The Return of Christ Prediction 2024 April 8th.

This article written Nov 11, 2018 has many updates See Rapture “Prediction Dates” Below.

and changes because some dates are dependent upon the free will of mankind and upon when all the sheep will make their move toward Father.

Why can’t the watchmen on yt and the bulk of Christians see the end of days prophecies come to pass?  Why can’t they see the abomination of desolation?  Why didn’t they fight off the Locust when it landed?   They can’t see the Great Trib.  it’s too emotionally taxing to watch it and it requires coping skills they may not know of.  Perhaps the people don’t see the Great trib because of mercy from God.

Furthermore I don’t think Jesus expected the hearts of the bride and the 144 to be so intent on coming home, He has taken pity on us who wait on Him, and shortened the days of waiting.  Remember Free will is choice so circumstances of end times fluctuate and change a bit from time to time.

JESUS WIL RETURN like a Lion and HE WENT out like a Lamb


This is a spiritually motivated  prediction based in visions, dreams, and prayer not a prophecy.

SIDE NOTE:  Follow the leader status quo mentality.  IF I HEAR ONE MORE YOU TUBER SAY “I AM NOT A DATE SETTER” I think I will cry.  Come on people quit with the status quos.  Status quo is how you are controlled by the elite.  Drop all status quos and learn to be who you really are.  Go to to find out how to recover from the beast system.

Call me DATE SETTER (Educated Spirit filled guess NOT a prophecy)

10-31-21 new rapture date guess.  FAIL

Next Date Rapture Guess

September 5th, 2023.  THIS IS MY BEST GUESS FOR THE RAPTURE.  WHY THIS DATE?  Because of an out of body vision I had long ago..around 1989.   In the spiritual experience I was taken through a portal of lights then taken to Jacobs ladder.  The whole story is in my book.  Then I was sent back to my body by being startled by a comic “Grateful dead” skeleton .  



I guess you guys are used to failed guesses.  Maybe there is not a rapture date.  If this is so then I must accept the will of God.  But, I really feel that a rapture of the few, the elect, God’s army, and those who go before the throne (who are blessed with the eternal spiritual gift of Love is nigh).  We shall see.  Below are my failed guesses.


I stand by this date-Jesus’ return prediction is still early April 8, thereabout in 2024.

Jazweeh’s Message from The Lord

“Jazweeh, when you see this black ball in the sky then it is the time of My coming”.

In all candor, this is not a definite prediction date as it is based in Jazweeh seeing a black sun.  Supernaturally that could happen any time.  But scientifically predicted there will be two eclipses of the sun in the next 6 years that she would be able to see from where she lives.  One in July 2, 2019 right around the corner and one on 8th-15th of April 2024.

It is true that no man knows the day or hour of our Saviors return. However The Holy Spirit does know and we believe He has revealed the day of His coming in these end times for us believers who are seeing so many signs in the skies & Godly signs and wonders.  Also happening are deceptive signs like Bible Changes & Mandela effect changing our history to a lie.  OBVIOUS to many is that the Strong Delusion is here.  That wicked one is standing in the Holy Bible.  The end times prophecy is fulfilled and its getting worse every time I hear NEW & BLASPHEMOUS BIBLE QUOTES.

This date prediction is for our comfort and our foresight.  We know it’s the end times.  Jesus told us to recognize the season.

This date of April 8th, 2024 is a prediction of the return of Jesus.  He will come in like a Lion.  The Lion of Judah.    He went out like a lamb.

Jazweeh was told that when she sees the total eclipse of the sun via North America to look to the Eastern skies.  And the Lord called it “the Eastern row” a term apparently used in ancient times that she herself had never heard before.  The phrase was her confirmation that is was not her own imagination or wishful thinking that created the prediction.


She has also predicted that the FINAL(3rd) rapture will happen on April 18th ten days after the eclipse in 2024.  The saints will battle or rather…annihilate the armies of the anti-Christ for ten days before we are raptured from the earth to forever be with our Lord in Heaven.


Apocalypse Kick off Event  (We are already in the Great Trib. I Believe, anyway)

Sometime well before 2024 the plasma event will happen which will kick off the end times full blown tribulation.  I predict the plasma event breach when demons breach the veil of the supernatural protection for earth will take place toward the end of 2020 BETWEEN- Thanksgiving of November 25th 2020 & 04-24-21 the kickoff event.  I have an updated prediction for the kickoff event which is January 28, 2121.

Some 144 may choose to stay and help the lost sheep of Christ.  The Bride is not subject to wrath tribulation.  But the 144 are raised up for tribulation big difference in their calling.  Bride is new to Christ.  144 were with God before they came to Earth.  They have already died at least once while on Earth (literally/temporarily) because they have already come out of GREAT tribulation in their lives on Earth and have already faced the sword and much more.  They were targeted and suffered greatly always seeking God through it all.

Who Are The Bride?  The Lambs of God.

The Bride is very very Loving not like the warrior spirit of the 144 who need buffeted by God Himself from time to time because of false pride and anger.  These emotions & character flaws are a human trait of a side affect of great spiritual power.  The flesh is unavoidable.

The 144 ARE ANGRY they share in the sufferings of Jesus because they see what others cannot.  They are alone.  The 144 are warriors.   Truth is their mantra, their strong station their hold of gold. Truth is their value and their safe place.

They know better & they fear to even tell a white lie lest they fall under the mass strong delusion at hand.  Not that they don’t know how to & why to lie, they are experienced with the lie and being the prodigal son years on end.  They know how lies serve men in the carnal while lies destroy men in the spiritual.  Truth is their armor.



