Jeff Snyder- “The Father of Lies Vs. The Spirit of Truth”

Spinning lies or proclaiming truth?


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R u upside down in your loan received upon entry into this world that is payable on death? The cover charge to get in this club isn’t cheap so I think I’ll use my gifts a while longer to pay back the interest to the loan giver, then the rest of my life experience here on Earth is paid for free and clear.


It would seem that my friends and family have forged an alliance, a united front to enact sanctions against Jeff and enforce a truth embargo to contain and prevent dissemination of his recent discoveries. This type of group

dynamic happens naturally from a labor union to family members buying christmas gifts at the holidays. At work you tell that fast working person to slow down cuz it makes the rest of us look bad and feel inadequate. At home you make agreements that no one spends more than $20 or makes the others look bad and feel bad about themselves for not having done more. By acting as a group it multiplies the perceived justification and divides the personal responsibility, that’s why you’ll hear individual people referring to themselves as part of a group like a church when they say “we believe this and we think that” to provide themselves the same cover of justification and to diffuse personal responsibility.
It seems the alliance in the embargo have decreed that no one talk to Jeff or it may make the others look bad. Through an unspoken mutual agreement or an overt declaration, they forged an Alliance based on this same group dynamic and ultimately they are working for the adversary. In their effort to conceal the truth and maintain the cover-up and monopoly of that information that is currently being disseminated at a rapidly accelerated pace and redistributed to the people in this time of the final dispensation of knowledge, they are actively working on behalf of the adversary, an entity, a force, a presence, a syndicate that convinced the world it does not exist. The adversary whose anonymity my peers now fight fiercely to defend is associated with the human microchipping program and the directed energy weapons that my peers now struggle to convince themselves and others do not exist.


Many of my peers are assisting the devil in upholding his legacy and greatest achievement by continuing to convince the world that none of this exists.
By contributing to the concealment rather than the revelation of the microchips and the microwaves, they’re also contributing to the concealment of those behind the operation and humankind will continue to perish for lack of knowledge as a result of some people’s efforts to maintain their own personal comfort zone in a state of blissful ignorance.

Andrew Breitbart famously said “the mainstream media is the wall we must climb over in order for our voices to be heard and then democracy will happen.”

I say this larger truth embargo, which is part and parcel of the mainstream media truth embargo, is the wall we must climb over and then Heaven on Earth will happen.

Andrew also said “walk toward the fire and don’t care what they call you”
Those who resist this truth movement are actively working as agents of the adversary to prevent dispensation of knowledge in order to maintain their own personal comfort zone.

They may not be working against The Life/Light and The Way but they sure are working against The Truth and in that way, they are the adversary. They are the Anti-truth working to perpetuate the greatest trick the devil ever pulled by smothering the Revelation that this presence, whatever it is, does exist on Earth and it must be observed and studied. I say let all with eyes to see and ears to hear receive this truth regardless of the best efforts of those who will struggle to maintain their personal comfort level.

People who feel that their survival is the most important thing in priority of importance are easily used as cannon fodder in the great deception/”strong delusion”Thess 2:11. Their self-serving nature is co-opted and incorporated into a larger agenda that they are generally unaware of because their attention is focused upon and compartmentalized within their own self-serving personal affairs.

“Humanity is perishing for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6) because so many people put forth great effort to maintain the truth embargo. They say evil can only succeed when good men and women do nothing but this is good men and women actively working for evil.

The deflectors of the great awakening for humanity have changed their stance from passive participation to defensive aggression. They no longer stand as sheeple ripe for the slaughter. Now they have become the proprietor and abattoir of the loathsome slaughter house as they steer their fellow sheep into the gruesome stall of death by a sharp strike of the hammer.
What will be the coming Great Deception?

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What will be the Coming Great Deception?

What Will the Next Great Deception Be?

An Interview with God

The good bible-believing Christians think the great deception is going to be something that tricks them into believing something other than what they already believe so they just have to hold tight to they’re preconceived ideas…. more likely it is a newfound realization of Truth that by contrast reveals mainstream Christian teachings to be the great deception.
Those people who are acting as agents of the adversary are like the people described in the matrix by Morpheus when he tells Neo that people will defend the system if you try to break them out of The Matrix.

Undercover Truth Warriors

I have been sent to infiltrate Behind Enemy Lines in order to manifest the pearls of wisdom from within the swine community of people who reject that which is “thrown to them” from those outside. With their hardened hearts and resentment toward charlatans and frauds like the modern day Pharisees claiming to be men of God, (Rev. 3:9) they reject the truth that would set them free.

