The Waiting is the Hardest Part

What to Do When Everything Around You Is Crashing to the Ground?

The Beast is crashing the bankers system.  While God Almighty is crashing the Beast’s system.  Oh yes.  Let the O.W.O. do their reset. Let the one world order usurp their authority over the Harlot ($religion$) and smite the once corporate restrainer.  She was the lesser of two evils.  Watch the beast’s O.W.O. crush the bankers to dust.  They have worked out their details already…world wide.

Your Not Alone.

But now God will take the beast’s newly founded system and CRUSH IT TO OBLIVION.  As prophesied.  The world order won’t last long at all.

What will that look like for us?  For me?  My small business is crashing.  Money…sparce, nearly gone.  Loans?  No such thing.  Sell sell, maybe.

I say thank God I have food to eat, a roof over my head, and a warm bed.  One friend.  And I still have a place to write to you.

The New Way

Total dependency on God Almighty.  First fear, then more fear, some reprieve of finances will come then go. Perhaps we shall all sell our jewelry if there are any buyers.  We may borrow here or there if we have resources who have savings. I don’t.

More fear.  Bills bills with no money to pay.

Finally the merry go round becomes familiar.  And then acceptance.  A little longer, no money.  Then despondency.  Yes its kind of a mix between mild depression and a total lack of motivation.  The waiting for good change, has been too long.  The Hope in me will never die for Jesus’ Love to finally envelope me.  I still have the hope for His presence in natural death.  If that’s still an option.  Part of me thinks that God will have me walk the Earth for 1,000 years accumulating finally a purpose that is filled with great joy and rewards.  But gradually.  Not instant change.  Not instant immortality as far as my human body is concerned. Very gradual changes shall lead to immortality.

But not yet.  Not yet.  I do not know what’s next.  Will I leave Earth or will they?  The separation is done.  Where is the gathering?  Why are there still so many people who need Gathered?  Perhaps we will be raptured.

2023 will be the year of letting go.  We must all let go of our security that has been grounded in the beast system.  We must learn to rely on God Almighty during this tribulation period.

Next comes the listlessness.  Hope remains but its stretched.  Expectations fall to the ground.  More listlessness comes to my heart.  I have given up on second guessing God Almighty.  Its been folly.  And vanity.  And an act of holding on to some semblance of control over events that I have no power over.

What I do have power over is my own emotional condition.  I accept that God made me imperfect.  I embrace the phases of grief.  The loss of system.  And the dependency on God that I finally realize at a deeper level.

I asked to know my own heart and so there it is.  I am not ashamed of fear. It is part of my human condition.  I shame not over my processes of change that bring on emotional prompts.  I accept God’s crashing of the Beast system.  Bring it on!

Screw money!  Screw insurance.  What good is it?  Screw the drivers license.  I will carry the auto tag/plate to the DMV and hand it over to them.  Then they will not suspend my D.L. for not paying insurance.  That My friends is what you do when you can’t pay for your car insurance.  You turn in the tag so to keep your drivers license.

Food is more important than invisible “protection”.  Fuck the beast system and their cops who killed openly George Floyd and all the others called the “two witnesses”.    Witnesses in every country.  There were MANY who died in that same way on TV!  Killed in the street while the whole world watched. Just as prophecy foretold.  (though the book is now changed).

Those murders were the induction of the beast system in 2020.  Their show of power over all other earthly carnal power on Earth.  How do I know?  The same event happened all around the world in many streets on many TV’s at many levels.   Same time.

They showed the whole Earth who is now in charge.  While the people slept through it.  A system that doesn’t give a fuck about human life.

You disagree?  Of course you do, neither can you see the Locust sucking on the faces of mankind.  Neither have you watched the wing of abomination perched in the hair of the many.  Neither do you see the seal or mark on the foreheads of mankind.

You have not lived Jesus’ prophecies first hand watching every word come to pass before your eyes.  Fret not.  Not all are in Jacob’s troubles.  And not all are called to be Israel.  Not all are Jacob.  The Locust is merely a vail that protects the many Christians from seeing into the supernatural events at hand.  Will it sink the eyeballs into the head as written?  Idk.  Many peoples eyes do appear to be sinking.

The four angels are flying and they do minister to some.  They are brilliant and beautiful.

You may ask me…”you see these miracles before you and yet you are forlorned?”  Yes I am forlorned by waiting and by the not knowing how, what, or when.  Please understand, I too have been reliant on the beast for many many years.  I to am comforted by the image of the beast called TV.  Oh yes Father knows me well.   I knew the lie and how I once relied on it.

My Father knows my plight and He knows I will adjust to the changes without lashing out.   He is working patience in me.   I will neither project my fear onto my fellows.  Nor will I scream at God accusing Him of not supplying my needs.  He will supply my needs He always has.  I shall not lash out in these hard times.

And the mana from Heaven will be far better than the poison food the beast has tempted me with all my life.  Screw the beast and its dainties.  Take not of the beast’s dainties when ye sit at its table.  “Poison poison wine and twain (bondage).  Look not upon the red wine in its glass again. It is a deceiver and will take you for a ride to Hell.”  Heave and hoe, heave and hoe let not the evil steal your goal, heave and hoe.

What’s next? Put one foot in front of the other and keep on keeping on.  Its all I can do at this point.

Wait till all devices turn to red dust.  Hmph….that will be change alright.  coping skills are what?  Say this…”Out of the problem, into the solution”.  Remember that saying and say it aloud to yourself when everything we are used to FAILS.

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