Authentic Deliverance Preacher on The Gifts of The Spirit

This Preacher Shaun Campbell Was Mightily Used of God for My Own Healings, Deliverances, & Enlightenment.

Know this -Gifts of The Holy Spirit are vital however they are not as important as the condition of a man’s heart.

God is the only One who can make our hearts clean. We must become the clay in His hands if we are to grow toward Him spiritually.  Character is more important than Spiritual Gifts but nevertheless both are vital.  If you need deliverance from demons or want The Baptism of The Holy Spirit, a healing, seek out Shawn Campbell’s church in Florida I think Branford.  He’s on FB.

The comment below is to the Mandela Effected ONLY.

Only the few see the SN.K.J.V.B.changes. do not expect anybody at church to see the ghastly changes to all bibles, books, and language itself. Apparently fewer people became the clay in God's hands than I expected. They are, most, under the strong delusion at hand. We hope greatly that this effect isn't a salvation issue but that these who are now oppressed and deceived by the strong delusion will be delivered at some point. In the mean time error is their creed and loss of God's words is upon them. Seems to me the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is withdrawing from them. "Paul's Girdle" really Preacher? By this statement of Apostle Paul wearing a girdle (transgender) we KNOW this preacher remembers not the KJVB as it when Holy. We prefer greatly the KJVB before 2017 just 4 years prior.  One other thing, as for the redistribution of the spiritual gifts (prophecy of the talents) we doubt that God will bestow new end of days gifts on those who are under the strong delusion.  However since this preacher used his gifts of deliverance he likely still has the gifts.  Unless it left him with the age of Grace's departure.  How is it? "His Sheep Know His Voice".  Somehow Christians continue to find goodness and even Truth in the books grossly rewritten by the wolf. Amos 8:11&12 is upon us.  However we don't "serve angels" as Apostle Paul stated.  That is blasphemy the preacher speaks.  See what I mean about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil removed from those under S.D.

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