The Serpents Wheel Lyrics by The Seven Gates

CERN Large Hadron Collider some called Hedron. AT France & Swiss border. Underground. Huge

CERN short for the pagan God Cernunnos

Wake up!  They are NOT just crashing particles here.  This is wheel within a wheel.  Every heard antique songs coming through your fan blowing at night?  I have and so has my husband when I heard it he heard it.  If my box fan can bring in old time radio songs from the early 1900’s….and it CAN then what do you think this contraption can do?  WAKE UP!  DO NOT SLEEP WITH your head next to any fan lest you incur alzheimer’s at an early age.  It WILL discombobulate your brain cells unto confusions I promise you this.  Try sleeping with your head next to a box fan then get up and walk around and see how your sense of direction is disrupted.   For that matter, you better see my “safe emf” page to protect your brain.

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Its all ties together.  Truth is told in movie fiction in plain site and education and news media is FICTION told as TRUTH.   tHE WORLD IS BACKWARDS AND UPSIDE DOWN as a Beast System by the father of lies would be expected.


See the Story of The Serpent’s Wheel

Actual Song by Seven Gates

“Bread from a nightmare strain
A symbol for all to serve
Serpent in shadow
A wicked goal
Within some faithful laws
A leader role in a purpose of endless war

Serpent’s glory, a light
Destined to remain in black
Corpus madness
The hidden side you never see

Silent spreading
A venom spirit hunting souls
Reigning serpent
Ever chanting ancient’s call

Children of the serpent bring
Lives up to serve
Servants of glory shall
Come to an end
By spilled blood is sworn,
The return of the flesh”

wheel within a wheel ezekiel