An Untested, Unvaccinated Sixty Two Year Old’s Fight With the Deadly Malady of not being able to breath right.  Causing heart strain and more.

by Angry Jane

The Fear of God is the Beginning of Wisdom

“Be not wise in your own eyes”.  This means watch lest ye fall into diverse temptations.  I thought I was above fear and so fear was able to deceive me for a time.

Fear is the strength of the CV By-Russ (code).  So much fear programmed into us about it. Fear makes it 10 times worse even with panic attacks.  I feared I could not breath and it triggered an emotional issue from my past.  A fear.  I had some traumatic breathing issues in my 20s during drug abuse.   I was triggered back there in Cocaine trauma paranoia and made a slight breathing obstruction 10 times worse.  More on this later. 

It’s been 10 weeks since I first got sick with flem, weakness, & heart level tired.  I dare not say I am healed after 4-5 horrid relapses.  I am left gun shy of my words.  Meaning I am afraid to say “I am healed”.  Because I said it over and over and over just before I got sick again.

Clearly the fear was far worse than the by-russ itself.  I thought I would die at one point.  I even called my doctor who was fairly useless.   The trial of fire was torturous until I realized what was happening to me.  My condition was exacerbated by fear.  Fear, fear fear porn on every channel TV.  Clearly I watched too much fear porn. 

My false pride touted that I was past all fear and unaffected by the lies of TV.  My false pride and anger had to be recognized & addressed.  God buffeted me during my trial of fire. I have a new found humility that I pray God I can keep.  Balancing act of a warrior & child of God is not one that comes to a man without work on himself.  My character flaws are well in sight.  False pride is my worst flaw & requires on-going awareness.   Careless words are futile and dangerous.  Judging others is also the forerunner of a fall.  Of all these misgivings I have repented vehemently due to fear.

If I am finally healed, (I feel normal & have for about a week). It is God who healed me.  All in all the come and go virus lasted about 10 weeks.  I still get remnant of fear that it will return when I have latent minor flem.  One thing certain the by Russ is not natural.  It’s been genetically enhanced by creating variations of itself.  That’s why so many people say “I thought I was over it but then had more symptoms.”  The first two-three weeks is by far the worst part of it.  I was 50% healed by one of the two witnesses.  I do not know if I would have survived without God’s healing help.

Below are the Chronicles of my on-going illness that for me was a trial of fire.

I have not had panic attacks in 30 years until now.  But all things work together for the good for those who Love God.  God turns all trials into great blessings.  My trial has taught me to rely on God more fully.  When its over I will share what I relearned.

This day I am turning it all over to God.  My many remedies are not working to cure me.  I choose to trust Jesus as He is my healer.  He has shown me this in the past.

“The FIGHT OF MY LIFE”  Chronicles of the Virus?

Had a strange feeling not to drink orange juice seems SARS-CoV-2 needs glycans to ride into your cells.  All these chronicles are true.  Flem did obstruct my breathing.  Panic attacks were the result until I realized what was happening to me.  I thought perhaps God deserted me.


This is a chronicle of fighting off and eventually being healed from a month long malady.  Symptoms-Could not breath at 100% more like 70-75% guessing.  Heart level tired & weak due to lack of oxygen.  Flem from …dare I say it?  Flem from hell.  Flem like glue, relentless and nearly lethal.  These are the symptoms.  Below, before God healed me are the remedies I used to prevent further problems but they were not fully healing me just alleviating symptoms and fending off worse ailments yet I think.

I thought I was healed when I wrote the above.  And perhaps I was but it came back again and again after being over it and over it.

10-24  How do We Rely Wholly on God if We are Not In Desperation?

I don’t want to discourage you but the only cure for this malady if you got the one’s I got is God Himself.  Those who survive will do so because they rely on God. Why??   All things are for a reason for God’s children.

Apparently whatever horrors are coming in the Great Tribulation we need the prerequisite of learning how to seriously and repeatedly stand in the leading of God.  We must hear Him to survive what’s coming.

Or maybe this was just my fight and no one else will share in it.  Perhaps you already know how to rely wholly on God daily.

After 8 weeks of the by Russ I say this.

