What Is The Mark of The Beast? Anthony D. Williams Youtube

Important Video

FINALLY I believe I found some Truth on Youtube.

If Anthony (video) is correct remember this. God Almighty said He would forgive those in the last days when they repent of following the beast.  They were deceived, cunningly.

The forehead mark is a spiritually given mark of which man has not control over.  But the right arm was mentioned in script also before it was altered.  A second mark.  Just like there are two abomination desolations.  Two desecrated holy places.  One is hidden.  The other is told of in this video. He knew what the mark is. And then overnight he started calling it “money” he says now that money is the mark. What happened to him? A man who does countless videos of an absolute conclusion. Then overnight he sings with the rest of the watchmen “Its not the mark, its not the mark.” Maybe he is right.

GMO Food. GMO Humans.

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