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Put Those Who Don’t Comply with Instructions from the Image of The Beast

ANY Christian minister who says “The back scene is not the M.O.T.B” is not your friend.  Why?  Because even if I had not been given the word “zebra” as a confirmation from God that the back scene is in fact tmofb… I would still never tell anyone that “this or that is not the mark”.   Because what if I was wrong?  Then I am leading people blindly to the death of their own soul.  Its better to say “this thing is the mark” and be wrong–no harm done.  But when I say its not the mark and it is…bad idea.

If a preacher says this or that is not the mark they are encouraging people to take “this or that” because people assume “well, the preacher said it’s not the mark and he should know, right?” Anyone who cares for the well being of the masses would not advertise ANYTHING as NOT BEING THE MARK.


Now the media rags are saying Rick Wiles was hospitalized in May 2021 for CV for refusing the back scene.

Rick Wiles

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  1. In scanning some of your articles I think that you believe the mark of the beast could come in the form of inoculation. My understanding of Rev. is that the mark is introduced after the anti-christ has taken his seat of power during the tribulation period. As pre-trib, I will not be here.

    1. Ah yes I hope you are right. I pray to escape those times of great tribulation. However Jazweeh says the mark is on the forehead already. A
      supernatural mark already applied. As is the seal of God also already applied. The back scene is another matter. I was told that the back scene is also T.M.O.T.B. In 2018 I asked God “How will I know not to take the M.O.T.B.?” In response to me as never before God spoke audibly to me once in my entire life. He said “ZEBRA” meaning you will know the mark because of the word ZEBRA. 2 years later in 2020 I checked Zebra technology status to see if there was a connection to the back scene. I found a main stream article about Zebra Tech’s involvement with the Pfizer back scene. It said. “ZEBRA TECH PLAYS KEY ROLE IN ROLL-OUT OF Pfizer back scene. Zebra Tech provides cold pack boxes to keep the back scene safe and effective with it’s temperature control monitoring of high tech packaging.” Without Zebra Tech the back scene would not have been rolled out successfully. I waited 2 years for this confirmation. I cannot ignore it. God will most likely give you your own answers, just ask. Apparently when it comes to the mark God wants His children to know exactly what to protect themselves from. As always I could be wrong.

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