If you can survive the first wave of the illness then you can survive the next 3-4 waves when they come.   When you can’t breath you simply must go to your prayer closet and cry to God.  In your jerking abdominal gut wrenching cries by fear of death itself God will heal you daily so you can get enough breath for your heart to remain strong.  However after weeks of spitting you will need a sea salt, honey, lemon, (not orange pine extract another source of vitamin C works) & magnesium supplement Ancient Lakes of Sun Warrior liquid Ionic Magnesium.  These are from concentrated sea salts of the natural sources lke dead sea.  Otherwise you may get shaky & weak.

Abdominal heaves help clear the the lungs.  The minute self reliance steps in and takes credit for healing….it seems then I am shown otherwise.

What do I mean?  When being taught to rely on God wholly having a natural cure in my hand tempts me into more self reliance.  Now I fear self reliance because every time I think I found a cure I got sicker.

It’s easy to rely on God when we are desperate.   But how in the name of God do I hold that reliance on God first and foremost when I am not desperate?  How?

Is memory enough of fear of death enough?  It will have to be because God is telling us that in these times we must be desperate for Him daily.

Perhaps we are the martyrs just not in the way we pictured it.

Likely the back sin ate Ed are intermittently shedding whatever the program wants them to shed.  Programmable matter.  Equals a billion typhoid Marys.     And since there are several different types of back scenes patterns of how and why are nearly impossible to identify.


I realized the actual date my sickness started was 8-21 thereabout.  I thought I had it longer.   I am still eating fresh Turmeric.  Herb teas.  Licorice tea and Holy Basil (make basil hot tea fairly weak or use on full stomach it can cause nausea if too strong as any tea can.) And I bought a vaporizer for sleep time.  One of the old vintage 70s brand new glass type.  Works great.  So I will have a boost of steam to sooth my lungs when sleeping starting tonight.  It seems that’s when the virus attacks my fluids drying me out.   And upon awakening I feel yuck.  But all in all I feel much better and am hoping there will be no more “one step forward two steps back” events with this odd sideways illness. My life has returned to 80% normalcy.  But I am still feeling the weakness of what I went through.  Why 80%?  I am still not doing the hard work like digging in the garden or heavy lifting etc.  Not because I can’t but rather because the illness has a half life that will take advantage of any such strain.  I am feeling a magnesium deficiency so mag is the only supplement I have used.  Wifi gives me the same shaky feeling as low mag when I get around it.


Hope this is my final remedy for final phase healing.  Prayer always #1.  I found myself lacking magnesium.  How do I know?  Shaky weak feeling. Kind of a hollow no strength type felling.  So a tonic of lemon, honey, salt (good sea salt) in warm water.  And a tonic of magnesium natural supplement.  I have one such supplement called “CALM”.  To get out in front of the enemy virus take the tonics in the morning.   Hold off on coffee as long as possible.  You don’t want the diuretic effect of coffee spewing your nutrients. Plenty of rest even though I have been sick-ish for 5 weeks.  And the healing is slow but my heart is much stronger and thank God breathing is good.  Still using Turmeric once a day.  Feeling about 70% normal.  Eat right, smoothies natural.  Craving potatoes today.

The Hot tea of the day is Hot Ginger & Calendula with Oat straw & Cinnamon or Star Anise for flavor.  Soothing hot tea is important but not black tea.

9-20-21 Update

My good report—9-20-21  After nearly 4 weeks of an odd breathing lung illness I feel nearly normal today.  I truly have the coveted natural immunity.  If I can overcome this with hot herb teas, steam, frankincense, and Turmeric root at 62 years of age…so then can you.  So keep, keep your identity in God safe.

Let not the words-

“He was no longer perfect in his generations, he took on the dna of the beast by choice.”

Fallen angel technology is upon us.  I tell you a secret.  Had the one of the two witnesses not appeared to me in a vision and given me a partial healing & eventually (I hope) full healing I do not think I would have survived.  But if your reading this that means you too can receive a healing from one of the two witnesses who are now spanning the earth for the chosen few who refuse the dna change.  And who will not bow to the beast.

Learning the Wisdom of Herbs Stolen by Greedy Evil Men

9-20-21  My final herb choices are Lavender.  And Peppermint steam.  Also I took a tonic of Calendula, hot ginger, & simple oat straw tea.  I prayed over it and it was very soothing.  The Lavender herb steam is absolutely yummy.  God’s herbs are such a health blessing that’s uses were stolen from us because they can’t patent nature. Though the law was to protect us from corporate tyranny, it back fired on us as big pharma stoled the wisdom of earth and pushed upon us their toxic poison addictive drugs that do not sooth and comfort the soul.  Quite the opposite.

