Protection-Blood or Love? And What About the Armor of God?

Edit.  The Blood of passover protected the Hebrews from loss.  It showed God’s Spirit of Death that those with blood on the post’s first sons where not to be taken (killed).  The symbolism is that Faith in Jesus saves us?  Or our loved ones from death.  Perhaps the Loved one’s of Judah will be saved by the Faith of the Lions, Lambs, and Sheep.

The Armor of God is our protection in battle.

This article is very long.  Take it piecemeal if you need to .  But it has the substance of both the problem (anxiety, fear, self loathing, bondage to sin etc.) and the solutions to life’s challenges.  Solutions to depression (anger without enthusiasm) anxiety, & panic attacks.  It takes work to beat the programming of the beast especially because the problem is both intellectual, emotional, and spiritual.  But we can learn healthy emotions and learn to let ourselves off the hook.  We were not taught emotional health.  We were taught actions contrary to healthy instructions.  We can become who we really are in God and live free of the voice that beats ourselves up.

We must give prayer and meditation a chance as prescribed. I will not tell you anything that isn’t tried and true in my own life.  We should work all the 12 steps to our advantage.  Step one can be anything we want it to be…”I am powerless over my own sin and my life has become unmanageable”  or “I am powerless over anxiety attacks and my life has become unmanageable”.

If you pray about it, God will provide an empath to hear your 4th step confession and The Truth will set your free.

How to Be Spiritually Protected

In my experience there is great spiritual power in Spiritual Love, Faith, Hope, & Prayer according to The Spirit, The Armor of God, & The Mighty Name of Jesus spoken aloud in praise & worship w/thanksgiving to show gratitude.

LOVE COVERS A MULTITUDE OF SIN.  Weather it be showing Love as a giving action.  Or The Love of God being poured out upon us.

I am not saying that the blood of Jesus did not have some secret mighty power.   But I go by what I know & God has taught me first hand.  He has shown me that the blood of Jesus is symbolic to His works on the cross.

But in a relationship with God I choose not to be legalistic.  And in my own spiritual walk as a warrior of God I cannot take chances on protection I have no experience with.   Such as blood shed by Jesus.  I had a vision of Jesus on the cross and I have believed that He was killed for spreading Truth.  He answered my cry for help.  He is my Savior.  He has come to me many times to deliver, heal, teach, counsel.

When He died He went into hell & the grave and took the keys to death and hell so we can also overcome death just as He did.  That is the doctrine I believe are God’s words.  I rely more on my own experience and relationship with a Loving and Truthful God who I know than doctrines.  Especially now that the bible is changing so dramatically.  That were great Truths given to us in the book.  In spite of the on going burden that only, we the few can see the bible changes .

Relationships start by getting to know the person or being.  I think of God as my Father in Heaven.  Jesus is His Son, my deliverer, healer, He brought me gifts of the Holy Spirit by praising Him by name and receiving prayer by the laying on of hands from others who believe and know Jesus.  Others who have The Holy Spirit can share The Holy Spirit IF it is God’s will.

Remember It’s not Faith if it’s not Faith.

It was My Father who pointed me to seek Jesus.

Once I started calling on Jesus and seeking Him with my whole heart things happened, I changed.  I became the clay in His hands.  It is a lifetime walk of change and revelation of self unto increase & improvement.  See how to put on the Armor of God-Vital.

Getting to know God starts with being courageously honest with Him (in spite of programming).  Open your heart and trust that once He gets to know you and sees what you fear that HE won’t annihilate you.

Courage is the first step toward knowing God.  If you cannot face yourself, then how will you face God in Truth and transparency.  Pray to God & mean it. If we do not mean it we should not pray it or say it.


Always, say what you mean and mean what you say.

How does evil itself steal souls?  Guilt, shame, fear.  These human emotions are meant to help us stay clear of dark oppression.  But instead they are used against us as a sword to our soul.  How?  By one simple principle, the keeping of secrets by shaming.


Why do I harp on doing the work & applying solutions to the emotional condition while I write of spiritual topics?  Because the E.C. is exactly what evil uses to break our spiritual condition.  And to keep us down.

Programming the World

First lets define these words.   Guilt is a result of taking action contrary to what our own heart tells us is right. Guilt should be aired, confessed, made right even if we have to use a priest to air it.  Guilt should be shared with someone empathic, understanding, loving, caring who will relate by Truth.  NOT someone who will invalidate & say “oh my god you did that”! Repressed guilt turns to self loathing and more shaming adds insult to injury.  This is why in 12 step programs you can process guilt under the covering of the AA 12 steps.  People there know they are not supposed to shame anyone for anything on their 4th-5th steps.  You confess to God and to man your deepest darkest secrets and the Truth will set you free.  But be wise about who you confess to because the world is programmed.  It takes time to find and to recognize empathic people who would not shame a man who is confessing from their heart.

