The Return of Christ Prediction 2024 April 8th.

In like a Lion and out like a Lamb

Last Paragraph is Predictions

This is a spiritually motivated scientific prediction not a prophecy.

SIDE NOTE:  Follow the leader status quo mentality.  IF I HEAR ONE MORE YOU TUBER SAY “I AM NOT A DATE SETTER” I think I will cry.  Come on people quit with the status quos.  Status quo is how you are controlled by the elite.  Drop all status quos and learn to be who you really are.  Go to to find out how to recover from the beast system.

Jazweeh’s Message from The Lord

“Jazweeh, when you see this black ball in the sky then it is the time of My coming”.

In all candor, this is not a definite prediction date as it is based in Jazweeh seeing a black sun.  Supernaturally that could happen any time.  But scientifically predicted there will be two in the next 6 years that she would be able to see from where she lives.  One in July 2, 2019 right around the corner and one on 8th of April 2024.

It is true that no man knows the day or hour of our Saviors return. However The Holy Spirit does know and we believe He has revealed the day of His coming in these end times for us believers who are seeing so many signs in the skies & Godly signs and wonders.  Also happening are deceptive signs like Bible Changes & Mandela effect changing our history to a lie.  OBVIOUS to many is that the Strong Delusion is here.  That wicked one is standing in the Holy Bible.  The end times prophecy is fulfilled and its getting worse every time I hear NEW & BLASPHEMOUS BIBLE QUOTES.

This date prediction is for our comfort and our foresight.  We know it’s the end times.  Jesus told us to recognize the season.

This date of April 8th, 2024 is a prediction of the return of Jesus.  He will come in like a Lion.  The Lion of Judah.    He went out like a lamb.

Jazweeh was told that when she sees the total eclipse of the sun via North America to look to the Eastern skies.  And the Lord called it “the Eastern row” a term apparently used in ancient times that she herself had never heard before.  The phrase was her confirmation that is was not her own imagination or wishful thinking that created the prediction.


She has also predicted that the rapture will happen on April 18th ten days after the eclipse.  The saints will battle or rather…annihilate the armies of the anti-Christ for ten days before we are raptured from the earth to forever be with our Lord in Heaven.

Sometime well before 2024 the plasma event will happen which will kick off the end times full blown tribulation.  I predict the plasma event breach when demons breach the veil of the supernatural protection for earth will take place toward the end of 2020.  If you are “The Bride of Christ” you may be raptured before the trib.  I just don’t  know.  The Bride is not subject to wrath tribulation.  But the 144 are raised up for tribulation big difference in their calling.  Bride is new to Christ.  144 were with God before they came to Earth.  The have already died once because they have already come out of GREAT tribulation in their life on Earth.  They were targeted and suffered greatly always seeking God through it all.  Bride is very very Loving.  144 are warriors Truth is their montra.  They know not to even tell a white lie lest they fall under the mass strong delusion at hand.

Who are you in Jesus?

However the 144 are here for the duration.  It is for the tribulation and to usher in the very last harvest that the 144 are here. Not just that, they are the warriors who are being trained now to cast down the demons that are to materialize at the plasma event great tribulation.

The MANY LOST SHEEP on earth now who won’t get saved until they see the disasters or return to Truth will be present for the last harvest. The blind sheep who have dropped their belt of truth and are saved yet under the strong delusion need to see truth.  They quote antichrist scripture, they don’t know corrupt from incorrupt but I must hope and assume since they proclaim Jesus that they still have their helmet of salvation fixed.  These must come out of the strong delusion during the final harvest between the plasma event and the return of Jesus..

There is an eclipse in less than a year July , 2, 2019 that fits the prediction visual, however there is doubt that this is the eclipse in question as too many actual Bible prophecies must also line up such as the one world money system, government, and the rebuilding of the temple first.

Countdown until eclipse begins


Total Solar Eclipse Countdown

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Yet another prediction for 2024

Since this youtuber had the same prediction I thought I would post his video as well

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