Are Generational Curses Real? What about Addiction?

Written by Laura E.

You bet your sweet bippy they are real and they can be broken by The Holy Spirit.

Yes we have the debate of nature vs nurture and it is valid as we are formed by BOTH.  Nature would be all the genes and hereditary factors that influence who we are—from our physical appearance to our personality characteristics.  Therefore “nature” also means generational curses especially I am referring to addiction.

If we come from a long line of addicts and alcoholics as I have we are likely to follow suit.  I myself have been sober for over 14 years this time.  I attribute this to God, A.A., and a great therapist who put me in group therapy with women who I could relate to. He taught us how to process our secret ills that we hid away for years.  He taught us to show empathy toward one another so we could all process our deepest darkest issues without being shut down emotionally and shamed.  He told us that EVERY feeling is valid and comes from somewhere.  He taught me how to reprogram a mind that was bent on self destruction.

However none of this therapy would have happened or worked thoroughly if not for prayer and meditation to seek God above all other things and people.  Are you done?  Have you been beat to shit to the point of desperation?  Good, that means you are ready to stay sober and unlearn the plethora of lies you have believed about yourself.

Its not good enough to just say “I am good” it must get down into the pit of your stomach and into your heart.  This takes years of doing the next right thing and acknowledging those things by positive affirmations during meditation in Christ.  Learn more on recovery at and

Back to generational curses.  Back in the 90s the first time I got sober for any length of time I had a dream about an eagle and was led by The Spirit to go to The Eagle’s Nest church.  There were at least one hundred people there as they had, that day a special guest evangelist.  During the service the whole crowd was standing before the stage the preacher was on.  The preacher looked at me and pointed then spoke.  He said, “You have come from a long line of addicts” and I have.  “Your family has been oppressed for many years beneath a generational curse of addiction, THAT CURSE ENDS THIS DAY SAITH THE LORD OF HOSTS!”

Well that was something!  But what is really amazing is he spoke the truth.  I have a long list of addicts in my heritage, mother, grandmother, grandfather, uncles, aunts and on both sides of my family.  Relatives dropping dead over and over .  Hospitalized, incarcerated, put in mental institutions all because of the curse of addiction.

And then, my sister three children, my brother four children and my own daughter, one child…NONE I SAID NONE OF THEM ARE ADDICTIONS IN spite of me raising my daughter while I was addicted.  They are a bit co-da but none are addicts in any shape, way, or form.

Why did God do this for my family line?  Who can know the mind of God?  But I tell you this, I was seeking God vigilantly in those times.  I had a ministry to strippers of which I had been one also.  The Lord moved me from dancer entertainer, even prostitute, thief, murderer, and liar to child of God called to a very high calling for God’s work.

The Bible quotes that the chosen of God have come out of “great tribulation”.  Most often this scripture is translated as end times type stuff that we are all sitting around still waiting for.  Such as antichrist stuff.  And this could be accurate but in my own life and many addicts whose stories I have heard HAVE come out of great tribulation and near death/death experiences already.  Hence the saying “we have already been to hell and have come out of it”.

You be the judge.  If I were to venture to guess where you would find the 144,000 chosen who have washed their robes in repentance and the Love/blood  of Christ I would say we may find a good percentage of those in the rooms.

Am I of the chosen…I do not have the gift of Love as I picture it.  When I Love it is because of God in me.  I would like to be of the chosen 144,000 but I am not claiming it here and now.  Yet I have come out of great tribulation and I have learned recently that not only had I been a slave, but also I was brainwashed, down trodden, oppressed, and deceived, I was poisoned, lied to, demoralized and born into slavery.  If your an addict its clearly by design from the powers that be.  Ya they left that part out in Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous.  

Even wonder why the most emotionally traumatizing events in your life which are “wrongs suffered” are not in the 12 steps.  Well at least not in that form, they will only end up on your fourth step if you have a resentment attached to the harm you suffered.

I learned in therapy that if I don’t process wrongs suffered with the steps I have only cleared up half of the wreckage of the past.

Pray for the generations curse on your family to be broken in Jesus name.  Pray to be reprogrammed into self awareness and Love.  The old addict neural pathways will always be there in your brain waiting to be revived however, they can be smashed down by your new program.  But without processing what’s in your heart you will stay sick.  Without gaining spiritual connection to God, you will stay sick.

Cry the uncried tears lest you make yourself sick.  Scream the un-screamed pain, often,Pay attention to repetitive thoughts, don’t discount your intense feelings, never invalidate any part of yourself, scream and cry, get it out while driving down the road or in the woods. And realize you are NOT the monster that TV and media has taught you that you are.

CHILDREN ARE NOT BORN HATING THEMSELVES.  Before the first wrong is commited toward others we are wronged horribly by the beast system.

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