9-15-21 From here on out as I heal I have found hot licorice root tea to push toxins out and free up my taxed heart for healing. I will drink it 2-3 times daily.  Yesterday I went out cleaned up my solar panels from weeds, found I was much stronger than I supposed.  Upon awakening is when I feel the weakness of my heart.

9-13-21  (this was the end of my sickest time but not a full healing by God rather it was a healing of my lungs so I could breath again.  I was still sick just not very sick)

GOD HEALED ME!  Just like that friends, 20 hours or so after (the story below) a visitation from one of the two witnesses in spirit form and the vision of the healing, God healed me.  Also I began asking for prayer from preachers and churches.   They pray on Sundays, its now Monday morning.

So just like that after A FULL MONTH of not being able to breath right and feeling like my heart is failing I can breath normally and my heart feels better.    I wondered if the sickness would ever end.  And I was absolutely determined to NOT take the you know what scorpion sting.

I shall rest and regain my strength now that I can again breath freely.  Truly we are in the time of the end.

‘The attack on my lungs’- the personal and still ongoing testimony of Angry Jane fighting the vid.   A month & counting  F*U*D*K!


I hope to God I am not writing my own death chronicles.  Not that death itself is unwelcome, for me is a transition unto eternal life.  It’s suffering that I fear, and relentless ongoing physical threat of agony that is taxing me.  For now I am coping.


After all millions in the U.S have taken the stab and are carrying live Sars-CoV-2 DNA & yes shedding is a real thing, see end of article.  Below is a chronological report of my month long fight against (likely) SARS-CoV-2 the virus the many received in the form of genetic material and are spreading to the unvaccinated.


My Holistic and Spiritual Remedies.  I am learning as I go. If they fail me they fail me.  09-12-21

Prayer, lots of prayer.  Request prayer also.  If I don’t get better soon I may resort to seeking out a preacher for hands on prayers at the alter call.  This is the day I called out for prayer from a healing preacher and another church.  I called on Saturday so they likely prayed on Sunday.  (later Monday I can breath again, after the vision & prayer.)

#1-Get fresh, raw, organic, shelled apricot seeds and chew/breath chew/breath.

Breath the vapor of the seeds that is why I am saying breath through mouth.  Hold the seeds in the mouth for a minute or so.  Breath through the mouth as a Apricot Amygdalin lung treatment.  This is the best remedy I have.  6 seeds twice daily.  I may increase this to 3 times since it seems to be the best treatment I have found.  People I am learning as I go and have been sick for a month.  It comes in waves.  My nurse says I have a mild form of the Delta and that most with Delta die on vents.


With no fever and my ability to breath the hospitals would just send me home anyway says my sister the long term RN nurse.  The people dying are the one’s who cannot breath.  God Himself is helping me through this I am certain. Prayer is your best tool.  Fight.  Fight.  Fight to live.

#2-Hot clove tea.  Sage Tea, Hibiscus Tea,

#3-Steam breathing at least once a day.  Use pine fresh raw.  Or peppermint/sage leaf steam.  Not too strong, 6 leaves for 1-1/2 cups of water.

#4 RAW Fresh Turmeric a few bites a day

For me the illness comes in waves.  I am fine for a portion of the day, working, sewing, doing dishes and so on.  Then it hits hard like an attack. And I do treatments and feel better.   Since its lingering SO LONG I have changed my strategy to offensive.  Treatment when I feel fairly well not wait till I feel like crud.

My intent now is to get out in front of the illness.  Don’t wait till I am desperate for relief possibly prolonging the illness.

My Hopeful Vision of Healing 09-12-2021 I Saw The Witness #2.

Did not the scripture say they would walk the earth and heal?  Perhaps my healing will take a few days?

I had a vision last night fulfilling a prophecy that Jesus told us long ago.  The two witnesses.   A great peace came upon me and I slept for hours on end, maybe 12.  I had visions of a hospital chapel I used to frequent.

Was George Floyd One of the Two Witnesses?

I saw one of the two witnesses.   The man slaughtered in the street by the beast system (paid cop) while the whole world watched.  Yes he was ressurected and raised up as is written.  But from the articles I read about him, his friends say He was born again.  Before George Floyd’s murder he was a witness of God born again.   My first theory of the two witnesses was a little different.

