Wisdom Knocks & Is Utterly Rejected and Opposed

Wisdom calls to the many but she is ignored and utterly rejected.

Supernatural Bible Changes 

Below I have commenced to rewriting The Book of Proverbs by memory.  Why?  Because the wolf is desecrating all bibles.  How?  God has given me direction I am a scribe of God.  Some verses are new because we are in the end of days and end days proverbs are needed.  For now only the elect remember the bible before the desecration.  The Bible will soon be desolate of most wisdom and Truth.  Some popular verses will remain for posterity.  The strong delusion is that Christians on the most part do not remember the old bibles.  They are somehow being afflicted with false memories.  They are the majority.  They cannot see that the book speaks very vile and putrid lies. They only see, when reading, their preconceived notions of what the Holy book should mean by its words, not what the words do mean. For more on the bible changes see https://abominationdesolation.com for the bible change log 2020.

Before you read the new book of Proverbs below you may want to read a few prerequisites & definitions.


M.E. & P.M.E Mandela effect and pre mandela effect.


“Wisdom” and “Knowledge” in the KJV Bible P.M. (pre-mandela effect) were the only things/or entities referred to in the “her” format that were not a person.  Of course now many ‘its’ are referred to in the KJV bible as “she” and “he”.

The Key to Seeing the Supernatural Bible Changes

From now on I am asking please use the English language as we know it in common everyday life and use double meaning words/that sound the same along with the Webster’s Dictionary to decipher the wolf speaking in the book.

“The Good Shepard’s sheep know His voice”.     Using the English language as a foundation is the simplest way to see past the strong delusion.

Today I will recall the book of Proverbs as it was before the wolf took it over by supernatural means.  ALL existing Bible books online & paper are affected/changed.  All bible connected holy books have changed including the Apocrypha and The Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance & numerically coded Lexicons.  Our very language has changed.

Here is an example of a changed verse, double meaning, strong delusion.

Pro 14:33

Wisdom resteth in the heart of him that hath understanding:but that which is in the midst of fools is made known.
English language translation of Proverbs 14:33
Wisdom is resting is the heart of [him who] not “him that” NEVER would that kind of grammar be tolerated by the scholars of old.)  Furthermore it is disrespectful to humans to use the language of inadimate [now inanimate M.E.] objects as their descriptives.  What is “resting” according to English language. Its saying that even in those with understanding wisdom is inactive, at rest, near sleep, not working, resting.  Notice the winky after it?  Winky’s are always listed after the most insulting new scriptures.
But the WITCH is in the midst of fools.  So those who perhaps were once wise and knowledgeable suffer the presence of the witch [that which].  Yes this is not an English definition its a word that sounds the same, witch & which.  Double meaning.   “That which” will be made known and is being made known now.
Furthermore “that” here can mean ANYTHING “that in the midst of fools will be made known” to be revealed to who, what is “that”?
The scripture is useless.  It is good for noone.  It contains no wisdom no practical advice.  It reveals no deep Truth.  Moreover the “that” sentence can be applied to anything a Christian wants it to because its veg.  Christians can just make it up as they go & they do.
Whereas “that Witch” is in the midst and is revealed to those who see”.  The second meaning of this scripture in this case actually reveals more Truth than the surface meaning.
However make no mistake the Wolf tells huge lies standing in the Holy Book.  It now holds more lies tan Truth.  It reveals the witch/wolf controlling the book and calls Christians “fools”.
[“Call no man a fool”.]  Is a precept of God.

To Know the Precepts of God Are A Third Way to See the Lies in The Bibles that Utterly Refute the Precepts of Love & God.

What are the precepts of God?

Love.  What is Love?

For humans Love is an action of giving. Love is Kind, it is Encouragement, Helps, Kindness, Courtesy, Uplifting, Provision, Protection, Truth, Respect, Loyalty, Patience toward, all these are Love.

In humans feelings are feelings and are not bad but are valid and come from the heart.  Strong feelings should be addressed to know one’s self.  Feelings are neither good or bad without an action attached to them. LOVE is not a feeling.  Just as fear is not bad it is also valid.  It is the unrighteous act that follows fear that is evil.  See https://recoveryfarmhouse.com & .net for more on how to deprogram from dysfunctional reactions to fear.

God is Love

God is Love clearly means a different type of Love.  His Love is all powerful, all knowing, all encompassing, all forgiving, all wise, all knowledge, all understanding, and high above us so much so that this Love is above defining in English words.  God’s Love heals, delivers from bondage and from death itself.

What is the Gospel?

The truth of the Gospel of Jesus is this, that we sought God with all our hearts and HE Himself pointed us to Jesus.  And when Jesus revealed Himself to us He did it in a way that changed us forever.  Hence our testimony of this experience of a changed heart, mind, and Spirit is The True Gospel.  If you do not have a testimony of what Jesus has done for you then you do not know Him YET.

