Who are The Bride of Christ? How do we Recognize the 144,000. (Bible Changes)

BELIEVERS BEWARE, BE WARY (scroll to heading for bride &, 144,00 paragraphs) click “continue reading” if on homepage then scroll.

“Pride Comes before a Fall” and right now the changed Mandela affected KJV is urging YOU and me to engage in false pride and GLORY SEEKING.  False pride opposed to true pride that is good.  Pride builds self worth after a job well done.   Good actions result in good esteem.   True pride encourages humility & self worth without it we have no confidence in ourselves.  True Pride shows us we are blessed children of God who do have the power to do good.  And to say “I have accomplished this task and it is good”.  Engage not in lying false humilities.  Never engage in self degradation or self insult.  Especially when your speaking to yourself silently.

You can always tell false humility because it contains a lie.

False Humility Example:  “I don’t know anything” I announce this statement publicly so my peers will see me as “humble”.  But is this statement truth?  Everyone knows a little something therefore its a bold faced lie to quote, “I know nothing”.  In AA and 12 step meetings the statement is rampant and parroted often.  “Parroting” is the result of mind control and the “I am bad and wrong” programming paradigm of the formative years by the beast system and its devices.

Warning: Do not be seduced by status quo follow the leader concepts that are based in false precepts & statements of vanity so as to attract views and praise by our peers for self exaltation.

The beast system urges us to worship the creation over the Creator.  WE ARE NOT TO STEAL GOD’S GLORY.  All Glory is to God Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ who delivered us from Death & Hell.


Jer 13:18
Say unto the king and to the queen, Humble yourselves, sit down: for your principalities shall come down, even the crown of your glory.

“Give glory to the LORD your God, before he cause darkness, and before your feet stumble upon the dark mountains, and, while ye look for light, he turn it into the shadow of death, and make it gross darkness.

But if ye will not hear it, (hear what?  God’s msg that you NOT be in false pride 13:15) my soul shall weep in secret places for your pride; and mine eye shall weep sore, and run down with tears, because the LORD’S flock is carried away captive.” Red are changes.

PLEASE since when does God have a SOUL as a man?  Since when does our strong and mighty God Of Love and Spirit Creator of All, cry like a baby?  COME ON people?

What is more important?  Pride, and the Matrix of our paradigm or Truth?  Scripture is even now showing you that its changed by putting the modern day term “MATRIX” on the blessed original term “WOMB“.  This is a desecration of God’s Words.

KNOW THIS The KJV has God “crying” and “weeping” all over the place now as if he were an old woman.  NOT!  God doesn’t have the pangs of the flesh.  PLEASE WAKE UP if you do not see the Bible changes as of YET.  This is monumentous!  It is as important as seeing the Giants and Nephilim of Genesis 6 revelations.

If you do see the changes beware of pride that creeps in when we see and others are so blind to obvious changes in Bible and world.  It is a temptation to slip into judgement, false pride, arrogance, and closed-minded know-it-allness.  Be careful.

Pray ye not be deceived, and PRAY about pride, and about keeping your open mind always clear.  We must not be as the Pharisees and Sadducees (saducers) who slaughtered the chosen few & Lamb of God.

The Believer’s Balancing act.  We See the strong delusion of Bible changes, they don’t, we are tempted with FALSE PRIDE.  We see by the Grace of God and by humility & relationship before/with God in TRUTH.  Therefore we must not boast in our hearts.  Easier said than done.

We must leave the judgement to God while STILL engaging in protection from lies and attacks.  This is a balancing act friend that requires clear self examination at all times.  To see the lost and the blind yet not become proud and judge them as if we are superior.

We must see the lies and still not judge harshly.  Nor should we shut down to the possibility of truth coming our way via a lost sheep, a goat, or wolf.  Many people are exposing truths of this world.  Yet they are blind guides who do not see that they are desolate and have lost their first Love.  They stand on Youtube quoting corrupt scripture written by the beast.  They point the finger at those who are our oppressors stating Truth.  Be not led astray by small truths followed by great lies.

It’s hard to watch people quote corrupt scripture as we search through the mountain of lies on YouTube and in churches to find one precious truth.

What does all this mean for 144,000 & Bride of Christ?

Feel like you agreed to come to Earth for a human experience?  You may be the 144 thousand.

God has set apart a remnant.  “they came out of great tribulation YET they did not lose their testimony of The Lord”.

The 144,000 are going through and have gone through a purification process by washing their robes.  Robes-meaning their bodies.  The great tribulation for them is finally past as they thank God profusely for that part of their life being over.

They were with God from the beginning and agreed for unknown reasons to come to a place of shadows where deception and darkness rein.  They have a job to do.  They do not agree with in the box legalistic Christianity.  Chances are they have been called “Satan” by certain goats and sheep because of their open minded faith.

