2020 Toxic Company to Loose Hoards of GMO Blood Sucking Mosquitoes

Company Named “OXITEC” Thats Right.

Gee… lets decode that name by moving the letters around a bit.

O X I T E C=”TOXIC” with a sideways “m” for “masons” … It is not too FARGIN obvious what their name stands for. ‘Death Machine’.  These bastards who run toxic co.  just don’t care anymore who knows that they want to kill you and your children?

SIGN THE PETITION not that it will do any good.  Tyrants own the laws.  Oxitec is FIXIN TO LOOSE HELL ON MANKIND BY MAD SCIENTIST BACTERIAL BLOOD SUCKING ROBO-SQUITOES.  Their target is your bloodline and their motive is to own EVERYTHING and destroy life.

I am beginning to think these destructive corporate murdering bastards with their eugenics driven agendas understand only one thing- that they are bullet proof.  They are the law because corporate tyranny & $ is the law.

The law will not help us ever again.  Take arms brothers now by spiritual warfare.  Exercise your faith and I swear to you it will not return unto you void or unto God void.

Because the mosquitoes they are attempting to send out this year 2020 will be the end of many innocent lives and quite possibly the next phase of the Great Tribulation mass murder.

Call it an educated guess connecting media threats of a “surprise outbreak” and knowledge of the times we are in that I surmise death coming by these mosquitoes GMO.

These mutant abominations called mosquitoes will most likely be the eugenics driven bastards next phase of ‘Karachi Vive’ (coded).

Right now these heartless money grubbing, hate driven mad scientists straight from hell, I mean straight from OXITEC or “TOXIC” want to release their bacteria laden virus ridden pestilence on you & your children & pets.  People will die.

The Following is a warning to Oxitec. For more info on the GMO mosquitoes go to this link.

To Oxitec CEO and Employees Hear me now.

My message to those working for this GMO mosquito cause at Oxitec.

Know this, you will be judged by your actions.  “It was just my job” will not be an excuse for anybody. We will ALL take account for our actions and soon.

You will see the damage you have done to the Earth and to Mankind even to your own families.  This I promise you.  My God is real and He will tarry no more.  You CANNOT KILL GOD.

To those who cull the heard in the name of the greater good.

You have not the right to play God by life and death.  You have not the right to steal all the land, water, and money.  You fear the black man so you cull him and poison him. For this you will pay.  You fear the white man so you send out poisons and other chemicals.  You fear losing that which was never yours to being with, so you struggle with panic to take, take, take, all the water, land, seas, rights, food, & control.  For this you will answer to my God and soon.

To those hiding in their bunkers…your fu**ed.  Your very protection will annihilate you.  I am done with you.  The age of grace is over.  I grovel no more for your putrid souls.  Your demons fall by the hand of God.  Your strongholds are burning.  And your lies are exposed as prophesied.  All is being revealed as the prophesies foretold, that you stole along with all great knowledge and Truth of God.

Your right to fear us, we have your eternal soul in our back pocket and in our shoes beneath our feet we hold your bloodline.  Your eternal life handed to us freely by your judge and maker whom you have denied.

Change all the books to “bruised” but your head will still to be “crushed.”  Make history say there is not God, download the minds of men with memories.  But still your water snake dies dried out on the land you stole.

Go ahead and write your history, go ahead and download the minds of men but in the end it is only those like you whom you control. You have built mind control for your own kind while the Faithful and the Hopeful are immune to your devices of deception.  The great multitude will overcome your bio tech.  Your rule is over.  The belt of Truth triumphs.  You cannot end Love.

Your power is coming to an end and your lineage is crushed and ended as you have ended the lineage of so many innocents.

Men see you not because they judge you by their own sound hearts.  They fathom not the heart of a beast so evil.  That beast, you are.  But they will.  They will understand & soon.

Those you crushed in the flesh will sit in judgement of your everlasting soul

“The first shall be last and the last shall be first.”

So while you the controllers, scramble to kill the body of the innocents…cry out bitterly because your soul is subordinate to those whose flesh you annihilated with your chemicals.

Rock on bitch your time is short.

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