God Shall Remove His Holy Spirit from the Earth Soon

The Word “restrainer” is removed from all Bible translations listed on Blue Letter Bible, (approximately 10 various translations).  We are finally certain that The Restrainer is The Holy Spirt and

“The Peace that surpasses all Earthly understanding” is also removed from the books.

I believe the Bible once read “I will in those days removed my Holy Spirit from the earth along with my chosen”.   Something like that.  The word “restrainer” was new and put into the book for about three years time.  Now its gone again.

See https://abominationdesolation.com bible change log for details on supernatural bible changes. THIS IS SCRIPTURAL (pre-mandela effect script)

Amos 8:11 & 12. (paraphrased)  I will send a famine upon the Earth.  Not of food or water but rather of my words sayeth The Lord Almighty.  People will search high and low to find God’s words but they will be gone.


The following is part scripture, part guess work, and part Spirit lead writing. I am a scribe of God just as those who wrote the original bible book were also scribes of God.  In the original books pure form they were Truth & Life.  Words of God’s Love and wisdom that endowed power upon the readers.  This is why through the years the words were diluted.  But some words were protected by the seal of God so men could know Truth and be saved.

After all God would not leave us confounded and alone.  To have free will is to have the right to choose evil or good.  To choose how and where we spend our eternity.  To choose whom we shall serve.

Therefore a clear presentation of our choices HAD to be available.  Otherwise no one would have a choice.  This is why we had God’s most vital words to us up until 2017 when the great seal of protection was removed from the book.  This is why we had the option to ask for His Holy Spirit and to seek Him with our whole heart.  God bestowed supernatural gifts upon men.

Now we have end times gifts.

Connection to KJVB Supernatural Changes & Removal of The Restrainer.

I predict there is a connection between the KJV supernatural bible changes and the removal of God’s Holy Spirit, The Restrainer who restrains evil by the praise, prayers, supplications, and presence of the saints on Earth and other He restrains by other supernatural means that we do not see.  He erects standards around His people that cannot be penetrated by evil.  He sends out His own godly frequencies that protect men from emf.  He protects His people under the shadow of His wing (that is the analogy).  God is not a bird with feathers as the book now reads.  But rather the shadow of the Almighty is an analogy.  Why is it not literal?  Because God doesn’t have a shadow as men do which is the shadow of death.  God is Love and God is Spirit.  God is mighty and above all our understanding.  He has stated that it is impossible for Him to tell a lie.  Jesus is The Truth there is no lie in Him.

The Supernatural Bible Changes are Part of God Removing His Holy Spirit from the Earth

The bible is on its way out and has changed far more dramatically than most can see.  EYA IS the only one on Youtube who actually sees the extent and patterns of the supernatural bible changes.

I do know why but there seems to be a distinction between Mandeal Effect signs and wonders.  People like “Jesus Freak Computer Geek” who see some changes like “wine skins” to “bottles” and other obvious changes.  YET, he will stand up on his soap box and quote other corrupt changed and even blasphemous scripture unknowingly and often on his channel.  And those who listen like the helicopter guy and his other frequent guest speakers, they also have no clue when they hear a blasphemous bible change.

It comes down to this, “His Sheep Know His Voice”  God’s elect can see the mark of the beast on these people.  But fear not if they repent during the Great Tribulation they will be delivered and saved with THE GREAT MULTITUDE.

Why is it said that “Few are Chosen”?

The answer to this question isn’t what you would think it would be.  Its not about works persay.  Its not about being good or serving, or the way you treat others though these things do matter ALOT.  But God looks upon the heart.  It is a heart condition that defines if we are to be “chosen”.  The 144 have made choices that fit the criteria of the chosen not chosen then fit he criteria.  Free will is always a big part of who we are.  The one hundred and forty four thousand have stepped into the outline of the chosen by a lifetime of choices.