I saw him in his transformed body.  He spoke to me from a chapel in a nearby hospital that I used to go to often to pray for myself and occasionally for the people in the prayer request book at the alter.   I prayed God’s will in the Spirit.   I remember as I would spend hours in the chapel praying….

I also finally got two revelations about the blood of Jesus.   Which I have been questioning God on how carnal fleshly blood impacts us now.  When He healed me He gave me a great dream of the Blood of Jesus to signify that it is sacred & magical by His sacrifice since He was 1/2 God in DNA.  And the healing blood and runs through my very veins as well as all children of God by their choices in life which result in predestination.  For in the spiritual realms what is now was and what was now is.  Seems retro-causality is actually a thing.  However I don’t believe it’s causing the Mandela effects.  I believe they are signs & wonders-straight up.

12 Hours of Great Peace & Free Breathing

The witness told me I was receiving from him by God a healing.  I saw a gold light beam come from the ceiling of the Chapel to my chest.  I slept 12 hours breathing freely.  I had peace great peace for 12 hours.  Then I woke and still had the same symptoms.  Maybe it was just all wishful dreaming. I hope God will finally heal me but people, lingering like this is very trying.  I wish I had better news for you.  I will not tell you “I am fully healed” unless I am fully healed. 9-13-21 20 hours later, it appears I truly am healed.  I can breath freely again and the heart weakness is gone.  

As for the vision-I thought about this.  I never would have imagined being visited by one of the two witnesses.  Even though I believed, yes, that G. Floyd killed in the street was one of them, and in S. Am a similar story, the other.  Seems the “they shall be killed in the street while the whole world watches” has disappeared from Revelation (likely), 11:8. And that they would heal many is also gone from the book.  So if one doesn’t see the bible changes and remember real script they are not about to identify the fulfilling of the prophesies of Jesus.  Especially since many of these things are happening in the spirit realm (like those who go before the throne night and day script well looks like this scripture has changed also) & not as Hollywood depicted.

Sidenote-(please I don’t want to appear sanctimonious, for me prayer is a calling, a gift.     “To whom much is given much is expected. ” The call of intercession is not for everyone.  We are not all the arm).

Many Muslims Used to  Pray At the Hospital Chapel

Cont…I would see Muslims come in to the Chapel to pray time and time again.  They layed down their mats on the floor, faced East and did their silent prayers in about 5 minutes time and quickly left.  These people on the most part were hospital employees taking time out of their work or lunch to pray to God.

Many more Muslims prayed in this Chapel than I ever saw Christians come in to pray.  How do I know?  Because Muslims were the only ones utilizing the Chapel besides myself.  Maybe once or twice a Christian would come in and pray who had, perhaps a sick family member at the hospital.

But I do know Christians filled the Chapel prayer book with prayer requests.   I read them often.

I don’t go to the hospital anymore because honestly I guess all the relentless quid hype kept me away for fear of getting sick.   Well, now I am sick anyway.

If I finally get better I will have the much desired wholesome natural immunity & the testimony of God’s protection & healing.  And I am building my Faith in God in a time when many around me are saying “If you don’t get back sin ate Ed the virus will kill you.  If you do get back sin ate Ed you’ll get a mild case of the Quid.

The Hospital Death Panels

My Niece knows people on the “Death Panels” of hospitals she calls them.  Meaning the people in charge who decide who gets a ventilator and who does not.  My sister said the death panels are refusing the un back sin ate Ed vents because of their refusal of the back scene.  But there is a contradiction in my sister’s story to me.  She says they are only giving the back sin ate Ed vents.  Then she turns and says that those who get back scene are allowed the vents and they are refusing the vents for the un back sin ate Ed.

If the Back sin ate Ed are only getting a mild case then why would they need ventilators because they cannot breath?  See what I am saying, even my own sisters explanation of what’s happening in the hospitals doesn’t add up.

If I die then its God’s will.  “But God created medicine” They scream…did He?  Every chemical that big pharma makes just about has consequences.  Cancer being the top of the list.  I am done with big farm….on the most part.

09-07-2021 UPDATE

I am 62 years old. If I can beat this……I say and hope “so-then can you”.  My msg to the young and healthy.

