“Laser” is NOT how Lazer is spelled. But then In Comes The Modern Day Tower of Babel.  Soon there will be no international communication to be had.  All language is changing magically in the minds of the many.  Changing to babble.  Have you read the bible lately.  It seems the scholars were apparently 10 year old who flunked out in Spelling Class.  But I digress, as they say.  If you never click “add to dictionary” when writing on a device then your simply not living.  (joke).   And you may not be mandela affected” either.

Seems the only one who can see the bulbs in the sun by using the reflective side of sunglasses -method is me.  Both my brother and JeffSnyder2 the plasma fire extraordinaire youtuber, neither saw the light bulbs in the sun that I see.  Well Brothers, I am a seer after all that may have something to do with it.  So I wrote an entire article on the sun simulator with pictures and commentary proved by a method of sight that nobody can see other than myself, so far.  That’s okay.  The sun is by far changing.  It’s white hot.  And it now causes glowing clouds or the real sun is now setting in the west behind said glowing clouds.  And perhaps the bible prophecy of the sun going dark already happened we just don’t know it because the smart guys already put up a new fake sun while we were sleeping.

“The sun’s a deadly lazer BUT not any more cause we put up a blanket” says the Beast!

Check out Jeff’s “sun deadly lazer” video on youtube.  JeffSnyder2

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