

There is truth in plain sight, watch the “black hole sun” video.  Truth in plain sight. It even shows tanning booth lamp, smoke and mirrors etc.  This video was a clear confirmation to what I saw.

The few elite controllers are hiding our real sun because our real sun is setting in the southeast and rising in the northeast.   But I believe by January 2021 it will be setting in the east and rising in the west.

There are many videos and websites that talk about having evidence of a fake sun.. .The patents are in the records.  The photos, news articles, evidence is full blown but still to me the concept was unbelievable that man could have a device of lights (basically tanning booth x a million) that could light up and even surpass the brightness of our true sun.

However what I saw yesterday in the reflective outter lens of my sunglasses, NOTE:  Do not put the sunglasses on.  Your using them like a mirror to see the sun at your back.  Then YOU WILL SEE THE BULBS AND THE Black Hole Sun.  See photo drawing below.

I was neither looking for it nor considering the theory to be true.  I had no interest in the fake sun.  I assumed to was a hoax till I saw it with my own eyes.

My theory is this.  The True Sun is now rising in the North and setting in the South.  This is why we keep seeing bright lights in the eastern sky hidden by clouds that seems to move from north to south throughout the day.   Chem-trails always hide the light behind them.  I believe one they don’t want panic fr us to see the sun setting in the south east.  And two they always need desperately to hide from us the existence of God.  Why?  Because prayer is the absolute power that we have and those few elite know it but Christians are either clueless or have never learned from Father how to take authority during prayer.  When the sun moves its progression so far that its setting in the east and rising in the west day will be night and night day.  Will they still be able to hide the truth from us?  Idk.  I feel like eventually we will see what they are hiding.

Vampires cannot be seen in the mirror, the sun simulator can be seen in reflective lenses of sun glasses, mirrored or not.  You will see the bulbs.

Here is how to see it. #1TAKE OFF YOUR SUN GLASSES(See photo directions below).  It’s simple and cost nothing.  What you need: One pair of sunglasses but if you have two you can compare.

This drawing is what I see in my reflective sun glasses using 
them as a mirror to see the sun behind my back.
Use the reflective OUTER lens of the sunglasses JUST LIKE THE PICTURE BELOW.  Look w/back to sun at outer lens of your glasses to see a reflection of the sun simulator at which time YOU WILL SEE THE LIGHT BULBS CLEARLY IN THE GLASSES.
Use the reflective lens of the sunglasses. A straight up mirror is too clear and bright.  Do not put the glasses on.  I saw the fake sun in the lenses of the glasses.  NO CLOUDS, AT SUNSET & AT MID DAY BOTH.
Use the reflective lens of the sunglasses. A straight up mirror is too clear and bright.

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