Beast System Religiosity and Evil

Seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened unto you.

Big religion is owned by the beast and there are millions who have said the right copy & paste salvation recipe words hoping they will pass the spiritual class and get an “A” in spirituality because they mimicked and memorized just like in school indoctrinations.

Problem is many of them have never actually sought God The Father or Jesus with their WHOLE HEART one on One.  They have never hungered and thirsted after righteousness so they could be filled.   And they surely never took time in meditation…oh no! That would be evil, to just get quiet and listen to God.  REALLY?   Sure meditation is an invitation straight to hell right?  Even if you pray first.  Don’t open that third eye….you might learn something from God Himself.

The Beast knows that meditation is easily one of the most powerful spiritual tools a Christian has.  Meditation accommodates The Holy Spirit Himself who teaches a man one on One.  How will you hear if you can’t even quiet your own mind.

How to Meditate In Jesus The Christ

First pray for protection and that God will help you to know Him and meditation in Him.  Meditation is self control.   The action of getting quiet and focusing on a mantra such as “The Lord’s Prayer” in original form, saying it over and over trains your mind to focus on only one thing.   Focus on one thing instead of your mind running too and fro in chaos.  The mind must be trained like any other part of the body…or is that BAD?  Think physical work out and equate meditation to that if you need to.

Now, memorize The Lord’s Prayer if you haven’t already.  Picture in your mind every sentence of the Prayer.  “Our Father who art in Heaven”  picture this.  You see The Father on His throne in Heaven.  Then move onto the next sentence and picture it.   Hallowed be they name…Blessed be thy name picture it.

Your Mind will Interrupt your Meditaatio for Emotional Needs of Processing

Journal, journal, write, write, write, when memories pop up w/deep emotions attached.  Due to uncried tears and unstated Truth of heart the body is sickened by the repression of the hearts deepest pains and truths.  We must have a healthy outlet of expression.

Your mind will try to run from being still…it will run to things that happened during your day, it will run to the past, far far in the past.   If you have not had a good listener or therapist you will need to process and write down any/all emotionally charged hurtful or taxing, anger events that you have recently or long ago experienced.  All your emotional issues will reveal themselves to you during years of meditation.  The deepest cuts will come out last, it could take seven years to work through all of your pains if you have been repressed into believing you must keep your feelings to yourself and if your were told that crying tears isn’t a healthy emotion.   Crying is a necessity of emotional health that should never be repressed but it can be delayed until in a safe place.  Empathy is healing.  Be around people who empathize with you.

Recurring memories signal emotional trauma.  Write write write down your feelings like this:  “What happened, and how it made me feel.”  Use real feeling words like shame and fear, guilt and hurt, anger, and rage.   Do not use slang terms when describing your feelings, that do not describe what your hearts voice is saying to you. LIsten to your hearts voice.  Above all things your heart needs to be heard by you and by others who will relate and understand.  We don’t always get relating, especially if you understand the supernatural.  People have a hard time believing what they cannot see.

THE BEAST SYSTEM HAS MONETIZED HEALTHY EMOTIONAL PROCESSES.  HOW?  By shaming mankind fore the human condition such as fear and hurt.  And then once repressed and emotionally sick it takes a therapist to unlearn the sick emotional processes of repression that the beast system has programmed us with.  Therefore The Beast System has monitized and put a price on healthy emotional processes that our parents and the TV & peers, and teachers taught us to SHUT DOWN at a young impressionable age.  At which time we discovered we were both “wrong & bad” and must wear a mask from here on out.  right?

Meditation will teach you this, in conjunction with a good empathic therapist you could reprogram into healthy relationships with yourself and others.  But it takes work.  You are responsible for your own feelings.  Go to and .net for more on emotional sobriety.


Meditation is a powerful tool therefore the beast system religions call it “evil”.  The Hindu’s have meditation but they don’t have Jesus.  The Catholics have purgatory but they make the pope a god.  You must take what is good from all religions and leave the garbage behind.

And not only do they call meditation evil but they make it one of the worst evils you can commit.  After all, see those new age people and the bad HIndu’s they do meditation so it can’t be good.(sarcasm)

Is there not enough evil in the world without pasting the “evil” stamp on things that are spiritually beneficial?