I wish I could tell you “I am all better” at nearly 3 weeks in.  But I can say this, I am better than I was.   Still have some flem.  Still feel heart tired but not nearly as bad as it was before the Apricot seed.  Still have some lung irritations-not nearly as bad either.  I am continuing holistic treatments mentioned in this article.

A word from my spirit guides.  I heard the word "myocarditis".    Had I not used treatments diligently I may have experienced myocardial infarction and possibly death.  Come to find out this is how some back sin ate Ed are dying.  Keep the Faith.  If your sick know that God has you in His hand if you chose Him.

LAST UPDATE-I FOUND IT!  I FOUND A REMEDY THAT WORKED FOR ME making chest pain subside and I feel I am on the mend.

It cured the worst part, the nagging clawing scratches at my lungs that I felt on and off for nearly three weeks.  The remedy worked for me seamlessly.

Note: I was not tested.  I don’t know if what cured me will work for everyone just because it worked for me BUT I THINK IT WILL!  Clearly God lead me to this but not until I was first emotionally & spiritually tested and as I said, my sister the nurse says I had the Delta Variant by what I told her.  But my case was lessoned by the clove tea and turmeric (live).  Yet clove and turmeric would not utterly destroy the virus.  It hung on like a leach moving from my chest to my ear seemingly to save itself when I treated my chest with pine steam. (I later realized I need to intentionally breath the vapors of the seeds when eating them keeping them in my mouth to breath with open mouth & get the seeds  in bloodstream.)

MY REMEDY  – The FDA is bought and paid for by Big Farma

Clove Tea

Apricot Seeds

Frankincense resin tea

Some Research on Apricot Seeds

I started eating some of my raw Apricot seeds (after fighting the by Russ over 2 weeks) to see if they would help.  Since the virus at hand (back scene version SARS-CoV-2) has Hela immortalized cell lines in it (purified Cancer cell lines also called ACE2 known for ENDLESS malignant replication, they say they are purified and cannot give a man Cancer…Scientists are skeptical, stating the purification process is iffy.) And Apricot seeds stifle many Cancers stopping their growth.  And the FDA will tell you Apricot seeds are poison.   Bullshit! Ya if you eat 1,000 of them in one sitting, but you would actually get sick & throw up before they could poison you.  I believe that the Hela cell lines mutation is why the by Russ hung on so horribly long and #2 why Apricot seeds worked SO FAST.   Amygdalin is in the apples, Apricot, and other fruit seeds, it was used to make a Cancer drug in the 50s called Laetrile.  But of course the big money making Cancer must not be cured EVER.  Hence Laetrile was banned by the FDA.  Laetrile is still used in Mexico as of three or so years ago when I researched Amygdalin.

Apricot seeds IMMEDIATELY neutralized the pain in my chest and stopped the symptoms.  My Apricot seeds are raw and organic

That is the brand I bought years ago and they were stored in glass jars still fairly fresh.   I have been eating 6-10 seeds 3 times daily to be sure it continues to mend me.

I am telling you as soon as I ate a handful of these I felt the gnawing in my chest stop.   My body was ravaged for three weeks, so I was not instantly all better.  But it stopped the worst symptoms.  And 24 hours later I woke up and I was much better.  Whatever was ripping at my chest is gone.  It was like the vapors of the 6 or so Apricot seeds attacked and consumed the virus’s mainstay in my lungs.  I felt this happen people.  And I am grateful to God because the back sin ate Ed people are spreading this now.  And people are going to die and get sick.

Honestly had I not found the Apricot seed remedy I don’t know if I would have beat this.  It was absolutely relentless. Yet I was still able to work a bit, walk around, no fever, write etc.  It was never (yet) debilitating to me as it is for some others.  Perhaps because of the other treatments that all probably helped.  Also I kept eating and stayed hydrated-vital.

Yes just like Apple seeds Apricot seeds have cyanide in them.  But guess what?  This Cyanide only kills mutated cells not HEALTHY HUMAN CELLS. I research this at length years ago when I bought the seeds.  Touted by many to be a Cancer cure.  Cancer is a mutation.   I think that is why the Apricot seeds worked so fast on the by Russ.  The cyanide in the seeds kills or stunts cellular mutations and the CV is just that-a mutated by Russ.

The two worst symptoms were lung scratching gnawing and heart level tiredness, I slept alot.  

