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Dreams & Visions Thread 2019

OBMA Serpent

Another OBMA Dream

Dream 8-16-201
Obama Brown Serpent
Obama had a white Son with a stomach appendage like in the strain.  I was trying to get close to Obama to get info about his plans.  He was again in a position of great authority.  HIs son used the appendage to tickle stomach with something unatural like the strain that comes out of their stomach and they feed with it.
I spoke to him in a language it scared him and he said “who taught you that” the phrase “El Condor De Noche” but I spoke it in yet another language in the dream that I cannot write. Then I interpreted it in the dream “the dark night is in you” and “you are of the dark night” and “the dark night predictor is in you”


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Disaster Prediction Thread. Will be Breaking News SOON

Since these predictions are coming in fast I am going to make this page a thread.  With most recent being at the top of this page.

Prediction for 31st of August or 1st of September.

Today is 8-18-2019

In two weeks there will be a disaster in Dubai involving boats.  It will incur 2,000 fatalities or Injuries.  I see the red sky, and boats, perhaps this means at sunset in two weeks.

This is a wrath of God event.  The scripture given is Obadiah.  The confirmation was the Mariners on that same page next to Obadiah.

Obadiah 15

The verse that impressed is “For the day of the Lord is near upon all the heathen.  As thou hast done unto others so shall it be done to thee.  shed.

Obadiah 3

The pride of thine heart has deceived thee.  Those who dwell in the high rocky places who say in their heart “who can bring us down?  Though thou exalt thyself s the eagle and ye make your home among the stars, ye shall be brought very low saith The Lord.



We got this in Mozambique which aligns with end time prophecy of the days.  “When they say Peace, Peace, then strong destruction shall come”

Mozambique peace-accord signing featured Civilization IV’s theme song

These are not far off predictions.  They are fulfilling hard and fast.

The Mozambique disaster just received.  Jazweeh says:  “It is related to the visit in September of the Pope while the people will worship Him overtly this is UNACCEPTABLE to God when they put the pontiff above Jesus Himself.  God help these people.

Also she has an inkling something may happen at the Frampton, Barcelona concert trip

The visit will be on September 5-6 so I assume the disaster will come to term around that time.

I have complete confidence in this prediction as Jazweeh has made a huge breakthrough and has had 2.5 predictions come to pass this week.  She experienced a type of deliverance during meditation from a block that was covertly installed in her mind by the beast system as a child. (weather in flesh or spirit or both I do not know).

She saw the block removed like a test tube of light taken from her brain in spirit.

At that time her spirit guide (spirit guide meaning one of the “just men made perfect” as spoken of by Paul.   If this scripture even still exists in the KJV) the guide let her know that now her visions would be much clearer and more often.  All those in Christ in the end times are being upgraded greatly both spiritually and physically.  We all are if we take time with Father to listen and learn.

Papal visit a reason for Mozambique to rejoice, priest says

Maputo, Mozambique, Aug 10, 2019 / 06:01 am (CNA).- Pope Francis’ visit to Mozambique Sept. 5-6 will be a moment of rejoicing for Catholics in that country, who greatly look forward to the encounter, …


Barcelona Spain Disaster Pending posted 08-14-2019 at 7:54 EST

Well come to find out much of Europe is burning this week.  Well we had no idea.  Jazweeh has stated the next current disaster will occur in Mozambique.  Mozambique, officially the Republic of Mozambique is a country in Southeast Africa bordered by the Indian Ocean.  As of Yet we do not know for sure what that disaster will be but Jazweeh says it feels like a plane crash due to some heat or water or both, related incident.  This prediction came in at 3:54 pm est.  We are still looking for the Barcelona incident to occur as fires dance all around it in Greece, Canary Islands, Portugal, Mardrid, Southern Europe and even Japan are suffering from heat waves.  While YT channel 2030 claims we are in a solar minimum ice age…WTH?  Really?  I tell you this, I have lived in Florida most my life and have NEVER felt heat like this summer before.  So that whole “solar minimum” status I question greatly.  We always knew first apocalypse was the flood next one fire.

Update: 9:21 PM. still 8:14.

The word has come to Jazweeh.  “Barcelona Burns and the man in purple majesty dies”.

I think this means death by fire for someone of high influence maybe even royalty.

Really I don’t know WHAT is going to happen in Barcelona, Spain….Jazweeh got the word Barracuda first but morphed in her mind into Barcelona which may have been a mix up.   There is a disaster coming in the next 12-24 hours to Barcelona Spain.  This is an end times wrath of God event.  Jazweeh will have more info after prayer time to be posted tonight.

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Mandela Effected Light Serpent Well Water Does Not Heat In Frying Pan

I have been cooking for years and never seen anything like this living water phenomenon so I recorded it in video.  Literal Ouroborous caught in still shot of video.  I was not looking for anything in the water.  I just wanted to film that it appears encapsulated in a metallic substance and not heating up in frying pan.

Click photos to enlarge.  Taken with Galaxy 5 Samsung.  Well water in Hot frying pan won’t heat up.

Rude Cursed Trains Cause Undo Noise Pollution

Article Written by Venomous gain inoculators. 


I submit to you by leading of The Holy Spirit and common god-sense that sounds in nature are both healing and relaxing.  And below is a link about studies that prove the theory.  I especially like the many loud beetle type creatures that send out frequencies in the morning at sunrise in Florida woods.

Ever notice the odd feeling of loneliness and even hopelessness when a LOUD-ASS train goes down the tracks 20 to even 50 miles away and you can hear their lonely tone.


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End Times Bible Prophecy Simple Form

Numbered list is borrowed from This is a practical easy to read guide to end times signs.  But let’s not forget the Abyss opening and the Locust from the pit ascending.  Along with end times signs and wonders & deceptive signs & deceiving miracles by the son of Satan.  Mark of the beast of which no one can buy or sell, a great falling away from The Church,

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Many are Called but Few are Chosen

Why?  Why are many called but few chosen?

Well….the “chosen” come out of great tribulation in this life.  They are overcomers.

The majority of Christians and non Christians alike for that matter would not know a 144 chosen of God even if they were pointed out and defined for them.  Why?  Because church and status quo has bent the minds of the masses and set their brains on edge.

1Pe 2:9

“But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should show forth the praises of Him who hath called you out of darkness into his glorious light”.

The “called” have the same beginning tribulations and the same opportunities as the chosen but take a different path than the chosen.  The chosen, when buried in great perplexity seek God diligently, they put their faith in God heavily seeking relentlessly for deliverance by Him and they put their confidences in some carnal helps and resources.

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Precepts of The Un-Holy Bible. Love your Neighbor & Hate your Family


“If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.”

Wait a minute!  This 100 year old bible of grandpa’s that has changed on the shelves DID NOT SAY TO “HATE” ANYBODY but NOW it does.  CAn you say “New Gospel”?

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Prophecy: Macron Setting up a European Army of Ten Countries. A Ten Horned Beast?

Is Bible Prophecy being fulfilled by Turkey & France?

I was updating my political insight about the Turkey end time wrath of God even prediction and found this compelling prophecy video about end times prophecy fulfillment and educational info.

If this is your video and you object to this post please email Jazweeh at  Personally I think Macron is a better candidate for antichrist but I have more to learn on the topic than this highly educated preacher newsman.

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