Signs & Wonders Is Hell Real? Bible Changes. Patience of the Saints.

Short answer—YES.    But Hell is not like the preacher presents it AT ALL.   The Patience of The Saints

Hell is much like Earth with it’s comings and goings and people.

In this article by Jazweeh are analogies of Heaven & Hell.  They are informed spiritual theories not “thus sayeth The Lord”.  None of the predictions on any of my sites are ‘thus sayeth the Lord’. Rather writings are based on my many years of seeking out the things of God and becoming the clay in His hands.

I am Jazweeh.  Jesus has formed me into a scribe of God, an intercessor, a child of God and a Warrior of God.   The man/child is not an easy balance to keep without God’s help.  The Revelation 12 woman are the intercessors of God on Earth.  They now as never before/never before give an announcement of His soon return.

What The Spirit Does Say to the Children of God

When the intercessors of God stop intercessions for the salvation of souls and start announcing in the Spirit realms by The Holy Spirit of His soon RETURN, Look up!  Our salvation draws very near.

Most People Don’t Want to Know Their Own Heart.

People paint a picture of who they are and they deceive themselves.  They prefer their lies of deep emotional protection.  God understands this human survival skill.   God is not without mercy plus He sent Jesus, God knows what it’s like to be human and to suffer greatly.

We Are All Here to Make a Choice

People who go to Hell go there because they choose Hell by Faith in whatever it is that they put as their god.  Knowingly or unknowingly they chose darkness over light and are more comfortable in darkness than in seeking out God’s light.  Hell is a place of awareness and all manner of debauchery & deception.

Hell supplies Drugs, sex, punishment, reward, church time, horrors, lusts, a false cycle of penitence, the seven deadly sins and on and on similar to Earth itself but without the life of nature and the presence of God.  We have the indwelling gift of the divine presence of God.   I fear the back scene will delete that divine presence in men.  But that is another matter entirely.  The deeper one goes in Hell the worse it is.  There are creature there both demonic and monstrous causing men to tremble and scream.  Fear is rampant in Hell.

Men (mankind) set up their own homes in Hell while on earth by Faith.

“Each man is given a measure of Faith.”  Where he puts that Faith is the issue of spirituality.

“Faith & Hope remain, these two are eternal-everlasting gifts”.    2nd Corinthians 13  “The greatest eternal spiritual gift is Love.”

Love is a magic key that opens the door to God.  Jesus is The Truth, The Life, and The Way—-to God Himself.  Seek Jesus by His name and you shall find God’s Love for you.  “God is Love.”  “God is Spirit.”

Why do we need Jesus?  “Rejoice in The Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart”.   

We need God so as to become the clay in His hands.  Jesus said “I come for the sick for the well do not need a physician”.   Jesus came for us who need Him.

“All have sinned and fallen short of God’s will.”  Fear not all deserve and are privy to forgiveness by God.

“Where a man’s heart is there shall his treasure be also.”

Faith in for instance ‘The Bible itself’.  What if your faith were in the book itself to the point of Bible worship.  Making the bible the ultimate authority in one’s life is a dangerous prospect erroneous at best.  The Bible is by far the absolute worst idol that Christians not only honor it’s words as being, every one anointed by God.  But they also call the book by one of God’s names—“The Word of God”.

THE BIBLE IS NOT AND NEVER WAS “The anointed Word of God.”   The Bible had in it directions to point to God by seeking in prayer God’s will for one’s life.

The Bible was God’s inspired words written by his children called to that honor.   Great scholars of old who revered God and knew well the brilliance & articulate application of the English language.   John 1 told us that JESUS and only JESUS is The Word of God.  God’s Word became flesh and dwelt among us.

How to See the Supernatural & Vile Bible Changes

The book is now far from articulate for those Christians who find it “Holy” still.  These Christians would say about Luke 14:26 for instance.

“Hate” doesn’t mean Hate.”  They would have to say.

