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What I Learned in School Today-Mind Control

  1.  You are bad & wrong and know very little about anything.   “Different” is bad. This heart level child trauma induced at early ages makes the masses put on a mask of their choice.   They hide their true self so people will like them and they will be in style, kool, liked and loved in spite of being so, so BAD & wrong.  To act like everyone else means ignoring one’s own heart, letting intellect take over.

Refuting their own true heart and the very creativity & imagination that makes men individual & great.  Our brilliance is shut down by consistent, oppressive, repetitive hints of inferiority throughout our lives.   Hence the insecurity complex and shame of realizing who we are by age 8 is the foundational traumatic ground work of all other mind control programming.   The ground work is essential to their plan.  Programmed people begin comparing their insides to the outsides of the masked and say “what is wrong with me?”  The child’s plan to become someone else is usually subconscious and through the years the adult becomes the mask they  wear.  They have no idea who they really are except that they are a burden on the face of the earth and have no real right to live.

2.  The system is brilliant and smart and has your best interests at heart to reach the American dream.  A dream you must be asleep to attain.  All that the system does is FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.  Licenses, degrees, permits, official documents all cost money and all are for your own good.  You cannot take a shit unless you have the proper license to build your toilet.  And it will cost you.  Good luck with the American dream.  ha ha!

3.  Obey.  Obey your superiors obey your teachers, get in line, ACT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.  All day long they say “be different, be an individual, while showing you at every turn that being different is illegal, not permitted and to be mocked with a pointed finger.  Obey the authorities, who obey their superiors who obey those who make the rules.  Know them by who they show you they are, not by who they tell you they are.  You are bread to obey.

4.  NEVER BE DIFFERENT OR STAND ALONE IN IDEAS.   Stand in line.  Don’t do anything unless its an action that is co-signed by the majority.  If the group believes it then its truth.  If the majority says its wrong, then it’s wrong.  Majority & TV always rules in social right & wrong. Hence “political correctness”.  Truth is not important, what is important is that we be “right” we must at all costs be RIGHT.  And the only way to be right is to be right in the eyes of the majority & the TV.

Serve The Image of The Beast

5.  Honor the image of the beast!   ‘Image’ being the key word.  TV & phone are the image of the beast.  It speaks and it is highly addicting.  It’s not attention necessarily that makes a man obey the image of the beast and its rule.  But rather it is this, believe what it says and then act accordingly.  To serves the image of the beast one serves the ideas of the majority.  And the beast instills the ideals of the majority one picture one word one mocking one talking at a time.  Please note most people will never see that they serve the image of the beast.  They will never realize that they shut down their own identity long ago.  They won’t believe that they have turned from their own heart.  They will NEVER admit that their own heart believes they are wrong and bad.  They cannot see it.   Mommy and Daddy’s violent punishments teaches us also that we deserve to be beaten and hit.  And that Love is violence.

Mommy & Daddy Would Not Hurt Me—I needed to be beaten, I deserved it!

And so rational takes priority to fix what is.  Most people cannot face what their own parents have done to them emotionally.  Why?  Because they cannot abandon the box with the label ‘Love’ on it.  They fear that if they look at the truth of mom & dad, they won’t be able to have their most important picture show of Love.  They will lose their security & comfort all at once.  However processing the deep seeded anger toward parents that comes with finding one’s own identity teaches us how to forgive. We cannot know ourselves until we discover what made us so sick.

Truth matters but few can put Truth above their own emotional need for comfort.  Truth takes the back seat to the dysfunctional solutions that we have found for our childhood emotional pain.  Truth takes the back seat to codependency and our sick relationships.  Often if we are to look at Truth we will lose, AND WE MUST NOT LOSE!  Fear keeps us from excelling into spiritual & emotional growth.

To become truly spiritual we MUST HEAL OUR EMOTIONAL.

Peeling the onion of ones own identity takes years.  They won’t ever admit the ugly word ‘shame’.  Why?  Its too painful.  To go back to childhood and rip off the scab of a broken heart is too much work.  Fear, they cannot and will not face fear because of the fear/shame programming.  Fear/shame programming is part of the demoralization of the masses.  All emotions are valid and we cannot remove them from humanity.  So all emotions are marked as bad and wrong except the happy ones. Tears a healthy emotion is marked as bad.  Yet without tears a man will implode.  Tears are relief.  Hurt is deemed weak and beggarly as well.

So adults cannot go back and process what happened to them in school because that requires emotional processes.  And their emotions must be shut down at all costs.  Emotions are deemed bad & wrong.  So humanity is caught in the wide net of shame, unable to understand what happened to them and how to fix it. The masses get their permission to speak truth only when someone first says it on TV.  Can you relate?  People honor the beast by obeying its subliminal orders.  Its all stealth.  Much easier than going from door to door and invoking rules by force.  The people believe they are free and so they are.  They think they are free thinkers, and so they are.

Preachers Mock Psychology & Empathic Emotional Healing Therapy for a reason.  The beast DOES NOT WANT YOU TO BREAK FREE FROM PROGRAMMING.  Hence they label therapy ‘evil’ and as a competitor of God Himself.  BULLSHIT!

Earth People & The Deception of Mankind


The people of Earth finally made peace with their unaddressed traumatic childhoods by burying emotional Truth so deep that they lost their own heart’s voice in the process of a natural will to be Loved.  Brothers-they have used our own humanity against us.  The emotional trauma cannot be undone but highways of neural pathways can be built over the lies by meditation in Truth.  God https://recoveryfarmhouse.net and .com for solutions to emotional programming.  It’s an addiction recovery website but the similarities in overcoming addiction and overcoming mind control are the same.  This is how I accidentally become who I really am, in recovery.  But there is one huge danger, another program.  We must not become a recovery program.  When we break free we take what we need that is Truth and leave the bullshit that festers the halls of AA and rehab centers.

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