Do Not Read if you took the Monkey shott.

The Father speaks to the children of God by means of His scribes.  Throughout the night the scribe passes from darkness to light.

The scribe is enlightened by his own writing.  Each sentence shows him what he is to learn.  And so automatic writing is a form of prophecy. has several articles we believe are from God.

  The elite have tried to convince us that we humans came from monkeys for a very long time.  But the truth of it is they have turned some into part monkeys.

What Is The Holy Spirit Revealing to The Children of Light?

Time time and two times have passed over the children of light.  My children remember what is forgotten by the masses.  When the devices spin the wheel within the wheel is revealed by it’s delay.  Then the wheel speaks tragic and prophetic Truth to be heard and shared.

But those who discovered the wheels were overcome.  The greed of many hoards the wheel’s revelation for their own purpose.  And so the gift from God is now sideways.  And so the misuse of the wheel within the wheel destroys time itself.

“All things work together for the good to those who Love God.”

Evil men and righteous men do the will of God.  Both knowing and unknowing.  How is it that those who have one of the greatest powers on Earth are the most ignorant of spiritual Truth?  Father says His scribes have no need of a wheel.  He showed his children the device that has endured through all ages.

What does it do?  The wheel allows travel to the future.  The wheel shows what will be.  And the greedy men digitalized the wheel to attach it to their quantum computing.

How did these evil men become so powerful?

They stoled the information of the wheels and changed the future using the wheel.  But not only that.   They made a covenant with Demonic Rulers from Hell.  A deal.  But they were deceived.  The evil men craved control of all of mankind.  They needed a way to hack behavioral DNA.  They had not the final symbol. (yes a final symbol as the movie Stargate).  The final symbol is revealed here.  A pitchfork of all things.  The rest of the DNA sourcecode is compiled of various letters.

To get the pitchfork the evil & powerful men made a deal with the devil.  We think perhaps they either used potions to commune with demons. Or they used the refrigeration system quantum computers for their demonic deal making.  Ignorant men made a deal to receive the final symbol that would alter mankind in GMO humans.  Genetic engineering particularly behavioral dna changes.  The worst part is the shot blocks or deletes the divine presence of God.  God showed me this Himself.

The animal dna inserted into the genome code of the shot will turn men into part animal.  As it replicates quickly by the Cancer cell lines.  (immortalized cell lines) for replication and quick growth by genetic expression.

People are already showing signs of the rat, the chimp (astral zen.) and the pig from what we can tell.  Their bodies are desecrated by animal dna.  The body will not house both pig and The Sacred Divine Presence of God.   These people neglected the great gift from God that was in them by ignoring it.  And by believing in the beast’s lies.

My people perish by lack of knowledge

You know those pesky godly moral values and the ability to hear from God deleted from humans.    Why?  Power.  God gives His children great power on Earth.  By prayer especially Holy Spirit lead prayer.  He gives us higher language of power & might.

The wheels.  The quantum computers.  The freezers.  Sorcery.  All these play in.  But as they abuse the wheel within the wheel replicating it all over the Earth they are destroying the space/time connection.  They are eliminating Earth’s stability.  Changing the magnetic pulse of Earth is a terrible mishap that will eventually cause the annihilation of Earth itself.  How?

The fakes sun with arc causing a great explosion.  In turn the new sun will ignite and kick in.  The New Earth comes with its new sun.  But many people will die by the explosion of the fake sun.

“The sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light”.  On that great and notorious day of Jesus’ return.

Jesus will not come to Earth in flesh again.  There shall be 1,000 years of the New Earth’s growth period.  Certain scribes will be on Earth to walk the Earth for 1,000 years and keep books on what is.

The destroyers will be dealt with.

In 1,000 years the meek shall inherit the Earth.  Is this not prophecy?  This is all foretold.  Those who handed the beast their crowns by taking the desecration of the temple of God the divine presence left them.  They will meet the lake of fire if they do not repent.

Non Christians and Some Christians will inherit Earth after the 1,000 years of peaceful growth and change.  When the Sun explodes those who are to walk the Earth 1,000 years will be put in a safe place.  They will be made incorruptible and immortal.  As also shall the meek.

The Earth will burn just as prophecy foretold.  The sun will create the New Earth. And the Son of God will rule by His guardians of Earth.  All abuse will end.  No more tears, pain, sickness, death, lies, time.  All will be new.

More will be revealed this article was not technically completed.  I apologize for its abrupt end.


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