Will let you know when/if I am totally healed.  09-05-21

NEXT UPDATE 09-06-2021

Each day I am a little better.  The gnawing biting stabbing lung pain is gone, thank GOD!  The raw organic Apricot seeds worked the best.  I am continuing to use hot organic herb (#1 clove, turmeric, rose, rose hips, Jasmin) tea with honey.  I am still eating 6 Apricots 3 times daily of more.  Still getting plenty of rest.  My body was ravaged by this thing I had.  Even though I have the remedy now of which I don’t think I would have recovered without it (I thank God again!) I am still healing because it was so hard on my whole body.

Had I not discovered (lead of God) the effects of the raw Apricot seeds on the virus (what I think is covid2) I don’t see how I would have survived.  Maybe I am wrong but the clove and turmeric just seemed to keep my head above water.  It was not curing it.  But I could be wrong, what if it was actually the combination that I needed.  To use the clove first for the first 10 days then to switch to the turmeric then Apricots as treatment.  Perhaps all three were the cure.  Its just this people, when I ate those seeds I literally felt the scratching vapor in my lungs STOP.  It was like magic.  And I immediately felt my chest getting better. I have never experienced anything like it before ever.

If I was young and strong maybe I could have fought it off without the Apricot seeds.  Or perhaps it was on its way out anyway.  I am second guessing.  I don’t have the answers to my own questions but I do have the Holy Spirit.  The illness made me powerless to rely on God.  He lead me to the treatments.  I would of ended up in an ambulance had I not found a cure.

Why do I say that?  Because it was not getting better.  All I was doing day in day out was lessening the symptoms.

This is one bad ass bio spider virus.  Get your Apricot Seeds NOW!  Before you get sick.  People are going to die.   Lots of people.  Every back sin ate Ed person is now spreading this to the un back sin ate Ed.  And it is lethal.

I never thought I would say this.  The by Russ WAS fake yes!  But once they shot up half the world with their GMO by Russ then it became VERY REAL.  This is my own theory.  I could be wrong.  Perhaps I just had a really reaction to the mold. Or perhaps a GMO mosquito bite have something to me.   I cannot rule that out.  Or maybe it was a corona discharge creating Ozone in the atmosphere in turn burning my lungs.  My spirit says it was the covid2 delta variant.

I am not going to get tested any time soon to find out.  Plus most people have antibodies to the first version of the by Russ before they changed it to a GMO.

The Rest of this article is me Chronically my slow progress & treatments of the first ten days of sickness.

Below I sound hopeful and I was, but I was scared and didn’t want to really express just how scared I was or just how relentless the by Russ was on me.  IF in fact I had the by Russ.  As I said I was not tested.  I got it after everyone was back sin ate Ed.

2 Updates at the end of this article about how my health is slowly improving and how I am treating this illness.   The treatment below bring me relief to the symptoms and I believe they are also helping me heal and overcome it.

Ironically, I wrote an article a few weeks ago about “the blessings that illness brings”.  Illness tests our faith when we are feeling weak and vulnerable.  My car broke down at the same time the sickness began.  Plus my husband left town for ten days.

We at 12 step programs describe the biggest fears as being fear of losing long terms,  “sex, society, & security”.  “Sex” means the husband, wife, girl friend, etc.  Society means how I look to others, reputation.  What others think of us by our own perception means alot more than people like to admit or see.  And security means the roof over my head, $, car, being able to work and so on.  When these are threatened most people react out of fear.

But its the time to react into Faith.  Nothing wrong with asking for help from God.


Please please pray for me. Laura E.   Written August 29.

I have Faith in the power of your prayers.  I hope to soon give you a good report of health,  healing, and overcoming the beast’s illness.  Please write a comment if you will of encouragement if you have some.  Thank you!  I am not and will not take the back scene.  Nor do I regret not taking it.

I have had several encounters with natural end of times pestilence first hand this month.

The cause of my sickness is a guess or hypothesis I reached by engaging circumstantial facts and spiritual insight.

Pestilence #1

I walked out of the house and accidentally (with mouth open) inhaled scores of mold spores.   I smelled and felt it happen as thus. Then I got sicker.  I was already having respiratory flem but it was manageable.

Pestilence #2

Or it’s the covid19 due to all those who took the shot spreading their SARS germs to the un back sin aided.

Pestilence #3

Or it was the turbo mosquito that stung like a dive bombing wasp.  My arm literally swelled up hot for days. The spot was hot and swollen for 3 to 4 days.  Never have I had such a bite by anything.