What else do they stamp evil?   How about being psychic?  Or other supernatural gifts that your born with?  Wellll….if you label it “prophecy” its okay but take the same thing and put a “divination” stamp on it and you got …wait for it….”EVIL” BY GOD!

I have news for you people, forget everything those beast worshippers have told you and start over with.


WHAT????  OH no she di-ent!  That’s right EVIL IS AS EVIL DOES.  oh no but!!!!! Jesus allegedly said “if you have thought it you did it”.

I call bullshit on that line of print!!!  bullshit!!  What is temptations anyway?   If just thinking gets you condemnation?  Jesus was a human being born of a woman.  I wonder what some of His thoughts were.  Do you think He may have thought about eating the bread that Satan offered Him in the wilderness temptation?  Do you think Jesus may have played it through?

NO thoughts are NOT actions.  Actions are good or evil thoughts can be temptation doing and thinking are two different things so why would Jesus have even said that?   Maybe he said it for Mr. Perfect who has never commited a sin in his life to let him know that he also needs Jesus because of His thoughts.  No wait…”there is none perfect no not one, there is none goood no not one.”  So this hypothetical person doesn’t exist.

Maybe Jesus said it ….wait there is no good reason for that scripture that I can see.  The beast system wants us to hate ourselves.  But we are children of God The Most High.  We are royalty not swine.  Rejoice in The Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart.  God changes us by a process and it takes time.  Granted he delivers us from some things out right.  But other human flaws, sins, and error are a process to shed.

If your a baby Christian in this end time generation just hang in there…your a different breed of Christian and Father may very well amp up your process because the time is short.  Trust your heart.  Evil is as evil does.  Help others do not harm.  Do not allow them to call your good works evil.  Depart from them.  Your heart is your conscious.  And The HOly Spirit is your teacher.  Worship God.  Pray without ceasing.  To believe in the supernatural is to be ALONE.  Not always…maybe your wife or husband can also see the end times signs and wonders appearing all around us.  If so consider yourself fortunate because most of us are surrounded by unbelief.

Just to have kind people around us will have to suffice for now.  The elect/144 thousand are spread across the earth for their own protection they are rarely if ever grouped together.


So what is it to call a belief evil even after The Holy Spirit gives me a vision of that belief and a confirmation?  Guess what folks, The Bible is corrupt we absolutely can no longer look to the book for Truth.  We must test all the Truths we learned prior to the Bible changes and test every other idea and belief.  Does it do harm?  Does it deny Jesus?  Or does it just deny beliefs of beast system religiosity?

I say each religion has its truth and its lies.  Its all mixed in and mixed up and if you are not literally “In Jesus” you will not know which way is up spiritually.  We must follow our heart but also our heart must be purified by Jesus and The Holy Spirit.  Nobody poured any blood on me when I was delivered from all kinds of bondage.  NObody pour blood on me when I was healed miraculously, but I did get a large dose of The Holy Spirit so to me “The Blood of Jesus” is figurative not literal.  I don’t preach “The Blood” because Jesus died for me that my sins are forgiven.  The final sacrifice.

That whole blood thing I question and am not comfortable with.  It reminds me of Satan worship.  Are they not the ones who drink blood and bath in it?  I asked Jesus about the blood and He said its figurative.  So that’s what I am going with.

And what about these scriptures we now see of washing clothes in blood?  “Bloody Vesture” sorry that’s new to me.  When I read the KJVB I was schooled to look up EVERY new word.  Granted I may have let a few words slip the dictionary but “vesture” was not one of them.  Especially since I have read the N.T. over 100 times approximately.  And now suddenly the word “bloody vesture” has popped in supernaturally.

What is this, is Jesus’ blood some kind of new laundry soap that we pour all over the place. What happens to blood when it spills on clothing? Not a pretty picture is it?  Looks more like something out of a horror movie doesn’t it?  Or do we just keep sleeping and accept everything the beast system’s religion teaches us like good blind sheep would.  And like I said……I saw no blood when I was saved and delivered and healed.  Had Jesus not been stabbed by the Roman with the sword He still would have died as the final sacrifice for sin.


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