For the Bible worshipper, the word “Hate” in Luke 14:2 allegedly stated by Jesus would have to mean something else.  Something good, to make their Holy Bible remain “holy”.


Luke 14:2

If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my, disciple.”

Please, please, if this angers you…I apologize.  But this is not a one time bible change.  The changes are not only on going, but they are in the thousands upon thousands of vile changes.  See the website  The author of that site became so overwhelmed by the vile changes that she just quit cataloging them.

She said at this point it would be easier to catalogue the few truths left in the bible rather than pointing out the many many changes.

When the book is taken at face value to what English really means today, then you will see the wolf speaking in the once holy place.  Just use the dictionary instead of preconceived notions of holiness its that easy.

instead of in God who once inspired writers to pen the book.  Just as the Israelites worshipped the serpent on the staff, so too do many men worship doctrine.  And in doctrine do they put their Faith.  And so the bible is their God.  Well in Hell they would serve that god.  And probably be quite content doing so.  Though the dark atmosphere for us would be disgusting, for them it will be one with their heart.  God looks upon the heart.  They will serve the book in all it’s dark glorious deceptions.

They prefer the lie.

Not All of Mankind See the Prophesies of Jesus Rolling Out One After Another.

This does not mean a man is doomed to Hell.  We all choose our eternal homes.  Everyone has a choice.  God has made clear that He is not an evil punisher of deeds.  He set in place Karma that is consequences of our actions.  He set in place our consciences that is our restrainer of evil.  When a man experiences guilt, shame, remorse for evil deeds he tends to remember it.  Or he numbs his conscience and makes it dull by repeatedly overstepping into the dark side.  He opens doors to hell that invite worse demonic influences.   God’s elect can attest to this.  We have played the prodigal son. We know what great and deep remorse can do to a man.  This is why I set up the recovery websites “” & “”.  These links are here to help men process the wreckage of their past.  I do these steps when needed to clear my heart of the stench of remorse & guilt.  We MUST simply MUST confess our sins to both God & a trust brother.  A Priest if necessary.  You can go to a confessional and confess to a man who will never see you again.  But the words must be “I did this and I was wrong” without any excuses following your confession.  If you justify your actions of sin it’s not a confession in the truest form.


What are the choices?  I hypothesize by spiritual awareness that there are several eternal homes.

#1 Hell the place where those go who have no respect for Earth and mankind.  They would wrong & steal a man’s life and have no regret.  They would take the food and homes of the innocent without remorse.  They know not that they stomp on God’s children.  They say “Ha! Where is your God now?”   While they slit the throat of millions of innocents.  Some will be punished in Hell.  God’s wrath is reserved for the very wicked.  God will no longer tolerate His innocent to be mocked and rattled by lies.  God is done with allowing them all choices.   The choosing is finished.


While ye still have breath you have the ability to repent of your heart supplies the authenticity to do so.  Repentance is a gift not to be wasted or ignored.  It’s a heart condition from God that will at some point be non existent.  Don’t waste it when it calls.

There is no Fear in Heaven Because Fear is a Lie

Fear is part of the human condition that we would do well to present our fears to God daily so He transforms them into blessings.

#2 Heaven to dwell close to God The Creator weather 1st Heaven or 3rd Heaven and so on.

#3 Stasis is a temporary form of spiritual sleep A Paradise a Home to Dwell in while the New Earth is prepared and judgement is waved for a time.  The light of Love is there.

#4 First, Second, or Third Heaven.  Home.  Paradise.  A type of paradise that is real and a great blessed place to be closer to God.

God’s chosen who are active in His works and serve Him will not sleep during the seeding of The New Earth as others will.