Processing Guilt

Confessing guilt to people who are wearing the mask results in more shame.  We must confess to a trusted cohort who will RELATE to our guilt not deny our valid feelings.  Someone who is equipped to understand that you don’t need them to fix you.  But rather you just need to share to get it out.  Whether they relate to it or keep silent, you will get it out.  But if they deny and invalidate your feelings then they are exercising the mass programing to demoralize.   Just as they demoralize themselves.

We are all programmed to take our fear and transform it into blame.   To gain self worth by putting one another down, that is the demoralization programming.

Fear is a feeling that either paralyzes us or causes us to take action.   Fear is usually based in fear of losing something we have or not getting something we need.   We fear losing one of the three “S’s”


Security-The roof over our head.  The money.  The food. Our job.  Ect.  TV now threatens us with this over and over and over.  That is a form of torture.  Especially for those who don’t know how to vent their fears in a healthy way.

Sex defined as our husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, etc.  We fear losing them.  They are at the top three of our fear topic list.

Society-We fear looking stupid or bad to our peers.  Peers are the people at large.  What will they think of us?  What will they say about us if we do this or that?  People nearly ALWAYS deny this fear saying relentlessly- “I DON’T CARE WHAT HE THINKS ABOUT ME” or “I DON’T CARE WHAT ANYBODY THINKS OF ME.”  And they believe it when they say it. When someone says they care not, they are usually in denial.   

But why do we think that its weak or beggarly to ‘CARE’ about our own reputation? (programming)

On the contrary, We SHOULD care what others think of us.  But with respect to other’s opinions and remaining or becoming who we really we should do our best not to FEAR what others think of us.  We apply solutions to fear of people.  And especially we should not allow people fear to change who we are!  

We must learn to follow our heart best we can with God’s help we can do this and become emotionally healthy.  Then evil cannot condemn us so easily.


Emotional hurt is another biggy that must be processed lest it turn to hate & blame.  Programming says its weak to get hurt by someone.  Programming says ‘I am a strong person, only weak pitiful people can be hurt by others words and actions’.  TV will teach you this.  Watch for its lessons hidden between the lines of dialogue.

Solution to Hurt

If a man on the street hurts my feelings I have no reason to work on that relationship.  I am the only one who can process my fear, hurt, shame, & guilt.

SOLUTION TO RESENTMENT stop it before it becomes a wellspring of rage.  As a human being I can’t forgive this piece of shit man whom I feel hate for….so I do this instead.

“God I pray for the man on the street who hurt my feelings.  I pray you bless him with all the blessings of Heaven and of Earth.  I forgive him by my words so my my heart will follow.  I ask that you help me forgive him in my heart.  Please God help me to Love my neighbor”

If this man was to get on his knees and apologize to me, it is still me who must turn the hurt into forgiveness and gain wisdom by it.  If I hold hurt and create a resentment I learn nothing from it except to wall myself up and hide my own heart.

What if it’s my husband or child whom I am hurt by?  Now I have work to do.  Relationship work.  “When you called me a bitch it hurt me deeply.  I feel like you don’t care for me, I feel I don’t matter to you.  Please do not do it again”.  And further you may ask “do you care for me?”  Then we pray that same prayer for them as we did the stranger.  It doesn’t so much matter what our spouse says back to us.  Except that it is Truth.  They can’t fix us…ever.

Think about it. If other people made us who we are the world would surely be upside down, more-so than it is.  We by our choices become who we are.  We must learn how to process emotions in a way that doesn’t involve blame and hate, along with dysfunctional solutions of denial, and projection.

No one is responsible for the way we feel except us.  Oh yes they can hurt us but it is us who must both set boundaries and learn to process incurred hurt.

We are all victims of the beast.  That’s why the word victim is now demoralized.  If we do not see that we are victims then there is no adversary.  No need for spiritual battle.


I do not hang with people who don’t show me respect.  I am responsible for teaching people how to treat me.  Not by controlling others.  I can’t control anybody’s actions except my own.   I teach others how to treat me by my own boundaries.

What is a boundary?  My partner lied to me how do I react?  I say this.  “I consider being lied to disrespectful, please don’t ever lie to me.”

That’s it.   That is all we can do.  What if he hits me?  Same thing.  “I consider violence a lack of respect if it continues I cannot stay here.”

Setting a boundary sometimes means we must leave, turn our back and walk away.  Sometimes for a time.  Sometimes for good.  If your in a sick relationship, know that it takes two to tango.  You are a willing participant if your argue and fight.

Again setting a boundary with fights means you don’t pick up the battle axe.