144 we were all set to stay for the Great Tribulation and help the Lost Sheep of Jesus who are blind and have loved not the Truth to return to Truth.  BUT the report is that there has been a change of plans.  Free will does play into this.  Father has looked upon the hearts of the 144 as they are grieved and just wanting to come home.  My message is that He has decided to bring the 144 home for a time.  That they will not stay for the Great Tribulation.  The sheep will be helped in some other way.  Granted the plan is not written in stone because the dates depend somewhat upon free will, you see?  Things change because people change.  Circumstances change.  Father has allowed free will to flow through all of mankind therefore the dates are flexible.

The 144 were all set to stay for the sheep.  Even looking forward to the Great Tribulation but for some reason Jesus has said “NO!”  He doesn’t want us to have to endure any more death as we watch 10,000 at our right and 10,000 at our left fall.  Yes we would not be touched but the emotional impact would be great and would cause the elect more pain.  The elect have already come out of Great Tribulation….I think Jesus said “enough is enough” no pun intended with Trump.  I do believe the 144 will stay for 6 months of the great tribulation time.

Do you feel there has been a change of plans?

Jesus’ return is still believed to be 2024 April 8th-18th.  (this update was written on Jan. 31,2020)

Jesus would have given us a solid date IF free will was not a factor.  Such great preparation.  Such an amazing plan of salvation.


Yet another prediction for 2024

Since this youtuber had the same prediction I thought I would post his video as well.  Once again YT removed this rapture video for some reason.  Disappointing the vid was removed.

58 Replies to “The Return of Christ Prediction 2024 April 8th.”

  1. A little bored today so I thought to see how you people are doing. I wish The Living God had not given you this purpose. Not by your choice. When creation was completed, nothing was not completed. Even the term rapture was given, but not to all. You wre led in a direction that sent you away from the truth. Not by satan, by the way. Only God himself completes everything. No matter what it is He finished it at creation. There is nothing left out. Even deception. It doesn’t seem fair, but it is the truth. May help you to read the books of The Prophets. All of them. Then The Gospels of Jesus Christ. Listen to The Living God speaking to you. I’m going to take your will from you and say it this way. From The Living God, ” I gave them their will to do my will.” This is everything all the time. You can not escape it. And, you’ll never believe it. We are all made to serve His good pleasure (scripture). Only one last comment for you. ” No man knows the day or hour of The Lord’s return, only The Father knows the deay and hour.” I can’t seem to get Him to tell me, what makes you think He would tell you. Arrogance and vanity are not allowed in The Kingdom of God. Also note, those on the streets, the homeless, hopeless and helpless will enter The Kingdom. Those who died in Christ will also go in 1st. Then will see about you.
    I am the servant of The Lord Jesus Christ. He is my God and my Lord.

    1. Pleasure is fleeting & its folly, pleasure is a human trait. The Eternal God is not One of “pleasure seeking”. The book is skewed lacking the wisdom it once foretold. In Genesess it was once written that “fellowship” is the reason God created mankind. Truth is required in that fellowship. One must first become the clay by “Thy will be done in my life” courageous prayer and mean it considering possible consequences. Consequences of the prayer could be loss of what we want, loss of what we have and loss of what we think we need. Loss of sin etc.

      1. hi Lane. i have a question….as you have a lot of bible knowledge before all these bible changes started happening…and i dont. but my question is…..where did satan come from? is he equally powerful to god? or to jesus? these are my fears….if god created what would become satan, did he know what the outcome would be? i guess i have many questions…but ill stick to these for now

        1. God is Love. He is not a torcherer. Or sadist.
          Here is the reason for evil being spread unto men on Earth. Some angels were given the hard task to introduce debauchery to mankind. Lucifer is/was accused of this. The humans Adam & Eve had to eat from the tree of the knowledge of evil and of good. Why? because balance is in place & necessary. Free will for humans is God’s choice. These angels did not disobey they did what had to be done. EVIL WAS INTRODUCES SO EACH MAN CAN CHOOSE HIS ETERNITY. Either darkness or light. This is our choice. (Or annihilation for some who choose no god and no eternal home) Hell is for those who prefer darkness a home for their soul eternally. Hell is much like Earth but darker and full of spirits. Flesh cannot abide their. Purgatory is for those who condemn themselves. Jesus usually brings them out. Its the top floor of Hell/Sheol/Dark Abode
          If the human chooses God of LIght they Go to either Heaven at death or they get to go to the New Earth. New Nature. New Sun. New everything. Paradise the way God intended. After “Creation Part Two” the spiritual choice. Was the angels name Satan? I doubt it but bible did say Lucifer became Satan by defying God. False Pride allegedly his sin. Much of the bible (I believe) even before the changes was propaganda. Especially the Israel stuff making Christians worship Israel. And saying one race is better than others races. Idk I could be wrong but doesn’t add up for me.
          There are demons in Hell. There are also demons on Earth. But they cannot touch mankind unless a door is opened. Like murder or some lascivious act that hurts one’s self or others. This invites demons. They want to inhabit humans. Then can be cast out by preachers with the right gift. Jesus name aloud is powerful. Prayer is powerful. Transparency toward God Truth not perfection is what God seems to want from us. Perfection of man was NEVER part of God’s plan. At least not in our present conditions. Ascension then near perfection for mankind. Oh ya many (I believe) will sleep 1,000 years then go to the New Earth. These are those who believe in God of Light. But are not the 144,000 to seed the New Earth. They will likely lose the knowledge of good & of evil. The only ones who will retain the knowledge of evil on New Earth will be those 144,000 who God knows intimately. They have been through purifications processes. They have died once already. (hence the second death). The 144 have walked in the steps of Jesus and suffered much like He did by their choices. They are very different from most people. You would not know them. They are not sanctimonious. They won’t be “kings & priests” on New EArth. But rather they will be “Guardians of The New Earth”. And have power to be righteous guardians. This is so evil never again rears up on Earth. Evil must stay below. Jesus’ return is in the 144,000. He won’t be flesh again. Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God.

