New York City Sinks Into the Ocean-Prediction

Scroll to see the #2 Dream Vision from 6-24-20

Scripture:  “Seek the kingdom of God and its (His) righteousness and all other (spiritual/good) things shall be added unto you.”

Vision #1 was a cloud sky vision

Vision from 6-19-20  I don’t know when New York will be laid waste except it will be soon.  Also I expect Jerusalem also will soon be laid to waste.

New York falls into the ocean sinking like a great sink hole.  When it falls it creates a great hole that runs so deep it becomes the door to the abyss.  Demons ascend and the locust from the pit arise.

1 ship in the harbor sinks it is a huge battle ship.  Another ship a great ship escapes.

I also saw great plates shifting onto a slant in the Earth that being the cause.  I believe Florida will rise instead of sinking as most believe.

New York is turned to an ocean with mist everywhere hovering.

Demons flying out of it and heading to attack humans.

I Jazweeh saw the vision in the sky.  New York city looked like an ocean with much mist above it, much mist.

This is a wrath of God event.  The Great Trib is so people will become desperate enough to seek God with their whole heart and humble themselves before Him.

Sidenote.  Most likely Trump will be shot at some point but I don’t believe it will be a real event.  Just as Trump is an actor with a script his demise will also be staged. This is just a guess not a vision.


Dream Vision #2 a sleep dream vision that woke me up.

I saw rows and rows of traffic on hwy 20 between 301 and Gainesville of people trying to get north out of Florida for some reason.  I woke to the sound of car horns.  Every lane of the hwy was going one direction the same direction.  It was as if every Floridian was running for their life.  Dream was on 06-24-20.  I heard the horns and saw the cars bumper to bumper.

I cannot help but feel that the vision will happen in the next few months.



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