Possible Cure. Prevent Corona Virus Wuhan Prevention Given by Spiritual Revelation

Corona means crown.  Link for the emotional solutions to fear tactics of the beast.

I am NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR OR NURSE.  THIS IS A SPIRIT LEAD PREVENTION [TO AN UNAMED VIRUS THAT IS COMING]edit.  If this corona virus is real the cure may be for it.

So, this Coronavirus is sponsored by “The Crown”.   And inspired by the disobedient god Kronos.   Your guess is as good as mine just who the crown really are.   DO NOT GO TO HOSPITAL IF YOUR NOT SICK.

Sidenote I had to edit this article the title was misleading and article was not cure on my vision that the cure is for an un-named virus.

In short:Clove tea or clove shots 3 times daily and inhale pine steam once a week or every ten days or so. 

The cure in my article here “cure for Coronavirus” vision was given for “a virus” or “plague” UNNAMED I do apologize for the leading title that was not forthright.  Because I have not confirmed the clove and pine cure as being for corona virus.  However these cures will fend off most colds and lung irritations as I have proved them myself. And at the same time if there is a Virus the vision may have been for Coronavirus.]

Now, for quite a long time Jazweeh has been warned of a pandemic to come.  This is an end times event. She was given this prevention long ago.  I don’t know if its a cure just a prevention [or if this is the virus in my vision].(edit)  You be the judge.

Prevention of Wuhan virus. Since when does “Scottland only have one “t”?  Mandela effect.

But I veer from topic.

CLOVE……CLOVE…CLOVE. Buy dried clove at the holistic food store.  This means where they sale herbs and organic products.  See also “Pine” at the bottom of page for more remedies. (updated)

HOW TO MAKE REAL CLOVE TEA (or also chew on a couple dried cloves)

Put about 10 or 15 cloves in a 2 cup GLASS measuring cup (or something similar/stainless or glass).  Boil water.  Add boiled water (hot) to the clove measuring cup.  Let steep (sit with a glass saucer cover not plastic! for 12-14 minutes.  Pour into cup filtering out the cloves in whatever way works.  You can just pout and let cloves fall to bottom of cup allowing it to get stronger.  Stronger the better. Don’t make yourself nauseous.

Clove flavor sucks!  What can I do to make it taste better?  Add honey and add orange peels washed and clean, cut up, for flavor.  Or add a squeeze of lemon and honey.  DRINK HOT.  DO THIS 2-3 TIMES A DAY.  Add more water to your cloves for second use and keep them on low heat on burner.  Glass measuring cups can withstand medium heat from burner like a pan.

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT YOU WEAR ANY OF THE MASKS PEOPLE ARE FLOCKING TO.  We do not trust the beast system and the upside down says the cure is the disease.  Go figure.

Hot PINE Tea


The Beast System is pushing us to eat the pine pollen.  I do not feel good about that in my Spirit nor have I ever eaten pine pollen.  My guess is there is something in the pollen that we should not eat having to do with hormones and hormone balance.  That’s my feeling.  If your hormones are entirely out of wack well then you may want to use the pine pollen (this is just a feeling by The Spirit).

My spirit says if a young woman cannot get pregnant due to hormonal imbalances due to artificial hormones in cheese and dairy she can THEN drink pine pollen to fix it.  Stay away from dairy that isn’t organic because of unnatural hormones they soak it with.  As a matter of face on my pine sometimes there is a pollen substance caked on the branches.  I assumed it was some kind of bug nest.  And it could be however it may be the pine pollen as it appears not like a stamen as shown on photos but caked into the “V” of a branch near the male cones.  I always avoid those branches and do not use them for tea.

If your healthy stick to the male/female pine cones pine needles.   break up the small branches to include them in your makings for the hot pine tea.  The sappy parts are best for tea.  I prefer the young pines.  We have way too many starting on our property so we can cut off the top and it just keeps growing and cut it again.


Bring in your pine needles, branch, and stamens and cut it all up as small as you have patience for.  The more you cut it up the more the good stuff pours ut into the water.

If you have local Pine Trees.  Cut a fresh branch that has allot of sap.  There are


Rest when your body says rest.  We have a person who has been experiencing on and off respiratory issues that feel like recurring allergies.  However she never before has suffered from allergies.  BUT she has been gardening for the first time a breathing new dirt particles (new to her).  Since the CV scar she fears her symptoms though they are fairly mild she gets an onset of them that put her into the bed for a day.  She must stay hydrated to spit out the flem.  And she breathes pine steam on the worst onsets of it.  It has already reoccurred 4-5 times as a lung type allergy.  She is using pine tea which cures the mile sore throat accompanied with it.  She isn’t sure if its the smart meters & routers on every street corner they just put in that coincide with the allergy.  Or the dirt and digging. Granted though she covered her smart meter she cannot cover every router on every block.  (bastards!)

We believe THIS condition of hers is due to 5g.  5th generation 2.4 and 5.0ghz frequencies.  We also believe that with her excellent diet of plants and her clove use she IS building the immuno building blocks to repel and annihilate the symptoms.

Be encouraged if your also building the antibodies to the tech monsters the beast system or “The Beast with ten horns” prophesied of in Daniel.  She is also using hot tea on occasion but usually takes cold shots of clove tea instead of drinking it as hot tea.  At which time she can feel relief to her throat and an expectorant result.  DRINK LOTS OF WATER WITHOUT FLUORIDE OR CHLORINE.  ALWAYS CHECK YOUR WATER BOTTLES FOR INGREDIENTS.  IF THEY ARE NOT LISTED DO NOT BUY THAT BRAND.  There are waters which do not have fluoride in them to poison you and dumb you down with.

Did we say “beast” yes only a beast would poison children and kill millions of African children with Vack seens.(father has warned us if we speak of those shots the site will be throttled or taken down so we must use koad.)


We believe this virus there will be a virus (maybe corona) (edit) that downloads the CRISPR DNA edit gene edit technology to the world as we speak.  The viruses they are using are many.  Some will not be able to physically handle it.

Furthermore if you see the bible changes you have not gotten the downloads of lies so you do not have the precursor tech code for the CRISPR follow up.  Fear not. Father is more powerful than any tech or virus.

Zombie Apocalypse and CRISPR Gene Editing

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