          1. hi Lane. not to ruffle your feathers or show any disrespect, as youve been very helpful at answering my questions….but i think theres a lot more to it than anyone’s aware of. maybe, just maybe, there is a set of scriptures noone has seen before except God and Jesus….and what we have is a beater copy to see what we would do with it, as it is always changing. one part of me thinks that God would throw all sinners into an eternal hell for torture and misery…but another part of me says that he wont let that happen to anyone. i believe God is good, and eventually wants EVERYONE in his family and fellowship….otherwise, why would he bother to create us all if he knew beforehand what our choices and destinies would be. he sees the end from the beginning…..and i think it is in genesis 2 that God saw all that he had made and it was very good. so just maybe, there is much more than meets the eye. somewhere in the bible i read “judge nothing before the time”…so just maybe there is a surprise happy ending for everyone involved. thats just my take on it. i’m an uneducated person…i didnt go to bible school or anything, cant make sense out of the shakespeare language of the king james version…..and i only completed a very little bit of college….but one thing i do have however, is an open mind. i’m a possibility thinker. God has the power and the knowhow to make possibilities out of impossibilities. deep down i believe that God does want all people saved….and i should have to think that he has the ability to get what he wants.

  2. The Rapture is bullshit. No one is to be taked up & saved before the Tribulation. Jesus won`t return in 2024, that would be fake Jesus, Satan. 2024 is too early for Jesus but not Satan.

      1. Ya he is angry not sure why he said “too early”. Scared and should be. Fear has a good purpose to direct mankind to seeking God in Truth.

      2. Meditation #50 for example.

        THE MASK

        IT’S NO WONDER MOST PEOPLE FEAR SHOWING THEIR TRUE SELF EVEN TO THEIR MOST INTIMATE FELLOWS, WITH EVERYONE ELSE HIDING BEHIND THE MASK OF EGO AND THE BRAVADO OF “ITS ALL GOOD” THE MAN WHO IS TRULY SELF-AWARE AND ACKNOWLEDGES A FULL SCALE OF HUMAN EMOTION FEELS ODD AND ALONE: AND SO FESTERS OUR SOCIETY OF ANXIETY, STRESS, PANIC ATTACKS, DEPRESSION, AND LASTLY MENTAL ILLNESS. BRING ON THE PHARMACEUTICALS CRY THE AMERICANS FROM THEIR BED OF DECEPTION. Seems like the theme of the day is healthy “risk taking”. Without the risk of making one’s self vulnerable in a safe environment we will never grow into the person who becomes who they really are. The person who follows their own heart and God’s leading takes emotional risks.

        When we are stripped of all self-worth by the beast of addiction we come into the rooms broken and full of resentment. After our thorough working of the 12 steps we are a clean slate. We are then sponges ready to absorb even download if you will our new programs. Oh yes the “Same man WILL drink again” therefore, if we don’t download a new program we are destined to relapse. We absorb all the good we can around us in the rooms of AA, in the re-hab, from the sober friends we choose. We shut our mouths and listen and learn and grow.

        When fear crops up & it will, we share it with empathic listeners who will hopefully validate our feelings. Please don’t confuse this with “validating or co-signing bullshit meaning co-signing wrong behaviors and actions. I don’t know about you but my heart and what’s in it is not bullshit. How can feelings ever be wrong when they come from our own heart? They are who we are and should be given validity otherwise we are still in a process of tearing ourselves down.

        We cannot change our own feelings but we can validate and process them. If we don’t have some intimate fellows in recovery that are open and honest enough to admit their own feelings to us they are living behind a wall of ego and a mask of bravado. It is very important for our feelings to be acknowledged so we may then move on. Our feelings absolutely should not steer or directive however if they are not addressed (the reoccurring and intense feelings) they will come out sideways by the old survival skill of blame and judgment.

        Granted children of God, the skill of fault-finding does work to brush off fear however it usually involves hurting either ourselves or others by developing and nurturing hate & accusation which pollutes our own heart. It is important to surround ourselves with sobriety and good Loving people when we are healing from a life of pain from self-induced abuse. We need not accuse my brethren for accusations are the first fruits of Satan’s own spawn…so says the word. Rev. 12:10 THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!

  3. This site is not of the Holy Spirit. It is fortune cookie mish mush. Read your bible and read commentaries by John Gill and Frank Gaebelein. My prediction, intestinal gas releases are unpredictable.

  4. A false prophet is on who makes predictions that fail. A false prophets were killed in the bible. So guessing and false prophecy is sin, enjoy the flame.

  5. My educated guess as to when the rapture will be is April 8, 2024 and the second coming will be happen five months later and then the battle of Armageddon will end on October 31, 2024 and the next day will be the first day of the 1000 year reign of Christ.

    1. Wow! Your prediction is very close to ours. Of April 15-18 2024. We hope for rapture anytime. My recent guess for rapture is July 2022.

  6. Steven,
    I also wanted to tell you that anything that is not of God will continue to open a door way to evil spirits. Porn and lying and stealing….whatever you are caught up in can bring bondage onto you….

