In The End of Days the Love of Many Shall Wax Cold. Why?

Question Everything  Holy Moses I have been deceived.

What Is Spiritual Love?

Love means-To treat others with care, consideration, and respect regarding ones neighbor as ones self.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  This is the defining ‘Love’ the spiritual kind.

Meet Judas of Greed and Selfishness.

Did Judas really try to hang himself?

Questionable.   If Judas felt that level of remorse he most likely would have had the foresight to know that suicide is a threat to one’s eternal life and soul.  The story is a contradiction of behaviors.  A man so pained due to his friends betrayal goes to the field to commit an even worse sin?  I don’t buy it.  There MUST be more to this story…because anyone who betrays unto death, a friend then feels extreme guilt would try to make amends to that friend first.  That is human nature.

Not just jump on a tree and wrap a rope around his neck.  No.  Anyone who is willing to hang themselves from a rope has deep emotional problems that have nothing to do with just one action in their life.  Judas was obviously very sick if he hung himself.  He was probably murdered.  Who knows.

What Love is Not

Yes often people confuse passion, desire, fondness, dependency, lust, and physical fulfillment along with other good feeling emotions calling them “love” when they are actually fleshly desires.

The prophecy of Mathew 24:12 in the Bible means the following imo.  In situations of desperation and in the presence of much evil people no longer show the respect to one another that they would when their social skills are in full swing during times of plenty.  Meaning, we just don’t know people.  Most everyone is wearing a mask of benevolence.  Its fake.  People often behave socially correct and moral due to their on-looking peers.

Ever been in a relationship where the guy puts on his best behavior for even over a year…then after the wedding he turns into a fucking monster?  I have.  Its absolutely baffling how people can put an act on for virtually years on end.  Then shit hit the fan and BANG!  The man who you trusted and let into your bank account just stole from his own children and you disappearing into the night.

When shit hits the fan, in times of wanton disaster  & lack you will find out who someone is.  And ninety nine out of a hundred it ain’t pretty.  Every time a disaster hits I have to remind my husband that we are “help mates” and that I am here to work with him not against him.

Sometimes we Whitewash the Behaviors of Those We Want to Love Dearly.

As for my husband I see his selfishness and tell myself “I accept him with his character flaws”.  Its my choice to stay with him.  I have no right to try to change him.  Trying to change anyone is folly.  God is the only one who can change a heart.

If we had no food in the house except a few morsels, I think I know what direction he would go.   I could be wrong but I doubt it.  And even though my husband has shown me respect for over fifteen years…I see his selfish nature when it comes to food.  Men will kill if they are hungry enough.  If a horrible famine hits the cities there will also be horrible behavior especially by men.

Granted my husband would not kill me for food (I hope) but he would easily take my portions.  He has done so for years in times of plenty.

Inevitably, if I buy two canisters of organic ice cream with my own money.  Then I tell him “one for you one for me”.  He will eat my canister anyway.  He has done so nearly every time.  So then how will he behave in a shrill and pressing famine?  I would have to hide my food from him if that happened.

My warning to all – Don’t think you know somebody.  You don’t know them until they are desperate and afraid.  People are actors with masks on.  Its the way of our programming by TV & education & parental guidance.

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