He who sinneth much Loveth much.  Being the prodigal son was part of their education, their choice that leads to great gratitude of forgiveness from God.

The Great Multitude of Saved Will Happen After the Great Tribulation.

But those days will be shortened thank God!

There WILL BE a GREAT MULTITUDE who are saved so don’t think its impossible. Jesus just wants those who will worship in Spirit and in Truth.  If men are in deep emotional/mental denial and self deception its impossible for them to get real with God.  That is the main problem of why “many are called but few are chosen”.  They have yet to become “THE CLAY” allowing God to change them. Its a choice.  Its free will.  But salvation takes courage because showing God your whole heart is necessary.

The beast uses our emotional condition to feed us lies that become default in our neural-pathways of thought and action.  Breaking patterns of self deception and of lies isn’t as easy as 1,2,3.

It takes a breaking down, an emotional crash of sorts.  It takes great vulnerability toward men and God to finally go to God naked and hiding nothing.

1.  So Then When will The KJVB be Completely Desolate of God’s Inspired Words?

The desecration of the holy place is happening just like birth pains.  Ever increasing.  Its a matter of months not years and the complete desecration of the book will be full.  The abomination of desolation will be complete.

2.  And Moreover When will God Remove His Holy Spirit?

We at Jazweeh.com predict that once the book is desolate of Truth & Wisdom God will take His chosen from the Earth by Rapture.

We also have a sneaking suspicion that having the Holy Spirit which is a gift is not the only criteria for being raptured.  And that some will lose The Holy Spirit at the time of rapture and therefore be left behind. (God forbid my greatest fear is to be rejected by God Himself).

“Having once known God’s great Love for them yet rejecting it by choice. It would have been better for them to have never known God.”  This is the scariest scripture in the book (well was before the changes).  I myself spent so long as the prodigal Son that I know God’s Grace is without end.  Any man who chooses God can be saved if he so chooses.  Because God delivers and re-delivers.

3.  Furthermore is the removal of The Holy Spirit from Earth synonymous with Rapture?

I believe it is synonymous with rapture.  God will take his chosen from the earth and then He will being His way of waking up the great multitude who need a little extra desperation to begin taking their salvation seriously.

They must become overcomers, the clay in God’s hands.  Where it took the elect YEARS to be fashioned by God the great multitude will get an amped up version of their becoming the clay experience.  The great multitude will not have the option to receive The Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands if God has removed it from Earth.  That is a hitch.  I images “God will make a way where there seemeth no way”.  Perhaps if they are about to repent during the G.T. God will immediately take them.  Or perhaps He will just hedge them into a safe place.  I do not know.  Seems to me that without the gifts of The Holy Spirit it will be much harder to overcome evil with Love.  Perhaps God will pour out His Love onto them so they  can more easily overcome evil and make the right choices.

I do not have all the answers but once the restrainer (Holy Spirt) is removed from Earth I do not see how men will overcome especially a great multitude of men.  Maybe I am missing something here.  Perhaps there will be a great fellowship that rises in the time of the end and makes men strong by their Love for one another.  I must pray for answers.

My Answer of How Men Will be Saved During the Great Tribulation after The Restrainer is Removed.

There are gifts for edification of the saints.  And there are gifts that for for salvation.  God will not remove the gift of salvation from the earth, if He did no flesh would be saved during tribulation.

God will not take Faith, Hope, & Love from the Earth in the criteria of salvation, lest the great multitude have no Hope.  It takes Hope to be saved.  The Love of Jesus draws men in.  And Faith is the very fiber of salvation.  These three are the greatest of gifts that do lead to salvation and everlasting life.

Of course.  Tongues will cease and the gifts for edification will be gone.  Basically all the Pentecost gifts like healing, tongues, prophecy, this that and the other.  No Holy Spirit gifts will remain except the salvation gifts.  These salvation gifts shall remain so the remnant may overcome evil with good and be saved by Faith in Hope with Love.


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