They agreed to be put into a human body that has forgotten its first Love and MUST find Him.  They agreed to forget their history until now, they are starting to remember.  They are not the Bride of Christ because the Bride of Christ is single, the 144 are already married to the Kingdom of Heaven. She, The Bride,  is to marry into the kingdom of God anew.  The Bride is Loving so Loving and innocent the are lambs and special sheep.  The Bride is marrying into the kingdom for the first time.  The Bride Loves Jesus so much and know His voice.  We are all part of the Body of Christ.

The 144,000 Purification Process

Have you suddenly lost taste for meat?  Are you now only eating vegetables and many live foods?  Did the process of change come so easy it was as if you didn’t even have to try while you lost 50lbs of fat off your body and probably expelled some of the beast systems many parasites which they put out upon the American people.

Have you become aware of GMO’s so as to consider them an abomination?

Do Love bugs disgust you or any other of the genetically created abominations they have deployed upon the population at large?  Do not be surprised  or beat yourself up for being ANGRY.  It is hard for those who see to watch SO MANY BLIND SOULS wonder too and fro.

We are grieving the loss of our breathren and their own temple has become desolate and desecrated with lies.  This is one aspect of the Mt. 24 desolation scripture.  Their hearts have become desolate because they Loved no the truth and chose the paradigm over truth.

The Bride of Christ and Her Personality Traits

The Bride will have The Holy Spirit of God and Love God while waiting, wanting, as seen in the Songs of Solomon Book before it was corrupt.  You can still find 50% truth in “Songs of Solomon”, read it while you can but protect from the lies.

Let me say the 144,000 will have never really felt the whole marriage supper or fiance experience as the Bride does because they already married to God.  The 144,000 Love God profusely but they will not appear sanctimonious or ballerina like in their walk.  The 144,00 are lions who are warriors, they have gifts/weapons/discernment and are loners.  They don’t tarry among the body of Christ like the Bride does.  They are at battle daily now.  The Bride is ore likely to be in fellowship among other believers.

The Bride may or may not be a “Christian” persay.  ATTENTION:  Being a Bride of Christ is a condition of the heart NOT a blueprint of formal Christianity.  Father said “come out from her” meaning the great HARLOT who is the corrupt church.  So why would the Bride have to be in some template of status quo created by the beast system?  NO  Neither the Bride of Christ of the 144,000 are in a template of the Beast system NOW. They may have been very much immersed into the beast system at one time but NOT ANYMORE.

The Bride is quite literally those born again who received the baptism of The Holy Spirit (using many different labels as these events happen to them).   They may call their born again experience “the change” or “The awakening” or “deliverance” or “a time of Grace” or any of the terms of other cultures than the U.S. of which we are not privy.  Yes their may very likely be Muslims who are of the body of Christ and The Bride.


God looks upon the heart.  Language and labels are not the essence of salvation.  Seek God with your whole heart.  [Fellowship, Relationship, Love for God’s presence, a stark visitation]  These are the qualities of The Bride.  And the oil in their lamps stays full by their continual fellowship by which God blesses them ongoing.

Yawning and Crying, yes yawning believe it or not.  I have gotten confirmation on this by Sister Petty who assured me people getting demons cast out yawn often.  I related to that years ago.  Not to be confused with strong demon deliverance.  Its more like the little foxes that destroy the tender vine which come at during fellowship with God & prayer.

Besides my own experience when I go before God I cry and yawn releasing various emotional wreckage & pollutants of my body by harsh words and sin.   Yawning is a symptom of being continually guarded by God’s Spirit that we release blinding sin the result of character defects.   We need ongoing toilet flushing of the soul…At least I do.  Every yawn that happens during fellowship with God is a letting out garbage picked up in the beast system interaction.  Its unavoidable, we are surrounded by The Best System so we take it in by small ways and connection to other people who are contaminated by it.  Or by the word of our tongue.  “its not what goes into the body that pollutes it but rather what comes out” Proverbs  We must fellowship daily with Father for purification sake.

When we fellowship we burp it out of us.  The beast has no place in us.  We yawn it out and cry it out therefore we do not lose our sight.

Shadows and demons are all around



The second revelation Jazweeh received is “wear the carcass is the Eagles will gather” .  She is not positive but fears this scripture about carcasses may mean the desolation of The U.S. who used the eagle as their banner.

Granted some say the scripture had read “vultures” I disagree.  The other day I watched as an Eagle ate with and in fellowship with Vultures.  Even though the Eagle did leave on his own and attach the vultures randomly…He ate the dead as a scavenger does.  Therefore the scripture could have easily always read as “Eagle”.  What do you remember?  Share with me at admin@jazweeh.com.

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