A Dream Interpretation: “No MAN, or no Flesh Knows the Day or Hour of Jesus’ Return”

The “P” is a secret label that stands for those who the many call the 144

You may know what “P” stands for in regard to the 144 chosen of God.  If you do or don’t you may soon well know.

The Dream at a Park w/a Snack Bar

I was in park on earth.  There were tourist attractions and secret doorways and paths through the park that were invisible to the eye.

I saw a great tower with a seat at the top of it.  I knew I was to go to the top.  I knew the secret keys and pathway to get up to the seat on a high place above the park.  So I climbed and went through secret doors and paths and transitions and even transformations to get to the high seat.

At first I was a little afraid of the height but I quickly adjusted it into a great focus.  I had a great motivation that removed all fear.

There were other pathways down from the great seat on high.  This was not God’s throne please don’t mistake it as same.


I look down upon a pretty lady walking below.  She was well dressed with make up, hair done & colored, nails artificial, breast enhanced, and so on.  Please not that these are evil or a telling sign of morality and spiritual condition (though they are very toxic and unsafe) but I knew in the dream that she was steeped in vanity.  Vanity is one of the hardest most painful common sins to overcome.

It takes a load of self awareness work to identify vanity.  And vanity does not always tell you that your beautiful.  It also screams to you that you are unworthy because you are ugly.  Therefore you need to change who and how you appear to others.  Vanity is etched in the “I am inferior to other people, I am bad & wrong”. Above all things vanity is a lie from the Father of Lies.

I looked at the woman below and remembered that when I had processed out my own vanity and lust it was like peeling off my own skin.  It was a very painful process guided by Father of veil after veil being lifted from my self identity and to prop up Truth over all lies of vanity.  And finally the the protection I felt from vanity and the lies it told me were exposed.

If you have or never had vanity consider yourself blessed and rare.  We are programmed into vanity and vanity is what keeps the sheep from seeing many times.

Vanity is why blinds the minds of so many woman whose primary goal for salvation is that they can receive a glorified body and lose 50 pounds and be another color perhaps.

Jesus might ask “What will you bring unto the Kingdom of God”?  The hour is Late.  You will not be delivered from vanity now unless God Himself remove it from you.  For me it was a process and very painful.  But Father can do it in an instant of deliverance by miracle.

The Snack Bar & Sacred Language of Angels

Who will know the time and hour?

There was a man, a black man working the snack bar.  He looked simple, common, of none specific spiritual creed.  IF you saw him you would say “he is common, nothing special”.  He looked at me and spoke the language of angels.  He spoke also a sacred very secret language that is not revealed to even the priests of God.

The sacred language he spoke to me was of the P of Jesus, the 144 only.

I asked the simple man if he knew the hour and day of our Lord’s coming.  He said, “no man knows the day and hour of our Savior’s return as it is told.  HOWEVER, there are certain jobs preceding and in preparation for the Return of Jesus which require “The Prayers of the Saints”.

These secret and special prayers will alert those with the sacred prayers because of their gift of interpretations and because of their knowledge of sacred prayer.  They will know very well that the season is here.  They will know its going to happen IN THEIR LIFETIME.

And they will know within the knowledge of days of certain end times events that are to come because of their part.  They the “P” have an important part in the end times events, so yes, they know more than just the season, much more.  But the blind sheep would call this a sin.

No man knows the day and hour but God is Spirit and His Holy Spirit is in You.

The man at the snake bar told me that the park directors MUST KNOW within a very small variation or span when end times event shall occur..

The 144 are hidden from the sheep.  The blind sheep who will be awakened at some point would call the 144 “satanic” and have called the 144 satanic when and if the 144 shared their spiritual insight with the blind sheep.

The Bride on the other hand, although they are new and naive of many spiritual matters they have the sense not to play the accuser of the brethren.

What does this all mean?

It means the 144 has already gone through a very long and painful preparation process which while it was happening they would not have know its end & Holy mean.

(“mean” in math The Arithmetic Mean is the average of the numbers: a calculated “central” value of a set of numbers. … add up all the numbers, • then divide by how many numbers there are.)

If you do not relate to the following do not fret, you are probably The Bride of Christ who have a different but just as important role in end times scroll to read “The Bride”.

