Every Knee SHALL bow

Look up!  Every eye shall see

“Every knee SHALL bow,  and tongue confess that Jesus Christ IS Lord.”

Jesus is coming soon!  It has been shown to His chosen by The Holy Spirit and a new song of the time of the end.

The sky will be NAKED. Jesus will take the deception of geoengineering and cast it to the ground.

When the sky is naked and the black sun is seen by all on earth THEN Jesus shall arrive in all His Glory, Honor and righteousness of The Father.  He shall come with a great accompaniment of angels.

Jazweeh had a visitation yesterday and received a very very strong word by song.   The word is this…..”Upon the Naked Sky, Jesus is coming very soon” it’s not hype folks she got the real deal confirmation that we both have been waiting for.  Jesus comes soon and many many of His sheep are asleep.

His sheep are also blind many of them.  But we hope they will wake at some point and be renewed and saved.

We must not put anything before our relationship with God/Jesus.  Do not even put good things before Jesus like say, The Bible, or the anointing, or ministry, or other charitable acts.  Works will not serve as a substitute for Loving God.

Where your treasure is there shall your heart be also.

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