What are the Mark & Image of The Beast? “R” Rated article

To All Christians on Youtube Who Ask…

What is going on?  Are we in the end of the age?  They will be marrying and given in marriage in the last days.  Why?  Things will seem somewhat normal why else would you plan a June wedding during the apocalypse of the soul, mind, & body. Look at these tatoos, its as if they know the locust and have mated with it willingly.   Oh wait, they have!

Hand Tattoos Skeleton Face - Novocom.top
Creepy as hell itself this looks very much like the way the locust feeds & its shape.  The locust from the pit comes by way of a wing of abomination & consummates making desolate men’s minds sucking out the tree of the knowledge of good and evil from their awareness. (scriptures below)
The Consummation of a preacher. The mark and the locust with its tails ” and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.” Daniel 9:27

This is a synopsis of all my articles in the last year, so if you already read my stuff I apologize for the redundancy.  However these topics are very important.

Most Christians on Youtube already have the mark of the beast on their forehead. Prophecy fulfilled.  It’s given supernaturally.  Also it is connected to the wing of abomination. Prophecy fulfilled.  The mark accompanies the locust from the pit who makes desolate the minds of men. Prophecy fulfilled.  Here we go.

“R” rated. Please don’t allow children to read this.  It’s pretty much terrifying even for the elect who have proclaimed and shown this to us.

Fallen angel wings between the eyebrows. The head is always lowered in shame. The mark of the beast. Some have the goat or goat horns. Some have the seal of God or Jesus.
Preacher man with a blatant mark of the beast fallen angel wings with head lowered in shame. He also sports the creature/locust across his face. God help them all.
The scribe Jazweeh

Who is The Revelation 12 Woman (Rev. 12)

Gift of tongues 2nd Corinthians 13

Also this info is given by the Revelation 12 woman.  Who are the women & men (we think men also) of Revelation 12?  The women who travail are obviously the spiritually gifted intercessors of God’s called to prayer.  They are the only one’s who fit the prophecy of great travail.  They birthed souls deliverances and all manner of spiritual helps.  Unless you are an intercessor with the higher language of God and angels, you just will not understand how deep the travail of prayer can go.  Please we are not trying to be pomp.  Not all are the hand.  These intercessors are never out for display except perhaps before their gifts were tempered, in ignorance.  The Rev. 12 woman have also the gift of interpretation.  They know what they pray for if they wish to know.  Not that they interpret the language they speak word for word.  But rather they interpret by ideas sentence to sentence.

For they know not what to pray for therefore The Holy Spirit prays through them often in utterance too deep for even words themselves.  With groans, and travail with moaning and deep lamentations for years they prayed for souls.

Now the woman has finished her travail.  The annunciation is going out across the world of Jesus’ soon return.

Revelation 14:3 The New Song

“And those clothed in white were the only ones who could learn the new song.”  They already have the gift of languages and have learned & sung already MANY “new songs”.

1st Corinthians 13:1 (this was in 2nd Cor. 13) ” Though I speak with the languages of men and angels yet have not Love I am but a sounding brass symbol.    Love never fails.”   Of course they changed “Love” to “charity” so the churches would get more tithes.

Those clothed in white will likely speak the languages of angels and God straight from The Holy Spirit.  As I said, these scriptures describe the intercessors of God who can see both the mark of the beast and the seal of God, most of the time.

If you are one of those like scottie clarke and the J.W.s who proclaim “the gifts of the Spirit ended even died with the apostles” then your right.  For you the spiritual gifts have ended.  But for us they are alive and well and by Faith we move mountains.   Those active in The Holy Spirit gifts have also the full armor of God which protects them from the locust.

The locust came to me while I slept.  It had to be slaughtered right then and there.  It’s not easy to see into the reals of darkness, however this is an end of days necessity.   Those who see know that fear is part of the human condition therefore they have learned how to process fear and expose it to the light so it doesn’t grow in them.  As opposed to pretending we are fearless.  This is part of the vital belt of Truth armor.  (to learn to process fear use the search at https://recoveryfarmhouse.com & .net)

Revelation 14:11 the mark

TheJonathanKleck channel video “See the TRUTH/The Veil is Down shows a carving and drawing of the creature on his head that a subscriber sent in.  The elect can now see the new end of days demons by the talents/gifts redistributions.

Revelation 9 Locust from the pit with wings. Also applicable is the wing of abomination. Daniel 9:27 and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.”  We at Jazweeh are not the only one’s have have seen the creature and drawn it.  Ask Father for confirmation.  Or pray for deliverance from it.  We have all (humans) toted around demons a time or two or more.  Earth is infested with them.


The Jonathan Kleck Channel he received this drawing from a subscriber of the same raptor/locust Jazweeh sees.

The locust/raptor does look like a bat see pick below.

