Who are the 144,000 Elect of God?

The Testimony of The Woman of Revelation 12

Who Is The Woman of Revelation 12?

Seek God while it is still light and while He can be found.  Seek Him above all things that you do, seek Him diligently, fervently, and with all honesty and truth show Him your whole heart.  He rewards those who diligently seek Him.  But more importantly being near God is the most and only Wonderful experience the flesh can engage in.

Christians, many of them blind guides on YouTube speak as if seeking God is harder than living in sin.  I assure you this, being in the will of God is the absolute easiest and most fulfilling way to live.  To find God is to also find ourselves.

I am done tip towing around the feelings of men to curb offence or to walk lightly through topics normally etched in error and hidden heresy.

The only one’s who truly know who and what the 144 are & do, are the 144 themselves.

Gods Army on Earth Are the 144,000

The 144 are God’s army on earth gifted with supernatural weapons of war.  They are also the woman of revelation 12.  All of those who are “the woman” are 144.  However I am not so sure that all the 144 are “the woman of Rev. 12”.  I can only teach what I am taught and what I have experience with.  I am saying there may be other gifts and ways to wage war in the Spirit that I am unfamiliar with.

Who Is the Woman of Revelation 12?

The woman of revelation 12 did what?  She travailed as if in labor to give birth to a child.   She has come out of great tribulation.  She has been in danger most of her life.  And now is her time of nourishment.

The woman is/are many.  Do you remember how the demon that Jesus questioned said to Him, “we are many, we are Legion”.  So too the woman is many.  Many saints who fall into the category “the woman of Rev. 12”.

She lamented her condition, she sent supplication to God.  She, above all things prayed motivated by burdens.   She did not always have the gift of interpretation.  So for years she prayed in an unfamiliar language not always having the translation for an interpretation her prayers.

What is a Burden to Pray?

What is a prayer burden?  Its a deep wrenching feeling of need pointed to prayer in the heart.  So until the person with the burden prays for said topic of burden they will feel that great need to do so.  Granted a burden can be ignored and it will pass but that is not advisable.  I surmise it will then pass to another of the 144 the woman.

Do Not Doubt the Power of a Faith Filled Prayer

Prayer is the most powerful gift God has bestowed on men.  The 144 the woman have received the gift of tongues.  Not just utterances as confirmation of The Baptism of The Holy Spirt.  No, these women receive a gift of tongues after they have received the baptism.  Its a separate event of the supernatural variety.   When they receive the gift they may not know exactly what is happening to them because its a download that is so extreme, an infilling that is a stark awakening to new speech & a great spiritual purpose.

Those Who Seek God with their Whole Heart Step Into Callings that are available to anyone who takes the time to greatly seek God.  With free will there is no predetermination of who the elect are.  The elect by their choices step into one of the callings.

The gift of tongues far surpasses in uses the initial Holy Spirit utterances of tongues.  Every one of the women of Rev. 12 prophecy have the gift of supernatural language.  There is no glory in this gift.  On the contrary, usually if the intercessor exposes their talent they will be mocked and labeled “crazy”.  Or “delusions of grandeur” or “emotional, a religious fanatic” and so on.

Why Would God Give Language Gifts?

The gift is to aid and create great Intercessors with the task to pray for the souls of men.

The flesh doesn’t know what to pray for but the Spirit does.

A woman in labor feels great pain and burden to give birth.  In like manor the woman of Revelation 12 has labored in pain to give birth.  She has prayed for the salvation of souls for years on end. The woman is motivated by The Holy Spirit of God by whom she received throughout her calling burden upon burden where she got on her knees and on her face praying diligently to the point of suffering for souls of men she did not even know.

The topics of her prayer for years on end was always to pray for souls and even for her own soul as she herself had to experience the prodigal son event.

The Parable of the Talents (that once meant money) Becomes a Prophecy of Literal Supernatural Talents in 2017.

But as the days passed and the the travail came and went finally the parable of the talents came to pass.  It was a prophecy and a parable the woman of Rev. 12 discovered.   God showed her and those like her that those who did not use their Holy Spirit gifts lost them.  The unfaithful servant’s gifts were transferred to those who use the gifts they have been given.

All the while throughout the years it was not until 2017 or after that the woman discovered who she is.  The vail was lifted.

And so the woman came to understand in more detail her gift and what she had for so long been praying for.  Further more she didn’t understand word for word but she did understand by ideas, by sentence persay exactly what each burden was about.  She greatly labored on and on through the years.

Then came 2017 the great awakening.  More gifts transferred to her. By the time she fully understood the burdens after30 years of prayers THEY STOPPED.  Just like that, the burdens stopped in 2017.

Omg!  Was it a curse?  Were the burdens stolen?  What is happening she wondered.  She questioned her Father about it.

The One Peculiar New Prayer Unlike Any Other

She was not left without a job to do or a use for her gift of many tongues many languages, many words.  Onward she went being nourished and taught.  Then one day she received a peculiar prayer.  One that has persisted days, then months, then even unto years…the same prayer over and over and over being sent out daily to and for the multitudes of humans upon the earth.  What was this persistent prayer saying?

The Great Announcement.  The Intercessors Become the End Times Torch Bearers

“He’s coming, He’s coming The Lord is coming soon the Lord’s returning soon!”  Get ready!  Get ready, get ready!  The end is coming soon.  The end is coming soon.”

This is the translation of the one prayer that the torch bearers have been given in the last 3 years over and over and over and over the same prayer these intercessors pray the announcement daily.  By that it goes out into the Spirit realm and falls upon the earth like stardust falling into the minds of men.  By dreams, by visions, by revelation, epiphany and by repentance the prayer manifests upon mankind.  Man who is being warned by God using the voice and hands of His intercessors of His soon return.

The woman is happy about the changes. The burdens for souls were very hard, they laid heavy on the hearts of the intercessors.  Especially in the early years when they didn’t have all the interpretations.  Often in their insecurities and lack of understanding (the reader keeping in mind the woman’s prodigal son walk of sin) they thought they themselves were the ones always in need of so many deep and burdensome prayers.  And granted they prayed for themselves primarily back in the days of hard lessons.

For if they themselves could not stand how would they carry out the job.  They above many were under attack fervently by Satan. All the 144 (we believe) have died at least once in this life. Granted they did not stay dead.  Once the woman I speak of (who I know and I am a scribe of God blessed to have this in depth look into the life of a 144) died and went to a place of bondage even before she knew Jesus as her Savior.  She was sent back.

She has had so many near death experiences and been in many dangerous situations because of the relentless attacks on her person by Satan.

The elect have come out of great tribulation.  It isn’t their sinless behavior that makes them the elect.  It is their heart toward God that separates them from others.  They have an uncanny desire to know God above all things.   Above their own families and children.  They seek God like no other.  For years on end they live by faith alone.  And they Love.  They show respect to all men.  They live by “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” not by command but by nature.  Its their nature to treat others kindly.

The 144 have finally been shown who they are.


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