    My own brother dreams of evil spirits and has spiritual blindness because of his unwillingness to change…..

    Everytime something pops up in your head to sin I want you to say. I will not sin with the help of Jesus Christ! …..

    Everyime you think a bad thought or feel alone I want you to call the name of Jesus Christ. …..

    Everytime you feel depressed or scared. Everytime you look in the mirror and you just feel lost. Say the name of Jesus Christ. “Help me Jesus” should be your call from this point on.

  7. In that video from Babylon to America. Right at the beginning I noticed a bible changed. He will “Crush” thy head of the serpent. Not bruise. He had the symbol of fallen angel on his head. Idk why? I didn’t finish the video. This is all new to me. Part of me says it’s the lighting on his forehead, part of me says no, it’s the seal. This is a whole new faith for me to get used to.

    1. Roman Most Christians have the mark of the beast. They are so so convincing of their faith its absolutely baffling to watch their sincerity and then see the blatant mark on their foreheads. They have not the belt of Truth. Their heart prefers the lies. They have never taken up the courage to see their own heart in its true light. If they had then Jesus would have healed them. He doesn’t do work on people’s heart unless people show Him their heart. Many are called few are chosen. We do have this hope for them. The great tribulation is for just that. Not to punish anybody but rather to bless the many with the gift of desperation. When they become desperate the walls of their hearts shall come down and they hopefully can then approach God in Truth instead of with a mask on. Our programming from birth told us all that we are wrong and bad. That’s where all the lies started my friend. Children who believe they are wrong and bad will become someone else just so they can be loved. It’s very sad. But programming of the mind always starts with demoralization at heart level. I remember when my heart was broken by discovering that (according to the beast/parents/tv/peers) I was all wrong. So I began hiding my true self from everyone thinking “If they see who I really am they won’t Love me”. But it was all so long ago it became subconscious level emotional survival skill. It too 7 years for me to deprogram by 12 step work and especially prayer and meditation in Jesus. Meditation is not evil when you seek The One True God. Really evil is as evil does so I don’t know that any meditation is evil unless the man has evil motives. The streets of Heaven are lines with Crystal yet the preachers have convinced everyone that crystals are evil….they grow like plants. Evil is as evil does. I have a theory. About the sun and so forth. I will publish the article on Jazweeh in a hour or so. I think you may find it interesting Roman.

      1. Ok, I will check it out. Do you have a theory on why the Sun is octagon?
        I don’t think man is smart enough to make a flying white sun. People say they have seen the light bulbs. I just don’t understand how it stays in the atmosphere and why they would make it white? Wouldn’t you make it yellow if you want to fool people.

        The octagon shape comes and goes as well. I am open minded, I just need some good theories. I think octagon is used for devil worship. That may explain the shape. Not 100% sure.

        I mean an angel could be doing it as well. I am not ignoring the spiritual world either. The sun sets are still yellow though, that is also weird.

        1. Recently I theorized that if the prophecy of the sun going dark came to pass… In 2009 or so men invented grow lights. Grow lights can be white or yellow. But what if earth required for all of vegetation to live somewhat normally the white lights most of the day? What if yellow wasn’t good enough. Imagine what kind of balance it would take to achieve such a thing as to replace the sun. What if they had to use the chem trails to dim it because dimming the bulbs would not work well enough to keep earth alive? If I knew more about grow lights and plants I could say more. It’s just a theory. Why? Because I have seen the bulbs. I saw the black hole sun. I drew a picture of what I saw. Weird thing is…when I tell people how to see the bulbs that I can plainly see and they do what I did, they don’t see them. So ….with the vail on 19/2o of the people of earth its a rough ride. Jacobs trouble. No one related to Jesus nor could they. They could not see what He saw. Rapture is nearing I think. At that time they won’ t see what we see. What’s biblestoboardgames?

        2. Roman I ask myself this “why do I want so badly to show people who cannot see what is?”. Now is the time where I must accept that God did create both goat’s and sheep. And that the goats have been here all along for the benefit of the sheep to find themselves and to choose. Their destiny is likely the lake of fire unless they choose God, finally with their whole heart in the G.T. I deceive myself if I think I can “save” anybody. They must seek God as I sought God. One on one. Either they will or they won’t. All the church is good for is fellowship and to point the way to Jesus. Same with the bible. God must be sought with our own heart. I am just venting Roman. This isn’t aimed at you. I hope to receive more revelation from God today. He will pick us up with His great Hand and put us in safety. Then the end shall come. He brings a new nature and a new Earth. New and improved. Many will go to their eternal homes also. Whaat is is your Hope Roman? Heaven or The New Earth?

          1. Biblestoboardgames is an email I made because everything was changing from bibles to boardgames…….

            That’s ok if you want to vent. I am really agitated and fed up with people, and yet I push on. I grow tired of this blindness around me as well. That is why it is nice to find someone who understands……

            Who wants to live in blindness? Who wants to live in a constant rotation that seems to start over and over…..

            Who wants to see patterns form that are lies of the enemy and people except them over and over again?…….

            Now, where do I want to be? I wish I could honestly say to you that I want to go to Heaven right now! That would be a lie though. My heart wants to stay and fight for the Lord. I know deep down that is the right way to be. Jesus wants me here and protects me, but it’s really hard constantly being concerned for people. Then again why should I be here? What is my purpose? Are the ones with the seal suppose to fight demons? The LORD won’t show me the entire picture. I am learning things on a weekly bases…….

            Maybe if he showed me what he wanted from me I would not be able to handle it? Or maybe I need to fast more?