The 144 are already activated.  The 144 have already come out of GREAT TRIBULATION, they have already died, they have already been threatened by sword, famine, dehydration, rape, murder, kidnappings, persecutions, demoralization, accusations, misunderstood and properly judged by no man, they have shed painful sin, they have sought God for many years, many in great tribulation and in desperation.  They have also already experienced miracles, healing, deliverance, revelation, been given dreams, out of body experiences, and have fed the hungry, given money to the poor, and provided room and board to strangers.  The 144 have done all these things but doubtful did they ever see themselves as special but rather as wretched.  The power in you to pray cause much anger.  You may think you can’t be of God with such anger.  God said “be angry and sin not”….be angry. Anger in and of itself is not a sin.  Such power of prayer in the human body invokes anger that is why its important you don’t project it wrongly and pray daily.


NOW, finally God by His Spirit is showing these lambs who have grown into lions just who they really are and who they WERE/ARE.

Being the 144 P of Jesus is to be Alone a Note from Jazweeh

The 144 who have struggled to make men see, now see they are different.  Men finally men will never see what they have tried to show them.  “If you are the 144 P you bear a great burden alone.  Since our heart Love’s validation and we do Love fellowship we miss that others, even our most spiritual fellows JUST CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHAT WE SEE OR or the liberty in Christ that we enjoy.  What we try to teach them to see even the bride cannot see many times. This is our burden…but we are coming to understand it says Jazweeh that to be the chosen few IS to be alone and to rely wholly on Father Jesus.

Please if you are on this page you have an important role in Jesus.  You know many things and have an open mind.  IF YOU DO NOT RELATE TO MANY OF THESE THINGS YET BELIEVE MOST OF WHAT IS ON THE SITE YOU ARE PROBABLY “THE BRIDE OF CHRIST”.


The Bride is just as important as the 144 P.  Jesus Loves the Bride just as much.  But the bride is new.  The bride was not with God from before therefore hence “The wedding”.  The 144, my friends are already married to Jesus and have come for the purpose of protecting and admonishing, encouraging His Bride whom He Loves Dearly.

SO PLEASE DO NOT FRET IF YOU HAVE NOT COME OUT OF GREAT TRIBULATION.  I will write a description of The Bride article.  But for now Love for Jesus is the Main symptom of the Bride.  Along with, purity, innocence compared to the masses who are worldly & have little empathy.  People call you naive.  You are not pron to anger as the 144 are.  The Bride most likely does not eat meat or much meat.  She is prepared for His return.  She repents, she can say she apologizes, she has humility before man and God, she is aware of the beast system.  She is soft spoken toward others.  She is non judgmental.  She does not claim to know who is and is not of Satan  unless its proclaimed and obvious.  She doesn’t battle daily but rather has had her own battles within to overcome and has overcome much & distresses.  She is an overcomer arrayed in fine linen and has overcome great temptations and oppression.  She will not be managed by men.  She is free.  The Bride is more likely to have access to more resources materialistically than the 144.  She is giving and helps the poor.  The Bride very likely has given money to the called of God a time or two.  She is lead by the Holy Spirit of God and knows the wiles of deception and those who wield it.

She is The Bride those New members of Christ Jesus’ People who God has given Him and He will not lose not one of them.

The Sheep

The sheep, many of them are still stumbling around lost and blind.  They have dropped their belt of Truth by telling what they label “innocent lies”.  By deception they are deceived.  Its a ricochet effect.

The Lost sheep will be the multitude who are saved in the last year during tribulation.  Even many of the watchmen on the wall though they are deceived and are under the strong delusion STILL they have NOT lost their helmet of salvation.  But they have lied and lost their belt of Truth.  The breastplate falls off because of the lie.  So both their heart and their gut feelings are exposed to be deceived.  THIS is why most sheep do not see the bible changes BUT they have NOT lost their salvation.

These blind guides have lost Truth and it must be regained in them before The Return of Jesus.  They are saved yet partially blind.  They know the main gospel but are deceived by the words in the book that have been changed.  Even their name is written in “The Lamb’s Book of Life” BUT they are partially blind and do not recognized the BREACHES IN THE PRECEPTS OF TRUTH AND GOD IN THE BIBLE ALL OVER.  The are NOT alarmed by the new grammar errors.

The Bible changes ARE THE STRONG DELUSION sent out by the evil one.  The wicked one IS STANDING IN THE HOLY BIBLE.  PROPHECY IS FULFILLED.  The end times prophecy of “that wicked one standing in the Holy Place” (many times interpreted incorrectly as the temple) IF FULFILLED.  This fulfillment is WHY both The Bride and The 144 KNOW we are in end times.

The blind sheep feel we are also in end times.  They know this by their feed shod with the good news of the gospel of peace and by the Sword of The Spirit which is what true words of God are left in that book and they know it by the helmet of the Hope of Salvation that is still on their head.

The partially blind sheep are the majority of the sheep.  Not many sheep see the Bible corruptions.





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