The Parable of the Talents was a Prophecy

The prophecy of the talents.  Talents are spiritual talents.  Know this…the bibles were deeply skewed even before the supernatural bible changes.

The example of the talents show this.  (“talents” was another word prior to the mandela effect, we cannot remember all the changes but we do recognized what has been changed in the bibles.)

New gifts were/are needed for the end of days such as a gift much like reading tea leaves.  (yes of course Christians will call that evil).  We call it the gift of abstract shapes.  This gift allows people to read abstract shapes like reading a book.  Hence to see the mark and the seal fall under this gift.  Prophecy fulfilled.

The Consummation

When the locust flies it lands, consummates with its host.  Then it begins uploading the lies and false history to their minds.  This is already happening.  Proof?

The Strong Delusion

The strong delusion is this-The bibles all bibles old and new print and code are changing on the shelves by supernatural means.  God is removing His words from Earth as prophesied.  The mark on the forehead is here as prophesied.  How is it only some (thousands) of Christians see the stark changes to the bibles?  The false history being uploaded to men’s minds tells them the bibles are the same as they ever were.

How do we know that those who see the bible changes are those who are not under the strong delusion?

  1. Because the changes are evil and vile, putrid scripture portraying God as a deceiver and hater.  Portraying Jesus as a hater wearing a girdle speaking new dialect such as “I reckon”.
  2.  The bibles now have spelling, grammar, print, errors and mass contradictions.
  3. The books now go against the precepts of God is Love.
  4. EYA on Youtube had 40,000 subscribers watching and agreeing that the bibles are dramatically changing.
  5. Those who see are the minority of Christians.
  6. Father is not allowing His children who know The Shepard’s voice to be deceived.  They wear the armor of God.

What is becoming “desolate” by the abomination?  The book used to say “desecration” in place of desolation by both are accurate.

The bibles that will no longer contain God’s inspired words will be desolate and are already desecrated.

And men’s minds by the locust from the pit and by the consummation of the creature to their face & head (it is invisible as all demons are) will become desolate of God’s knowledge and of His Love.

What is happening to the men with the mark of the beast on them?

It appears that the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil is being withdrawn from their consciousness.  They are become “brute beasts”.

The book now calls them “dumb asses” quite literally.  What can we expect with words now in the bibles like “stupid, whore, dumb ass, bastard, pricks, hate 87 times, divorce, covet earnestly, (kill,murder) suffer not a witch to live, dash, rip, fleshhooks, and on and on go the vile scriptures. 1st Samuel 20:30 Saul boiled with rage at Jonathan. “You stupid son of a whore!

Samuel now has his own book as does Joshua.  Yashua mean Joshua by the way so….I wouldn’t just change the name of Jesus as it’s proven to have great power.  And who is this “Joshua” those now calling as God?  The New gospel and the new Jesus have arrived.  Prophecy fulfilled.

Since the bible changes the scripts are so contradictory the book worshippers have scrambled to find a way to make the contradictions out to be holy.  So, they have divided up the gospel into 3 or 4 new gospels, Paul’s gospel, Timothy’s gospel, the kingdom gospel, and on and on and on it goes.

What is The True Gospel?

My testimony of what Jesus has done for me and is doing for me.  Seek Him as I did and He will help you, heal you, deliver you, and save your soul.  Jesus is The Truth, The Life, and The Way to God.  God pointed me to Jesus to get to know Him. It is God’s will that we meet Jesus…at least that is how it worked for me when God brought me out of hell on earth.  Then in Jesus name I received gifts and The Baptism of the Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands with prayer by believers who also have The Holy Spirit.

Seek and you shall find.  Knock and it shall be opened.  Pray one for another that ye may be healed.

I can’t save anybody.  I can tell you what worked for me.  And if you don’t yet have a testimony, seek now in deep fervent prayer and you will gain your testimony by God’s deliverance for you with healing.

God has poured out His Spirit upon ALL flesh even those with the mark can prophecy but likely they won’t truly understand what they are saying.  Most preachers understand the prophesies the way the church taught them to expect the end of days to be.

None of the prophecies have fulfilled the way I thought they would.  But they are going to continue fulfillment in unexpected ways.

What is the Image of the Beast?

Quite obviously its the TV.  The mind control of the masses.  To worship the image you must believe it’s lies as gospel truth and take it to your heart and be comforted by it.  I have done all those things with the TV.  But now I see the lies. I do not serve the image because I don’t do what it tells me to nor do I any longer believe its lies.  I do still watch TV but its very hard to enjoy because of the underlying control agendas that I see.  The TV told them to wear the mask and so they trusted in the TV and wore the mask to keep them safe.  See the difference?  To serve the image is to believe and trust in it and to be comforted by it.  If a man can’t see how he has been there then he won’t be able to exit.



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