            I don’t like being the one that’s always serious. Family members are so care free and at the same time the world is about to end……

            Anyway, how are you doing? I don’t want to sound like a whiney person. I am doing well so far besides my spirit being restless……

            Oh yeah, I was thinking negative the other day and a storm formed around me and only thundered once. The thunder shook my car window and I apologized to God. Then the storm went away. It was really an emotional moment for me. Feeling God’s power. I realize he wants my mind a certain way. I am really trying to be a good solider, I truly am. It’s just tiring being alone, expect for Jesus. He is my strength.

          2. Will get back to you a little later. Oh ya What is your zodiac sign if you don’t mind saying. I have a theory that the zodiac may be the tribes.

  8. once, when i was praying, i saw a man looking back at me…with his finger up by his ear as if to say a ha! this was when extreme faith came upon me after finding out all will be saved. i had already gone 5 or 6 days without food and very little sleep. i thought i had to solve bible riddles. i was talking to peter at first, then judas. i could hear spirits talking to me. i started seeing things on the pc that i never saw again. this happened a few times so far. i started joking about scriptures and laughing. the voices said ok thats enough but i kept on. i felt this fear i didnt know where it came from. its like i had some consciousness i never had before….and i could turn it off at command. i think it had something to do with my 3rd eye. next day i was angry and bitter all day….the consciousness was gone. i got a phone call that morning from the government, asking me to send something back to them by return to sender. they cancelled my student debt…which i still had to pay back. but after being angry all day…i came home and opened that letter. i was for a free android tablet. i got scared. i thought they wanted my soul…or make me take the mark of the beast. i left…i made it as far as the cemetary. i was paralyzed with dread. i made it to a babtist friends house. he took me home and did a casting out on me. i was still terrified. i felt something pull on my eyeballs…and then felt something shake and fall inside my head…then i calmed down and went to sleep. i woke up the next morning i felt as if i had no soul. i went back to sleep. i woke up and for the next 4 or 5 months i became more and more different. one night i was mentally unwinding again. i was influenced by yet another gospel. i started defending satan, saying that he and Jesus are brothers and God loved them both. i went out after eating another mans sperm, thinking that by doing so i would be forgiving his sins. my friends next door said it wasnt me. i hallucinated at their place…left there and saw a pale dark man walking toward me. i turned and went home a voice said i was about to be shot…i fell on the ice. knocked went inside and google said steve webber dead. dozens of them. different faces. it wasnt me though. could this have been God blotting my name from the book of life? before i saw the man, i tried to go to the baptist dudes house. but it was all gated up. i thought i was going to my “father’s house” before i left home its like i had 2 personalities, but returned with only one. next day im hallucinating online again…start laughing, picking fights, laughing harder. making up words. becoming violent. i was losing my mind. my dad was schizophrenic too…diagnosed in vietnam. i was taken to the psych ward in handcuffs, told Jesus to go away….i think he really did. over the next few years i remembered something scary. years before that one day i prayed to satan for something and offered him my soul. im really scared Jesus dont love me anymore

  9. i know it is men with men and women with women, but i dont know who else to turn to. i know the Jesus described in the bible…..for the most part doesnt appear very loving……neither the God of the bible. i see some love in there, but its mostly hate and vengeance. i need truth from someone who has the spirit

    1. Steven. How will you know if Jesus is real unless He shows you? The Bible is unreliable. Certain Truth mixed with horrid lies. Christians make every hateful scripture mean something benevolent/good. They cannot look at the script like “hate your family or you have no part in me” on face value. They say “hate doesn’t mean “hate”. So Jesus is real and Love you. Seek Him with all your heart. “Out of the problem into the solution”. Seek out the preacher I told you of who has the gift of deliverance and healing. Seek him out.

    2. The bible is changed. See for that info. Steven when I was desperatre for deliverance I received it by seeking prayer in Pentecostal type churches where they do alter calls and pray with the laying on of hands. Thta is where deliverance is most active. Jesus inhabits the praises of His people. First participate in the praise & worship. Hear the sermon. Then at alter call ask for prayer at the alter. Hopefully more than 2 or 3 will gather around you putting their hands on your shoulders & head with prayer in tongues. Do this if you want deliverance from dark spirits. But pray about which church to go to so you get lead to the right location. Seek Pentecostal or full gospel call them to make sure they do alter calls.

    1. Speak to God in Truth. Be real with HIm. Go to a priest confess all your worst sins to the priest. Work the 12 steps and don’t leave ANYTHING OUT. You must address the trauma of childhood that you have obviously suffered, as have I. Dive into AA but first and daily pray for guidance. Healing is a process. Every day pray for guidance. Pray ye be not deceived. And ALWAYS pray in Jesus name. Your going to be okay I claim it in Jesus name. Hope is a spiritual gift. Keep Hope. Don’t “curse God & die” as they taunted Job to do.

    1. It is an informed prediction not a prophecy. God is preparing His army the 144 by purifying trials each one is different depending on the shortcomings. Yes, the intercessors are sending out the announcement of HIs coming and have been for about 4 1/2 years. The Spirit says to the churches “He is returning SOON”. There may be a rapture before 2024…I hope so anyway. I think warning had to go out a full seven years or maybe nine. The warnings on the most part for me started in 2017. Soon to God…means this generation will not pass away before He arrives. Those who see the signs. Some who do see the signs (all of them) are in the age group of 63 now, and they won’t pass away. This is the biblical timeline I have. I hope it’s not another nine years but it could be by that script. For now I am sticking with my prediction of 2024 April. PS please pray for me a healing thanks. Jazweeh.