“Not all shall sleep but we SHALL ALL BE CHANGED.”  The elect have endured their great and final trial.  The trials of fire are times when we suffer and wonder “where is God, does He not Love me, am I wrong about my beliefs in Him?”   The elect have endured a great fiery trial.  Eight have turned and given up the fight.  They are still saved they just have had enough of fighting and chose instead sleep & paradise.  We do not blame them a bit.  But until they fell the trial of fire raged.  I suppose God left a space, a kind of template for 8 to step into.   The elect are not better or sin free, they are not nuns or priest persay.  They could be anybody on Earth.  Jesus said we would be surprised at who is in Heaven and who isn’t in Heaven when He comes.

Jesus won’t return for judgement until the 1,000 years of peace on The New Earth is finished and prepared for the meek who sleep.

The 144,000 & Those who go before the throne

So that makes the elect worker bees.  The key to their personality is that the became the clay in God’s hands and they know what it is to serve Him and they know the Prodigal walk of pain.  They know God and He knows them well.  They hide nothing from God.  So it’s not that they are oh so good but rather it’s that they desire above all things to be close to Him and to serve Him. To be elect is a heart condition.

The Meek shall inherit The Earth

The Meek shall inherit The Earth and it will be it’s own paradise.   Just as it was in the days of early Adam & Eve stories when mankind did not know evil from good.  The meek, whoever they are, they are many. They are simple and have goodness in their hearts.  They are of no religion.  They could be anybody, for God looks upon the heart.    For instance, I saw my own Dad as being one of the meek who inherit the Earth.  God took his most happy times of life and magnified them into a place of paradise for him.  His own personal Heaven.  I am not certain if this was his place on the New Earth or if it was his sleep time stasis paradise or both.  But he knew no evil.  NO such thing as evil.  Perfect balance was restored to the great Earth.

He was young, vibrant, encouraged by his job that he loved.  He was all healthy, no tears, no bad memories.  In the dream I wanted him to know what was real.  I wanted him to have knowledge of the great and mighty wonders of God that I have so relentlessly sought out myself.

But it is not for me to choose.  I will know my own breathren in time & out of time.  God assures me I will Love my breathren and they will be like me, like you.  If your on this sight I am sure God lead you here.  There is no search engine ads or search results except for you to be lead here.

And so We Wait

Songs of Solomon is to wait, I say wait upon The Lord.  He is returning just as He said He would!  We wait with honor and patience because He chose us to be His children.  And so He said “Wait, I say wait upon The Lord”.

Embrace the love of God He is worth waiting for above anything we have waited for in life.  Be not discouraged for He shall strengthen you.  He shall lift you up with His mighty hand.  He shall tell the world that you are His.

Every knee SHALL bow every tongue confess that Jesus is The Christ & Lord of all.

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  1. Beautiful work, and powerful confirmation for me .

    I had a vision of heaven and earth being ceremonially joined. We were all wearing white , or a coral color. Our attire was hooded robes, to shirts and pants. We were all 33 yrs old. Idk why 33, but i do know the #’s are Fathers first, and stolen.

    Now the changes are for a purpose sister. You are correct about it. And you are on point with hell being like here in earth. Because it is here in earth. It is 100 satans. If it weren’t his, he could have never offered it to jesus in the wilderness. And take a look no further than the cryptoids to see the creatures of hell. Not to mention the sacrifices and control system that is pure evil.

    The bible is the book of evil with our Fathers message to us in it. Satan would not change his own bible. In his realm, or any other thing to make us notice that he was playing Father. All abrahamic religions are worshipping the saturn cube /lilith of the first woman story. Our mother, the comforter , the one you can’t blaspheme is the hidden creator Holy Spirit. Father is the light, we are all the sons and daughters of our parents image. We are mini creators.

    The lion of judah was the first generation, the tribe of Benjamin is the last generation as the wolf.

    The wolf and the lamb shall lay together
    The lions time is over. The lion and the wolf have been given to us in a misrepresented manner to keep their lion faced god in power. Malek whos #is always 7. The names change, the # is constant.

    Thank you
    Phil Krieg

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