Donald Trump is NOT who he appears to be Jazweeh concludes

Two readings of Trump.  One before the breakthrough at bottom & one after.

We believe the prophecy of the battle of evermore by Led Zepplin has spoken o f Trump as “The Tyrant”. 


UPDATE:   Mr. Trump shows great deception in his right eye.  Also he is condescending to women.  His left eyes is the problem.  Left eyes is glazed over with a seared conscience.  His seared conscience is preceded by the all seeing eye of power.  He has uploaded a great demon that owns half of his consciousness by dominance.  This demon SEES.  The demon knows its enemies and ends them without remorse.

Clearly in his left eye is the “Tyrant” who is fully capable of pushing the button to kill millions without conscience Jazweeh believes.  She got this info after the first more shallow reading below. Please know Trump shows compassion in the right eye.  But there is utter conflict between his two personalities.  He was hurt deeply as a child so he knows empathy by that.  PEople who know him fear because they do NOT know which Don will be present.  The Tyrant or the compassionate man.  Please disregard parts of the reading below as it was before Jazweeh got her breakthrough of site into his soul.

He also shows childlike funning and she can hear him saying things like “I love you most kitten”, lets watch a disney movie together and have some popcorn.  He is torn and shows that someone has seared his conscience maybe even by surgery by heating the part of the brain that holds regret, remorse, and guilt.  He has been altered either surgically or spiritually or both so as to be a ruthless conquistador.   A warrior must not suffer from guilt of conscience or he would fail at being ruthless.  It is the abuse he suffered from his formative years that has caused his emotional pain.  He is defensive at the drop of a pin concerning any insults close to him but he wears his mask relentlessly.  No one must see that he gets his feelings hurt he feels.

The man has never been permitted to be human and vulnerable except by design in certain childlike ways that have been programmed into him.  He has tech in his brain most likely to increase IQ , wit, and memory.   His left leg has vein removed that is now in his head which gives him extra oxygen and blood flow equipping the tech for greater brain function.  This is a national security secret.

He had a special dog that he has cloned over and over the only thing he has ever trusted.

His wife is CIA and is his handler.


The eyes of Donald Trump, the window to the soul show the equality of a shoe salesmen from Vermont who has led a very simple life.  How can this be?  We expected to see tyranny and rage, great fear and diabolical power.

Who is Donald J. Trump?  Jazweeh is perplexed that the windows to his soul do not match in the slightest his repertoire and successful implications .

Clearly he has a strong veil over his eyes by black magic casting.

Jazweeh has the gift of sight to read eyes as the eyes are the mirror to the soul.  She has embraced her gift for years on end. She can see every demon and strong man which dwells in the houses of men, which is the human body.

Instead she had to do an emotional reading of his surface mental and physical personality giveaways.   The earmarks (giveaways) of his face & eyes reading are obvious and very poignant.

Donald Trump has a black magic veil over his eyes

Why is she perplexed?   She says she cannot read Donald J. Trump with any depth of certainty of who he is. She cannot get a spiritual confirmation of his power and wealth of character that he portrays.

Jazweeh believes either there is a covering over the eyes of him hiding his dark soul secrets or he is a puppet to the masses and not at all who he portrays to be.  All she has seen is the following.

Even with the veil this is his surface emotional condition

  1. He is emotionally stunted to the point of being akin to a deeply emotionally ill child who relies on false pride as their self worth.    He shows signs of great emotional immaturity.  Furthermore he is types as a “tyrant” in the decoding of the song by Led Zeppelin “Battle of Evermore”. 
  2. Put it this way, he appears to be emotionally immature to the point of emotional illness.  Example:  If you angered him he would attack you as a knee jerk reaction to his bruised pride.  He lacks emotional maturity and self worth as do most U.S. citizens who have been programmed to think they are “bad and wrong”.  He is no different in his initial programming.  This is surprising and makes Jazweeh wonder if he is just an actor and puppet. He doesn’t seem to have the eyes to match his portfolio.
  3. Clearly Mr. Trump is NOT who he is pretending to be. Or he may be covered by a spell that is blocking spiritual sight into his eyes.
  4. He shows some evidence of common human emotional hurt and pain.  Hurt is in every eye.
  5. He has a boatload of false pride.  His self worth is very low therefore he relies on counterfeit self worth which is false pride and ego.
  6. He trusts no one
  7.  He is suspicious of others to the point of twisted insight, meaning he may accuse the innocent because of his deep distrust.
  8. He has love and compassion.
  9. His wife on the other hand has deep disturbing and powerful eyes.

  1. I guess she is his handler and has authority over him.  She is the one with the eyes to match both witch and CIA agent.   She is much more informed than he is and may be the real president.
  2. His wife shows signs of having gazed into a place that was not of this world.  She seems grounded by some strong force of power.  Otherwise what she has seen in the supernatural realm would have destabilized her.  But both her eyes are balanced to one another.
  3. Very likely she has seen beyond, perhaps into the future.  Also I would guess that she is one of Saton’s high priests.
  4.   And she is some kind of CIA or NSA or other acronym agent.  She has high military clearance and a vast education.  She speaks many languages.
  5. Evanka has no doubt proved herself as secret agent with all the criteria that entails.  Just use your imagination.  Look at her eyes and the depth they portray compared to Trump.
  6. Trump is clearly not the man he is portrayed to be.  His eyes are shallow as if he was just some simple guy who is smart enough to memorize a script.
  7. Jazweeh apologizes for the shallow reading of Mr. Trump.  But that’s all that is there.  To be the successful man that he is today and have all the money they say he has….there is no way his eyes would be that shallow.
  8. If he were really who he is portrayed to be, his eyes would show the part, they would be deep with dark, dark, diabolical insight, past sin and guilt, shame, pain, along with haroing rage, anger, dominance, power, and depth would all show in his eyes surfacing from a heart that has lived the war it is to be counted as an elite.  He would have to show many more character defect patterns than he has shown.
  9. Even George Bush shows a deep instability and emotional devastation due to his victimhood.  He probably sits in a mental hospital as we speak.  The man has been deeply neglected and abused by some authority.  But that’s another matter.
  10. All Jazweeh sees in Trump is false pride, emotional illness, distrust of others, love and compassion.  He has NO DEEP INSIGHTS OF THIS YOU CAN BE CERTAIN.
  11. Therefore we must conclude that he is a simple man, with an average intellect, average emotions.  And he has lived an average past.  Put it this way, he has the eyes of a shoe salesmen from Vermont, who got two years of community college under his belt, had one girlfriend all his life, and has a hint of down syndrome in his blood but not enough to hinder him except emotionally.
  12. If Trump read this reading it wouldn’t matter that I am a nobody, he would have my head no doubt.

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