        1. Lol it’s the name I chose for my website and pen name as a writer. Jazweeh…I am guessing that it means in Original Hebrew (not modern Hebrew) “Scribe of God”.

      1. this is all new to me. can i still be saved if im not yet already? i dont feel saved. i do believe Jesus is the son of God, and i do declare that Jesus is Lord. i remember things as different than they are now. i still have my memories. can the 12 steps help me? ive made a deal with the devil before, but i dont want to be his. i still have a conscience that tells me right from wrong

        1. Yes you have a conscience to repent. Your an abused child as was I. You may not remember or realize it. Trauma pushed you to a split for survival sake you had to split. It’ s understandable to do a mind split due to such trauma. I also split but from my own body when I was a child with burn trauma. Doctors were torturing me mom left the room could not handle the screams. I left my body because of the pain of burns. I went into a broom closet temporarily. The split of the mind is very similar. There occurs a time when a door is opened. My time when I let in the spirit of fear was due to Cocaine trauma. I later faced that fear and relieved the event. I repented of it. I had a great fear that I couldn’t breath and was tortured by anxiety attacks because of it. Until the preacher and 4 others prayed for me in Jesus name and I was delivered from the spirit of fear. Read my book Steven. God to and read it. It’s short and easy. It’s my story of how I was delivered from demons and addiction. You can skip around the chapters they are all linked up so you can go to what interests you. Pray first to be lead. Always pray first. Don’t give up on God.

        1. Steven for now I say this “I am not okay and that’s okay”. Healing is a process. It’s solution time Steven. Start every day with the Lord’s prayer, aloud. Then thank God for anything….”Thank you Jesus” Aloud 3 times. Start your day with a daily positive meditation. It’s okay to be not okay. Let’s start there. Keep attention to your words. Try not to speak to yourself disrespectfully in your mind ever again. “Out of the problem into the solution”. I offer you solutions that require action.
          The same man will drink/drug again. If nothing changes nothing changes. If you don’t walk through the fear and do something different…well that’s what I learned about me anyway. Take action EVERY DAY. We all need(ed) reprogramming as well as God’s help. All are programmed to self hate by the system.

          Go to a meeting every day and listen. Share aloud and say this “Him my name is Seven, I am not okay and that’s okay”.

          Just For Today I take myself out of the hands of men to trust and into The Hands of God to learn to trust Him.
          Just for today I will try to live through this day only, and not tackle my whole life problems at once.
          I CAN do something for twelve hours that would appall me if I felt that I had to keep it up for a lifetime.
          Just for today I will be happy (trust in God be at peace). Most people are as peaceful as they make up their mind to be.
          Just for today I will adjust myself to what is, and not try to adjust everything to my own desires. I will take my situation/reality/circumstance as it comes and accept it.
          Just for today I will turn from fear. I will study & learn something useful to my walk with God. I will read something that requires effort, thought and concentration.
          I shall not mentally loaf except to rest from a job well done.
          Just for today I will exercise my spirit in three ways. I will give someone a good turn. I wil do at least two good things I don’t want to do — Just to walk through the fear.
          I will be authentic always. I will be vulnerable if necessary to those I trust by sharing fear, pain, hurt feelings or other vulnerabilities of the human condition.
          I will be agreeable and look for the similarities rather than differences.
          I will put my shoes on and shower, speak with humility, cry if I need to, do no criticism of fault finding. I regulate myself no one else.
          If I have indecision I will do nothing.
          I will meditate unto God & Pray The Lord’s Prayer daily.
          I shall use my God box when I fear and share my fears openly. The Truth shall set me free and so others will not be shamed by their own similar fears.
          I accept that I am in God’s hands. Every breath every drop of water & food and my life and my death if it be so are in God’s hands whom I am learning, finally learning________
          TO TRUST

  10. I grew up going to Sunday school every now and then, but never learning anything. I said the sinner’s prayer when I was 22 while in AA at the time. I decided to stick with AA. I had a hard time believing in or contacting God. I didn’t pursue church or the Bible until years later.

    I met a girl in AA who was a church member. She flirted with me, and we ended up in a sexual relationship. She broke it off because of church and God, so I started going to her church hoping to win her back. She kept coming back and leaving me again, until I told God on the way home from church that I didn’t want His salvation if that is what it was going to be like. She ended up moving away. Then she called me one day to tell me she was pregnant, so I went to where she was. She lost the child in a car crash and shrugged it off the next day, giggling on the phone with her pastor back here. I came back home. Her dad was mad at me — I don’t blame him. She came back here, had sex with me again, and left to go to Bible college. She got married. I never saw her again.

    I found out last year that she died. I hope she was saved.

    Over the next few years I cursed God and cursed Jesus because of how my life was. I wanted a girlfriend, but I was too shy. I was stuck with a job I hated. I was always having panic attacks. I didn’t see anything in my life as sin.i prayed to satan for something and offered him my soul. i forgot about this for many years. Occasionally I was daring God to come down and face me as a human. I won’t repeat some of the things I said. I didn’t think I would ever go back to a church, but I did.

    After my first night going to church for myself and meeting people there, I came home and read about the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. The fear of God finally found me. I responded and tried to get saved in a Baptist church. I said the sinners prayer, was taught about the church, and was baptized a year later. That verse, as well as Hebrews 10:26 and Hebrews 6:4-6 always scared me because of the things i said and did. I struggled with porn. The harder I tried to stop, the worse the temptations got.

