Primary Reason for Christmas Is Mind Control

Decoding of The Christmas Program.  (please read at minimum the final paragraph).

Predictive Programming- To put a movie, ad campaign, show, media, on TV (image of the beast) radio or any large public platform.  The narrative of the TV campaign is to invite a specifically geared common subconscious reaction.   They anticipate by knowledge & experience how a majority will react to the TV program of the mind.

Example- The news advertises a run on the banks and the crashing of the financial system.  The common reaction is to move our money somewhere safe.


The Priming

First we shower a child in gifts and fun.  They feel love warmth. We surround them with beautiful red, gold and elderberry lights.  We feed the children yummy food.  We shower the children with gift.  We tell them a story of a happy jolly healthy old man and 12 special flying rain deer.  We lie our asses off to the one’s we love most in the name of society.  We comfort the children with the story of joyous Santa & presents.  We also tell the story of Jesus being born on Christmas morning.  And the angels singing.  And that Jesus will never leave them and will keep them safe.  Christmas is Jesus’ birthday!

We lace the story with a threat that bad children are naughty and will suffer for it in the presents department.  Hence instilling fear of impending punishment.


We tell them the Christmas story about God the Creator of all things who loves them.  We speak of Heaven and other happy stories.  We comfort the children with the story of baby Jesus and Heaven.

We lace the story with threats of a devil and naughty children who if bad will suffer in Hell for it.  Hence instilling fear of punishment.

The Crushing Demoralization

“Sorry Johnny and Jane the Christmas Story WAS A LIE.  Satan I mean Santa DOESN’T EXIST.  The elves are fake as well.  We lied to you.   The child breaks down crying.  We just traumatized those we love most.  Our children.  The child’s world is crushed.  The trust in the two people who they depend on the most is ripped away.  They a hurt and angry they feel unsafe.  Trust cannot be regained at heart level.

What about Heaven and Jesus with the angels.  What of eternity of happy candy canes and water slides?  The child asks timidly with a tear.

Oh ya that part’s true says mom & dad.  Don’t worry we are not lying this time.


The child is sufficiently demoralized (naughty nice) & programmed.  Even into adulthood he now REFUSES (due to trauma hurt by the Santa lie) to believe in angels and Jesus. He will not be HURT LIKE THAT AGAIN.  His emotional protection kicks in.   If they lied about Santa and the elves.  They are lying also about God, Jesus, and the angels.

Satan’s (Santa) favorite programming.

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