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Counterfeit Dreams

Do not sign any shady contracts or any written contracts in your dreams.  I got a warning of these contract dreams by a YT Woman who has the gift of dream interpretations and receives many dreams.  If you want to know her channel email admin@jazweeh.com.

Jazweeh had a dream that she was with a friend she felt very comfortable with.  They were planning Jazweeh’s rapture.  The woman apparently was sent from Heaven to take the place of Jazweeh, as Jazweeh so she could go home.

Who are the 144?

The 144 are not the bride.  The bride will also be transfigured (raptured).

Jazweeh is 144 and the 144 come from Heaven and were with God from the beginning.


Anyway the woman in the dream had volunteered to take her place on Earth.  She was going over some papers of Jazweeh’s belief systems while on Earth.    The papers were as school papers graded with red X’s.  Or perhaps, the woman herself was adding the red X’s to Jazweeh’s list of beliefs.

Oddly and very “matter of fact” like, the woman said to Jazweeh as they sat together on a big fluffy comfortable bed.  “Oh this has to go” she said as she peered onto the paper with one big red X.

The Sufferings of Jesus.  Jesus was a man who had sorrows.  and His 144

They sat happy and joyous without a care.  Jazweeh trusted the woman as if she was a long time friend.  A friend who, right now….Jazweeh cannot claim not one in waking hours.  Partly because she likes being a loner and partly because there just is not anyone in the world she has ever met that she can truly relate to.  This is the plight of those who know and Love Jesus and the things not of this world.  Granted her two faced sister would listen to Jazweeh through the years but usually didn’t miss an opportunity to use Jazweeh’s truth against her.

Now the sister and Jazweeh have parted ways as the goats are now & forever separate from the sheep.

Even Jazweeh’s best long time friend has recently rejected her heart and the things she Loves as being “negative and annoying”.  Her trusted only friend is a goat who doesn’t miss a change to mock her…and she laughs it off.

According to those she Loves she is off the chain, gone too far, in wackadoodle land.  It sucks but that’s just the way of it for those of the 144 and probably also The True Bride of Jesus if such a group exists.  This is the suffering of Jesus.  He was on the cross for only a few hours.  His grief was to go through human life never being validated or understood by even his apostles. And to watch unbelievers walk to their destruction making their choices is hard.

Are we Not to Share in the Sufferings of Jesus?

Perhaps he handled watching blind men much better than Jazweeh.  She spent most her life trying to show people great Truth, and now that the end is near. She has finally accepted that to be 144 is to be blessed above many and to share in the loneliness of Jesus their Breathren, their Breath.

To be a prophet is to be alone

“A Prophet is never respected in his own country” and though she is not a prophet The Truth she is given is rejected by many/most.  But how would they see unless they are shown?  And how would they be shown unless they seek with their whole heart as Jazweeh has?  Jazweeh says the only ones who have ever come close to accepting even the simple milk of The Wordsss of Jesus from her are those who God has clearly prepared their hearts.  Those who were broken.  They listened in the time of her testimony.

Hopefully the fruit of old, of her first ministry to strippers, rejected, abused, down trodden, will and has produced fruit.  But as for the deeper things of God she shares them on this website hoping the right people will stumble upon the words by leading of The Holy Spirit of God.  And also many things cannot yet be shared.

Well there is a fine line between grief and self pity.  Do not allow your human grief to be labelled as a character flaw, do not allow it no matter what the origin is.  What is small to some is big to others, let them grieve their own hearts pain if they can.  Your grief is not under their yard stick.  Push the gaslighters into a proper perspective.  If you choose a person to be in your life then also accept their views as being their own.

We no longer allow the beast to demoralize us.  We recognize the beast.

The Dream Deception

So They are on the bed and the woman says “this has to go”.  Jazweeh pulls up beside her with glasses upon glasses over her eyes but she cannot see what the paper says that the woman says “has to go”.

The woman say to her “The Virgin Birth, the red X is on the Virgin birth of Jesus, it has to go.”

Jazweeh has like ten pairs of glasses she is fumbling with in the dream.  She cannot see the paper.  One pair of glasses just blurrs her eyes all together.  Its weird.  Jazweeh doesn’t sign ANYTHING nor does she deny or confirm what the women is alleging.  Now she wakes up.

“I follow God Himself not doctrine!”  Screams Jazweeh in hind sight.

Read Passover blood on the post to understand the blood of Jesus.  The armor of God is for protection.  The blood is for God’s Spirit of death to pass by.  These are two separate lessons of importance.

The armor of God MUST be utilized by His warriors and is.

Father what does the Dream Mean?

We have all been lied to by the church she considers that maybe the virgin birth is a lie and that Jesus came by some other means.  She prays.

She confirms that the voice she now is hearing about the dream serves God the Father Creator of Heaven and Earth whose Son is Jesus.  The angel tells her that The virgin birth is one of the great foundational beliefs of faith that precede a relationship with Jesus.

The angel says that the belief in the supernatural birth is a sort of prerequisite to a full faith in Jesus.  She had not known its importance that lie in some doctrinal truths.  Its not a salvation issue BUT if Satan can ebb away at one of the great faith beliefs like the virgin birth he can perhaps slip in on us more unbelief.  That was the goal of the evil dream.

Do not sign anything in any dream.  This is the warning.

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