    I drifted in and out of the church for a number of years and had a sexual relationship during that time, which I quickly ended when I remembered the Hebrews verses.

    I sought out other churches, one after another, but found no comfort. I was still struggling with sin and on disability, unable to work due to panic attacks.

    One night I saw a universal salvation website. It said everyone will be saved. They gave convincing verses of Scripture to prove it. All fear fell from me. I thought I had finally found God and faith.. I felt at peace, but something in me got kind of curious. If all will be saved, then the scary verses must not be true. I remembered a verse that said “God is not the author of confusion” and since the Bible was confusing to me, I came to the conclusion He didn’t write it.

    I then thought the Bible was full of riddles I had to solve. As I started doing that, I think I opened myself up to a spirit. I thought I was speaking in tongues. I was seeing things. I saw another face in my mirror. It was sort of like mine, but different. The next day the comforting spirit was gone.

    I saw something online about a man pretending to be poor. If anyone helped him, he rewarded them. I was inspired to do the same, but no one helped me. I got angry. I walked all through town that day cursing everyone, filling up with hate. i cursed a good christian friend of mine who called me brother. At the end of the day fear came over me. I was crying like a two year old. A friend prayed over me to drive out whatever spirit was attacking me. i felt something pulling on my eyeballs and shaking and falling inside my head.

    This was just the beginning. a few months later my baptism certificate fell off the wall. I put it behind the bureau. I still can’t find it. I was still under the universal salvation spell when I saw a website of a man claiming to have keys to the Scriptures. He was “decoding” Bible verses on his own. I got a notebook and did the same.

    i think satan entered me…or another demon.

    I started going crazy, talking to myself as two different people. I don’t know where the idea came from, but I was convinced that Jesus and Satan were brothers and God loved them both. he just wanted them to get along and work together. i went out walking that night, and saw a man who looked very dark and evil walking towards me. I came back home, had the thought that someone was around the corner to shoot me and then I slipped and fell on the ice. A few days later, I must have been really crazy because I thought I was Jesus. I ended up freaking out and was sent to the psych ward in handcuffs. The next morning when they wouldn’t let me out, I cursed Jesus, which I swore to myself out of fear that I would never do again.

    I got out a week later and smoked marijuana again. A bad mistake. While I was using I started decoding the verses again and I ended up back in the hospital. I went on and off the meds on my own, and ended up back in there again. This time, I lost most of my emotions. I went in due to paranoia and was paranoid when I came out. I couldn’t laugh or cry, but I still had guilt and worry. I was bedridden for months.

    The universalist sites held no assurance for me anymore. I started clutching at straws wondering what was going to happen to me when i die. I bounced around different websites and religions online. I didn’t buy into them for long, but I went from Kundalini to Gnosticism to Yahuwshua is Yahweh (Jesus is the impostor) and another one that said that Jesus just came here to do the work of his father Satan. All these are ridiculous! I started hallucinating again.

    I found the a friend of mine on-line whom I cursed that day when I was pretending to be poor. I called him up because I remembered the things I said about him. I finally started to cry! I cried my eyes out in his car. He forgave me. I was always ashamed to cry in front of other people.

    I was baptized again… I cried there too and more often recently. but i pushed the bible away after reasoning with myself and God. my scizophrenia went into remission. . i was finally able to laugh again. I was finally out of my room and able to get out again. i found an online romantic relationship…fell into more sin, lost my emotions again…and lost my dad. i went schizo again. recently a friend prayed over me and laid his hand on me to drive the spirits away from me…i started to cry. over the next few weeks i was hearing voices again, i think its gonna take more thasn that if Jesus is willing to heal me of this. i still have the delusion that im already dead, and thoughts tell me that i am too late…but i dont know. i started going to a local pentecostal church. im schizophrenic…and the other day when i woke up from my first nap, i said i had an unclean spirit or i was an unclean spirit. i didnt mean any disrespect to the father son or holy spirit….i was referring to my schizophrenia.

    can you help me? will God deliver me? i keep having blasphemous thoughts that i dont want and i think im seeking god with all my heart…but i cant be sure. every now and then i have urges to reject jesus…but i dont want to.

    Is my repentance too late? Am I lost forever? Does God still love me? will Jesus still save me? im scared. i want to get back to that childlike faith i had on that day i saw the universalist website…is it too late for me?


    1. Working the 12 steps helped me alot to reprogram my own self demeaning thoughts. Try or for tangible exercises in (with God’s guidance) changing EVERYTHING. It’s a recovery site for addicts but has solutions galore. I know a preacher. He is gifted by God. He delivered and healed me on more than one occasion from demonic influence. I belief God is Truth and honors a heart felt repentance no matter the sin. As for the bible…some scriptures are unreliable now that we are in the end of the age and Amos 8:11 &12 is fulfilling. The preacher is on youtube. Contact him and if you can get to one of his services in Florida do so.
      Go to meetings daily if you can. Walk through the fear. Demons do not like certain behaviors of courage and will leave. For instance I got rid of a sloth demon by –for about a month straight when I awoke I went out in the yard and sprayed myself with cold water from hose. But that one likely only works for sloth because I was going against it’s hate of water and sunlight and I took action going to meetings. Forcing myself.

        1. Yes. Absolutely. And for the Gentiles (the believers) there will be a good long rest while The New Earth is prepared for them. And then all tears shall be wiped away. No more pain.

    2. Steven…

      You are being spiritually oppressed.
      I was as you are my friend. Addictions and searching online for answers. There is nothing Satan would want more then for you to continue to feel that your soul is already damned…..