Or my illness is a combination of al three of these pestilence.   I was already feeling sick. I did not want to go around people for fear of the SARSCOV19 that they are now carrying inside them.  But I had to buy groceries.  Afterward, I got sicker.

My readers probably don’t realize I am over 60 years old.  If I can overcome this pestilence then so can you in your youth.  Remember clove tea hot three times daily using real organic cloves is what is helping the most as far as I can tell.  And water, lots of clean clear water to help the body heal. Pine is for pine tea and pine steam inhalation.  Just add pine to water, bring it to a steam, don’t boil.  And inhale. You can put a towel over your head, KEEP EYES CLOSED.  Protect eyes from hot steam!  I am not a doctor I am merely sharing with you what I use to help heal from lung distress.

I have taken Turmeric root.  It is fresh from the ground.  I will also make tea from it.  I felt alot better after the turmeric.  I am now switching up the remedy to both Turmeric/Hot Turmeric tea/Clove/Hot Clove tea/lots of water.  Looks scary doesn’t it?  lol

White Turmeric: How It Is Different From Yellow Turmeric And Its Health Benefits - NDTV Food

The root will be yellow to orange to white depending on how young it is.  Or buy some Turmeric root fingers online.  The fingers will grow you a plant if you plant part and use the rest to make tea..  Amazon sellers have the live roots to ship.  Organic only.  For turmeric tea use about the size of a thumb cut up, diced, or shredded root.  Add boiling water.  Steep the longer the better.  6 Minutes minimum.

GMO Mosquitoes

Why are out Florida mosquitoes morphed into monster mosquitoes?  The Gates of Hell ensure us that all GMO mosquitoes are male and harmful only to those bad females whom they mate with to kill.

My hypothesis is that due to the Third Gates of Hell (you know who I mean I hope) and the people he represents our mosquitoes have changed, they had to.  Why?  When you attack nature it grows stronger or it dies.  The female’s under attack by hybrid male GMO mosquitoes have now made themselves stronger so as to survive.  In doing so they are stronger against humans.  And often their sting feels like a bee sting not a mosquito bite that you never feel until it itches.

I don’t know what is happening in your state.  But obviously here, I am well enough to write, make hot clove tea, make soup, drink hoards of water endlessly and work making one outfit a day. (I am a seamstress).  But when the pain hits and the weakness strikes I fear.  Crying helps.  Drinking lots of water and clove tea helps alot.  I was absolutely an emotional mess at the onset and first week of this by Russ or whatever I have.

If this is Covid 19 then I will either die or build antibodies.

INITIAL Symptoms (kinda gross don’t read if you are effected by gross words.)  I cannot be certain of any of these hypotheses of causes.

Lung pain when less water, flem that can be expelled intermittently. The flem is different very different than any I have felt in my life.  It seems to have a consistency that is stronger than any normal flem.  At the onset it was like having glue on my lungs.  I spit it out.  Then I felt vulnerable and ended up sucking in a bunch of mold spores because of the Florida rain.

If fluids dry then in comes the chest pain.  I must stay hydrated.   Flem is white/clear. This illness reminds me somewhat of the gross depiction in I Pet Goat 2 of the guy drowning in his own flem.  I feel weak intermittently as well, yet I can do things most of the time that need doing.  Water and clove tea are the only things so far that seem to help.

Water and hot tea, rest, prayer, Hope, Faith, and to lay my fears at the feet of Jesus, these are what I have.  I do not want to kill good bacteria.  I fear if I take the beast’s antibiotics it will back fire on me knowing that if this is bio-tech the beast would have anticipated that.

Things to Avoid

Physical exertion.  Dehydration.  Avoid crackers, does, pancakes, cakes, cereals that are dry, I am avoiding anything that dries out the body fluids.  Keep milk, cheese minimal.

I feel so powerless.  My brother said that Covid 19 runs its course in two weeks time.  I am at about 7 days of the worst of it I think.  In my next article, God willing I will address the possibility of covid being bio-tech and my experience with that.

SECOND UPDATE 09-03-2021

Not over it YET but I do feel like I am getting there slowly.  I am not as sick as I was a week ago.

