Why Were We Left Behind?

To Those Left Behind

Seek God with all your might.  He has made this great time so you CAN be delivered, healed and saved.  The great tribulation is designed for the salvation of the many.  So…don’t think God doesn’t Love or want to save you from death. He does.

We tried to tell you about the strong delusion.  We tried to tell you of the Bible changes and other signs and wonders.  We tried to show you what a relationship with The Father is, we tried.  No this isn’t a “I told you so”.  Many still won’t believe the Truth even after the elect are raptured and the innocents are removed from the earth.

If you believe the lie, that it was aliens or some other fake reason then you are still locked into the system of the Beast.

Ask God that you be not deceived.  Ask Him to reveal the Beast System to you.  Ask Him to give you a new heart that can Love.

When will they ever learn, oh when will they ever learn?

Well if I were left behind what would I want to know?  Assuming you thought your were saved and assuming you have said the prayer to be saved..also assuming you never really got to know your Savior.  Furthermore you believed a lie.  What lie?  “same as it ever was….same as it ever was….this isn’t my beautiful house…” okay ya that’s the song.  The Mandela Effect…you couldn’t believe the many people who told you “things are changing supernaturally”.  You didn’t know that the “abomination of desecration” happened to the only Holy Bible we had…THE KJV.  So you believed the lies from the new gospel, the new Jesus and the debaucherous scriptures that appeared in that book supernaturally.  Now the book can lead men greatly astray.  No longer can you count on the book for Truth.  It has fallen to evil.

Guessing at various reasons to be left behind.

#1 Carnal programmed reactions to FEAR.  We fear God so we hide from Him compartmentalizing the relationship and only showing Him part of us.  We do this by default we are programmed to miss God.  The programming of the beast system must be overcome by Truth and by necessity/need/desperation which causes us to get real before God.  Hence The Great Tribulation.

#2 “Once saved always saved” the other big comfort lie.  ‘No worries.. just copy and paste this prayer and your in!’ You have been indoctrinated into a system of education that spilled over into your spiritual perceptions.  You have not thought logically about your Creator.  Perhaps you treated Him as if He were some friend whom you can manipulate and lie to.  Most likely you were unable to take off the mask when speaking with Him.  I want to say “Its not your fault!  You were formed by the beast system and brainwashed into evading Father rather than going through the painful process of allowing Him to change you.”  We had to learn to follow our heart over the status quo.  Many are called, few are chosen.

Believing the lies you were taught, most likely you neglected a pure and respectful relationship that is ongoing with The Father and Jesus the Son because you didn’t do the footwork of ongoing communing with Him.  We have to make ourselves vulnerable and get real with Father or Him to do His work in us.  We must walk through the fear and be utterly Truthful.

Most likely you believed the preachers.  You thought you were in college applying for a grant rather than working on a relationship to get to know the Most High God of the Earth.  Am I getting close?  God is not stupid, he knows when He is being lied to.

#3 You Forgot what a True Relationship Is

So, so many of you who assumed you were “saved” are now finding yourselves in a place and time you do not recognize as your own.  Where are the innocents?  Where are my teachers?  Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing?

How to get Saved in the Great Tribulation

STOP making excuses and STOP lying to your own head.  Get real with God now.

I don’t trust you.

I don’t know you.

I don’t feel worthy.

I am ashamed.

I have commited sin my life long.

I am afraid I am losing something.

Maybe I do want to go to hell and continue in sin.

Realizing all these truths about one’s relationship with the Father, now its time to ask Him for the things He knows you need.  Don’t ask for what you want.  Ask for what His wisdom would give you.

Quit saying/praying what you think He wants to hear.  PRAY TRUTH use respect…the process of change is long and hard but I suppose in end times that process will change dramatically from what I have been taken through as being The Clay in The Potter’s Hands.

The Bible KJV is a mess of new doctrine and precepts that are NOT of God whatsoever.  So unless you yourself can tell the lies in it from the few truths I see no reason to study it anymore.  I do not know if God will send His Holy Spirit in these end times…I just don’t know.

HELP OTHERS DO NO HARM and pray without ceasing.

And WHEN shall the end of the age be?   Fear not….if you seek The Father & Jesus with ALL your heart mind and soul, with all your might…you shall find Him on the Last Day.

Father has taken from the Earth His Bimba (Beemba) which is His divine presence.  His presence is that which was with all of mankind from the beginning YET the sons of men took it for granted.  They sought not their Creator. The numbers of men sought not with mighty and endless fervor to fellowship with Jesus.

The divine presence has been taken from the Earth and this is why you all feel so lost and horrible.  Those, some who have volunteered to stay for the lost sheep do have the Holy Spirit and have kept the divine presence within them. Hear them.

The time of misery will be short but seem long.  3 1/2 years you must endure to be saved.

Read the rest of this website for information on what took place before the rapture of the Bride and the rapture also of the 144 who would have stayed yet their hearts cried to go home.  The 144 would have stayed to witness to the lost sheep however….their heart cried aloud to Father and Father said “NO”.

No He said, my elect are coming home to me.  The sheep who are lost and the unwise virgins with have the ministering by those who hold the word of God in their heart.  But they will be replicas and not the original souls and people of men.

God has made a way for you to hear His true words even though the famine of Amos 8:11-15 is upon you and God’s divine presence is gone from the Earth.

Seek those who are hated among men because of Truth.  Seek those who speak of the Bible changes and the dividing of time.  Seek those who quote the Bible from their heart and follow them unto the ends of the earth.  Serve them even.  Treat all men justly.

Get real with God or die.  Find yourselves or die.  If you cannot see yourself in a truth light how will you see Father?

If you cannot see that you are naked and blind how will you be awakened and filled?

Stretch your mind and heart.  Follow NOT the majority.  Wide and spacious is the path to destruction and many are on the road to it.


“For we are Legion, for we are many.”

Truth in plain sight.

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