      This is FALSE! The fact that you have guilt, fear and remorse proves that you are not in the unforgivable sin……

      The unforgivable sin was spoke about by Jesus because the Pharisees and evil men of the time seen his miracles first hand. They felt his love and power and still called him a worker of the devil. Judas walked with Jesus first hand and still betrayed him ……

      The only way you would die the unforgivable sin right now is if you were to die worshipping the devil. If you ignored all the signs in the sky and if you kept swearing and mocking Jesus until your very last breath. If your heart was so hard that even though you have knowledge of Jesus and how good he is, you still walked around preaching that God is evil.

      Do you understand? Do you see? Are your eyes opened yet or is something telling you that this is a lie?

      So you fear that you turned God away from you because of blasphemy? The TRUE God of the Old Testament was VERY loving and Patient. Do not fall into this illusion anymore. The Father and the Son are one. As Jesus is loving so is his father.

      God forgave and forgave and forgave. These were people that would betray him with worshipping idols and sacrificed people in the names of other false idol god’s. Yet! When they repented his anger left and he forgave them.

      His apostle Saul “Paul” killed many of his people before God struck him with blindness and showed him that Jesus was his son. Paul realized what he had done and began to fight for instead of against Jesus Christ.

      Paul became a very strong preaching apostle and one of my favorite. With a new repented heart he spread the word that Jesus Christ was King!…..

      King David who the Lord truly loved because his heart was as His own. David new God and his power.. took a man’s wife and sent him into battle to die. He clearly sinned and knew God was real. Did God damn him? No! David would fall to the ground many times in repentance. ……

      And on and on and on…….

      Our King is still giving us a chance by showing us signs in the Heavens and on earth. Instead of just coming back unexpectedly , he warns those who seek him. Do you think your post fell upon my eyes by accident?

      Do you really believe Satan has the authority to make a deal for your soul that belongs to God? That King Jesus would give him that power? No my friend. The devil only owns you if you let him. Change your path this very moment. Pledge your loyalty to the Father and Jesus. Talk with Jesus everytime your sin of lust or anger fills you. Scream the name of Jesus if need be. ……

      You should be of good cheer because Jesus is still seeking you out. Stop trying to figure out codes or hidden meanings that are not for you to understand. Stop worrying what the Lord’s real name is and call him the True living God of the Old Testament, or Jesus Christ. Those are safe. …..

      Don’t get entangled with this world, Stop watching the news and searching websites. Get away from that home computer if it causes you to sin.

      I was once lost my friend. Filled with darkness and despair. Just as you are now.

      It’s time for you to fight Steven. Your soul and life is God’s. Throw out anything that leads you to darkness. Forgive yourself and stop worring about missing the boat. A bad image comes inside your head then change that image to the cross. ….

      You feel weak? Keep going back and having people pray over you. Even people that don’t see the bible changes, like people in my family still have there prayers answered. It’s a very strange time. Ask and pray for Jesus to show you a church. Don’t worry about if they are perfect Christians or not. Your faith will set you free. ….

      I understand how you feel singled out. Stop going by your feelings. God never said to trust your feelings. The Father is calling you Steven. How will you answer now? In the name of King Jesus Christ and our great Father God may any spiritual bondage be broken upon your soul and mind Steven. ……

      Walk with the Lord my friend. Take Care.

      1. hi, i still feel lost. i went for a while without my meds last winter, went manic, got delusional, and went down a bad road,. happens now and then even on my meds. i wish i could get off them, and get all my emotions back, but it always leads to disaster for me. i wish my dad werent schizophrenic before me…then i maybe wouldnt have it now. im still calling out to jesus with everything i have within me, hoping it isnt too late for me. Hang in there Steve won’t be long now. Jesus turns no one away who seeks. Seek and ye shall find. Try a Pentecostal church for prayer and laying on of hands. They have alter calls for deliverance.

        1. I know a deliverance preacher in either Florida or Ohio not sure where he is now. He has gifts/supernatural in Jesus name.

    3. Hi Steven,
      My mother, daughter & son have Schizophrenia, so I know about that illness. I feel that Satan attacks those who are mentally impaired & have the DNA of Jesus Christ. You are empathic & feel with your heart. Through the DNA of Jesus, you have his spirit within you. It is never too late to repentvof your sins & to truly repent, it means don’t do that sin again. You are a good person & God loves you very much! If you fall down, try try again. This world is for making mistakes, learning, & growing from them. We can then use that knowledge to help others. I have found that religions were created by man to control us. Spirituality is your relationship with our Father in Heaven & our Savior Jesus Christ . Having a spiritual relationship with our Father is where you need to start. Pray to Heavenly Father with all your heart & soul, on your knees., repent for your sins, forgive yourself, forgive others, bear no malice or hate for anyone, love one another,, feel no guilt, shame, or fear, for our Father in Heaven loves us unconditionally. I love you too. You can do this Steven, it is a lot of work, but the peace, love, & tranquility you feel is amazing . My life has had so many traumatic moments & evil has been after me my entire life. Satan wants to tempt the most beautiful spirits & I believe you are one of us. I feel your pain & know there is a beautiful spirit within you! Rise up & resist the temptation of Satan, don’t let him win! Be strong & stand up tthe truth. Love is the key, as we are all one with our Father, & he loves all of us.

      If you experience bad thoughts, sternly say, “Satan, I command you to leave, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!” Satan or evil has to depart. If you are in need of courage or guidance, pray. You can do this, Steven, our Father in Heaven wants the best for you & is rooting for you, so am I! Lots of Love to you, Steven, I hope this helps you!

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