My sister a nurse thinks I have the delta variant.  Out of the problem into the solutions.  I am working (sewing & writing) a bit each day.   It’s not like I am in bed all day.  But I do sleep approximately 12 hours a day usually two shifts of sleep time.   No fever.  Taking lots of naps.  My main symptom is lung pain & agitation some flem and tiredness.  I have to stay hydrated or there’s trouble with lung pain.    I have had worse but what’s bad is its SOOOOOO PROLONGED.

I heard it takes three weeks to run its course.  God in Heaven I hope so!  In the beginning I had alot of fear.  But God gave me a measure of peace when I prayed to Him.

What Helps the scratching chest, & the sick tired feeling?

Lots of sleep but lots of water before and after sleep.

Clove hot tea 2-3 times daily

Hot herb teas often.

Breathing steam with live local pine needles and stems.  Breath through mouth is best.  Hot as I can stand it.  Do not burn nostrils or throat.  Do not boil the pine.  Just bring it to a steam-point in pan and stick head into steam EYES CLOSED and breath.  Usually I cover head over the pan to capture steam in like a hood.

Live Turmeric Root three times daily.  It relieves pain and fights possible infection.

Light walks outside in sun.

Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Avoid processed heavy foods especially crackers, cookies and flour based foods (pancakes) that suck your water from your body.

Watermelon is a good food to eat when needing to retain water.

Praise and thank Jesus/God at times of fear and pain.  Be real with God ask for a healing.

DO NOT exert yourself.  Sweating is good but not with exertion.

I noticed relapse into the sicker phases of the flu happens if I exert myself and strain.

Still Sick But Feeling Much Better

Update 8-30-21–God has blessed me with the Peace that surpasses all earthly understanding.  It’s a miracle.  I was so sick but worse was that I had great fear and pain.  I think it was the fear of suffering. But last night in prayer Jesus surprised me thus.   I have not felt this much peace since I received the baptism of The Holy Spirit 30 years ago.

Never give up on God brothers and sisters.  And if you are 144 or those who go before the throne day and night, I think he gave us our last test, just as Jesus was tested on the mountain top.

The parable of the talents (Is not a salvation issue but rather a test for those who serve Jesus and possibly will be Guardians of The New Earth.)

Jesus said “since ye have been faithful with a little (growing Faith & using spiritual gifts) I bestow alot upon you”.  This means Jesus is going to bless His chosen few with greater gifts yet, and for good reason.  It’s coming, The New Earth is coming.  The final test for the chosen was to show ourselves trust worthy under great duress.  To show that we do not turn from God in times of trouble but rather we draw closer to Him.  If we are angry we confront with respect.  God (I believe) delights in transparency toward Him from His chosen few.

All things work together for the good to those who Love God.

“You shall be tested for a time (book now says ten days it may be accurate) but if ye show yourself faithful I shall give you the keys to the kingdom”

Great blessings are on the way for those who persevere by Faith & Hope.



Even with the new fanged micro level back scenes that tamper with God’s creation by changing Gene’s strands they still have live By Russ in them to infect the un back sin ate Ed.  Proof is all over the scholarly articles on the topic.

The Emerging Risks of Live Virus & Virus Vectored Vaccines:

by BL Fisher · 2014 · Cited by 7 — 3 4 5 Vaccine strain live virus is also shed for varying amounts of time in the body fluids of vaccinated people and can be transmitted to others. 6 7 8.


The vaccinated who shed and infect others – Vaccines

 · During a viral infection, live virus is shed in the body fluids of those who are infected for varying amounts of time and can be transmitted to others. Vaccine strain live virus is also shed for varying amounts of time in the body fluids of vaccinated people and can be transmitted to others.” — Barbara Loe Fisher, National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) ….see more at links.


“Could my un back sin ate Ed or immune compromised child get sick from coming in contact with a recently back sin ate Ed person?
When it comes to live virus back scenes, the short answer is: Yes.
During a viral infection, live virus is shed in the body fluids of those who are infected for varying amounts of time and can be transmitted to others.
back scene strain live virus is also shed for varying amounts of time in the body fluids of back sin ate Ed people and can be transmitted to others.  Although public health officials maintain that live attenuated virus back scenes rarely cause complications in the back sin ate Ed person and that back scene  strain viral shedding rarely causes disease in close contacts of the recently back sin ate Ed, it is important to be aware that  back scene strain live virus infection can sometimes cause serious complications in back scene persons and back scene strain live viruses can be shed and transmitted to others with serious or even fatal consequences.”



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