When these pearls come from within the unworthy, unwashed masses and those who possess the message are deemed to be worthy by the self-evident fact of the pearls/understandings that they are now in possession of, the people of that community receive the offering very differently, much like taking the message of conservatism to the black community has been successful through Candace Owens and Kanye West.

Basically I was an undercover infiltrator. Just like the cops want to get one of theirs on the inside of a gang and vice versa, I spent my life among the people who live like there’s no tomorrow and now that I am telling them I think there is a tomorrow and there was a yesterday, this is a house divided.

Leave me to my blindness Lest I see who I really am and have to change!
The hardest thing to understand is that which would require you to change your occupation. Most of my friends and family have a lifelong occupation of living like there’s no tomorrow, no purpose, no meaning, no direction, and living like they will not have to explain themselves for anything they’ve done in this life after death. When presented with the idea that there is an afterlife with meaning and maybe some sort of life review process, they automatically assume they haven’t been good enough and start defending there life.

Feelings of guilt, shame and fear of alienation and rejection causes them to mask those feelings with expressions of anger and pity as justification for the life they lived. Some of them realize that if a wretch like me is worthy then everybody is. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again ….I don’t think I’m getting personal salvation out of this. What I’m shooting for is a Nineveh reprieve through the hundredth monkey syndrome (a cognitive awakening that is contagious) and I need every one of you to help me out with that.

Some see me as an agent of the other side and they realize that means they are an agent of the side that they are fighting for in a war they declared never even really existed. They suddenly start fighting fiercely for one side against the other in a war that they had spent their whole life convincing themselves and everyone around them did not exist. By way of their lifestyle behavior and actions that spoke louder than words, they spent their life telegraphing to the world that there is no premortal existence or afterlife.

I noticed long ago that in this household we believe in nothing and anyone, my sister Amy was the first, who came home saying they believe in anything got socially ejected from the family cuz we strictly believe in nothing and anyone who believes in something is no longer part of this family. For a violation of the tie that binds ( common beliefs) they get immediately voted off of Survivor Island, socially ejected.

New Age God Concepts

This leads me to discussion of those who claim to be Christian believers but their God is only a nebulous, ethereal, vaporous, incorporeal concept. Once you start to give it form, function and definition they declare it not to be the real God because their God has no clear form, function or definition and therefore is not real. Once you depict a real God with specific definition they begin to defend their God of no shape or form, similar to the way this household defends their belief in nothing and reject any family members who violate the tie that binds. Violating that tie that binds (common beliefs) splices lines of code into the DNA of our behavioral sequencing and is therefore for rejected by a sociological psychological and individual mental immune system that attacks the foreign substance with antibodies of disbelief, pejorative insults and excommunication.
In the secular world of American pop culture, the same house rules apply and the same dynamic is in play. We are A House Divided.

The Great Awakening

We’re now at the point where the undercover agents blow their cover, break the lock and rush the gates. Suddenly, there’s so much action everywhere like a SWAT team raid and people didn’t even realize there was a real war going on while agents were posting up down the block preparing for the raid. People suddenly find themselves unable to sit in the neutral zone. After living their whole life as an inactive, passive agent for the other side by promoting and perpetuating a lifestyle and a worldview by living as if there’s no tomorrow, many suddenly become an active agent who is energized and inspired to fight for this way of life and protect it from any threats to it … that means extinguishing all of their lifestyles and worldviews that threaten to draw people’s hearts and minds away from it.

When confronted with this as a potential reality, people often have a reflex that is based on feelings of unworthiness, guilt and shame and fear of alienation and rejection and so they cover that all up with outward projections of anger and pity as justification to become an active agent for the adversary by jumping into a battle and taking a hard-line stance on things they don’t understand rather than re-evaluating preconceived ideas in light of recent discoveries, repenting, asking for forgiveness and a second chance with the recognition of the error in their ways of having lived their life as if this is all that exists and being grateful that they had this realization prior to death.

The answer to the initial question, are you upside down on your loan? is most likely that you haven’t checked your balance in a long time, if ever, not realizing you’re here on-loan from God, a gift that is POD.
Rise! Shout!

P.s. 15 years ago Katy Perry made a cameo appearance in POD Christian rock music videos ….since then, she gleefully acknowledges that she sold her soul to the devil and today you hear her music and know her as a household name.
She seems to have followed a similar path to Christina Aguilera Britney Spears Justin Timberlake Miley Cyrus Etc.
Jus sayin

Jeff says, “I’ll keep ya posted as I continue to grow from microchip boy into Lawnmower Man.”

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