WE SHOULD NEVER FIGHT HUMANS.  It’s of no use.  And we cannot change anyone.  With God’s help we can change ourselves.


“Out of the problem into the solution”.  Don’t engage in battle with humans.

No one absolutely no one is responsible for our feelings.  Only we can process hurt.  Everyone gets hurt because we are human and we do care.  The lower our self worth the more easily we get hurt.  Low self worth isn’t our fault it is programmed into us.  Meditation of positive affirmations of what I did good today should be ongoing for reprogramming of low self worth.

I ate right today, I fed my child, I took a shower, I sought God with my heart, I was kind to people. I told the truth.  I cared for someone.  Over and over and over you have been programmed that you are bad.  Now you must in meditation reprogram.  It sound menial and sill but it works.  NEVER EVER speak to yourself disrespectfully again.  Meditate daily giving yourself positive feedback.  And seek God relentlessly.  Do these two things during meditation.  Don’t just say ‘I am good’ back it up with the account of your actions.

To build self esteem we do esteem-able acts.

Shame involves other people.  There is no shame if a person doesn’t face another human.  Shame stems from guilt.  Shame is guilt being projected upon one’s self then mirroring it onto someone else whom we believe & feel is better than us.  If your anything like I was, you were programmed to believe, pretty much THAT EVERY HUMAN BEING ON EARTH IS BETTER THAN ME/YOU. That’s right. That breeds shame.  Shame of everything about us being wrong & bad.  Call it the apple of Eve.  Call it the mishap of the garden.  Call it whatever but know this guilt had a great purpose.  Programming taught us to bury it instead of expressing it.  Programming taught us to hide our hearts instead of embracing it.  Programming said “look at these people, why aren’t you as good as they are?”  Programming said “fear is for sissies”.  Therefore taking another valuable human emotion and shaming us for it.  Now we are in real trouble. HIDING FEAR IS LETHAL TO US AND CAUSES ANXIETY AND PANIC ATTACKS.

Think about this…if we believe we are wrong and bad how will we fix it?   We will not embrace our own person to grow in brilliance and originality.  We will not create things.  We certainly won’t face God in Truth.  We instead will hide away our heart.

Denial to the Point of Self Deception

And the most dangerous thing about hiding and denial is that we at some point shall believe our own persona and lies.  Think of how this programming can so easily control a world of humans.  Think of how this programming can steak a mountain of souls.

Instead we will copy things. We will think we need templates for everything we do.  God gave us free will and what do we do?  We believe the great lie about who we are.  Then we take that free will and bury it deep deep down where no one can see it for fear they won’t like us if they do.  We use the lie to protect ourselves.  We cannot share our heart because we believe we won’t be Loved if we do.

So we put on a MASK.  And then the rest of the world sees our mask and says “Why are they so much better than me?  I don’t Love like that, I don’t do those benevolent works, I don’t feel what they feel.”

Now we compare our insides that are human to their OUTSIDES that is the MASK, the lie, & NOT HUMAN.

All human emotions shall be deemed ‘wrong & bad’ especially hurt and fear.  That way all hurt gets hidden away and turns the heart to dark stone.  Vines grow around our heart as we suffocate its Truth and hide its freedom of expression.

If someone on the street asks us “did you get the back scene?” We automatically answer with the opposite of Truth.  We lie, lie, lie because to fear our own heart is to fear Truth.  Jesus is The Truth, The Faith, The Life, The Light, The Son of God, He is the everlasting Love.    He who the Son sets free is free indeed.  Free to become who we really are.  Instead of copying other people like a parrot unto stagnation.

  1. Father I fear you.
  2. I am ashamed of who I am & fear many things.  ((List deepest fears & deep shame of self.
  3. Educational--Fear shame programming is deeply embedded in all of us and 
    MUST be faced to be in Truth.  These fears & shame can & will
    be both illogical & unreal. But know this-every feeling is 
    valid.  Every fear comes from a root of some truth you/I 
    have experienced.   Your intellect is your worst enemy of 
    the heart.  It will try to stop you from facing your own 
    fears by minimizing them and criticizing your feelings.  
    The intellect may tell you "I have no fear, fear is for 
    sissies".   No fear No Courage/Know Fear Know Courage.))  
    Need help with the process?  Go to https://recoveryfarmhouse
    .net & .com learn to work the 12 steps, shed the secret sins.
  4. Please help me to know you and help me to allow you to know my heart in Truth.
  5. Please make me the person whom you think I should be.  Help me to become who I really am.
  6. Father please help me to Love you.
  7. Father please help me to put on the whole armor of God.
  8. Father please help me to Love others.
  9. Father I hate, I hate so many people.  Please help me to forgive them all & Love them & treat myself and others with respect & Love.


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