Image of the Beast is the TV & Cell Phone

The Image Reaper sows its discord.

Its always better to admit one’s questionable behavior patterns to God rather than hiding from guilt.  Burying guilt and shame makes for a rough ride through life.  A spiritually attuned human knows his own shortcomings.

“Confess your faults one to another and pray one for another so you will be delivered.”  Prayer by my readers about my TV watching is welcome.

THE Image of the Beast Dilemma for Christians & for Myself

Of course its so obvious to me what the image of the beast is.  But the reason Christians generally cannot see or admit it, is likely because they do not want to let go of it.  Is it a sin to watch TV?

We humans are set in front of the TV at the most affected age of mind programming.  It entertains and comforts us. It makes us happy with the pretty cartoons.  We humans are programmed with an emotional allegiance to the image device which we would do well to confront head on.

Personally I have a hate/Like relationship with the TV.  It has betrayed me for years.  I police everything I watch for propaganda and lies.  Many things I simply will not watch.

Leave behind legalism.  Nobody who works at home like myself wants to work without some kind of appeasement & break.  I know myself and I know the attachment I have to distraction from mundane tasks.  Does my Heavenly Father condemn me over this habit of mine?  No, He isn’t real hard on me about this pattern of behavior to watch the TV while sewing.  He put me into the sewing business long ago.

Clearly I have no right to condemn myself.  Furthermore my conscience is my guide.  Guilt and remorse are my triggers for repentance when needed.

I am not ready to stop watching TV…YET.  And it has its uses in my ministry along with the laptop.

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