How Do We Get to Know Jesus?

Oh friends it is late in the game for this question but no matter.  With God all things are possible.  Seek and YOU SHALL FIND.  Knock and it SHALL BE OPENED, man seeks with his whole heart putting your search for God above all things in your life.

How do I do that?  You can’t.  It must begin with a prayer to God asking Him to help you find Truth in Him.  All Truth.  Give Him permission to work in your life and to guide you to understanding Him.  To knowing Him.  Then He will lead you into the choices. He will not take your free will.  By each righteous choice you shall grow toward God.  Moreover by each wrong choice you will learn your best and hardest lessons.

Know this…without your wrong choices you will not learn the depth and Graces of your Creator.  Hence the prodigal son experience.  But be sure, the prodigal must as some point come home and count his lessons.  Without the laying on of hands to receive prayer from other believers you might miss [the Baptism of The Holy Spirit.]  Nevertheless [all things are possible with God] and He bestows on those who ask.  [He makes a way where there seemeth no way.]


[Proverbs the way I remember it and some modern end times topical additions].  For by the leading of God the Scribe Writes a new Book of Proverbs.

Read it now breathren.  And see if these precepts of God agree with your heart.  For the words of the wise are health to your spirit and strong enlightenment to your minds eye.

God’s children sleep no more for the end of days is upon us.  And the Ancient of Days (the evil mummy with the spirit of Solomon has awakened from his dust.  I Jazweeh, suspect Solomon was re-amplified by those who would serves him and love the lie.

[Proverbs was the book that led me to connect to God’s inspired words.  When life giving inspired Truth is given from God Himself the words will greatly agree with the hearts of men.  Proverbs was once the most practical of books in the KJVB for teaching how to live righteously and safely.  How?

It read of the lessons of righteousness, faithfulness, loyalty, the precepts of how a man should walk put into practical application.


The principles of Proverbs were as follows—


Truth.  Never lie breathren for it deceives primarily he who tells the lies.

Make no mistake.  All men (mankind) will reap what they sow.  Only Grace by Love eternally covers the karmically invoked (for lack of a better word) live responses or better understood as Love covers the ‘consequences’ of sin.

Love covers a multitude of sin.

If a man says he has no fear the Truth is not in Him.

No fear No courage.

Know fear (within one’s self) & know courage.

A man who grows in courage must walk through the fear.

Never allow fear to paralyze good intentions and the fruit thereof.

Truth is our spiritual armor of protection from the wicked.  The belt of Truth is REAL.  Invisible and powerful.

Satan roams as a serpent & viper on earth seeking whom he may devour for sport.

Satan came to kill steal and destroy.

Evil men have picked up the mantel of Satan and they learn to never admit a wrong.

Evil men carry out the works of Satan with guiltless pleasure.

Satan hates, hates, hates, God’s children, all of them.

Do not compare your insides to other men’s outsides for most men wear a mask of deception etched in a profane appearance of piety and grounded by their own self deception.

Above all lies a man tells, it is he, himself whom he lies to primarily.

The armor of God is as invisible as the wind yet as poignant as a strong man with a sickle in a field of ripe wheat.

How can a man seek God in Truth if he lies to his own heart?

How can a man worship in Spirit and in Truth if He does not first ask for virtuous Truth from God Himself.

How can a man be saved eternally if he puts His faith in a book of lies.

There is no certificate of salvation, for men are saved by Faith.

Faith without works is not Faith Grown True.

All men are given a measure of Faith.

Faith is given to all but all do not nurture their Faith.

We are saved by Faith in God.  Jesus is The Truth, The Life, and The Way to God.

Its not Faith if its not Faith.

Hope & Faith are brothers.

Hope is part of Faith.

Hope is our armor by it we Hope that we shall see eternity with The God of Love.

The Helmet of The Hope of Salvation covers our mind with a purpose to live and show Love to others.

The sword of The Spirit must be wielded to be of use.

A man with no purpose grows dry and withers as a plant without water.

Hope is to be nurtured by the spirit of Truth.  God gives to all men a Truth & Hope that is sanctified to carry men through all the troubles of life on earth.

What men do with their Hope is their decision to make.

Hope & Faith are our only road’s to Salvation excepting one…Love.

Authentic Love is the Greatest and purest of all spiritual gifts.

Faith, Hope, and Love, these three are eternal and are gifts from our Creator the greatest of the three is Love.

There is no greater feat a man can perform than to give his life for his neighbor.

To know God one must first accept truth.

Most often to see hear God’s voice one must first learn to respect himself.

A man’s mind condemns himself in the name of self improvement.

Man has not the right to condemn himself under any circumstance.

All guilt must be addressed & processed before a man can live by truth.

All shame must be addressed & processed before a man can live in truth.

Guilt & shame fog a man’s mind against Truth.

Unchecked guilt makes a man sick from the inside out.

The fruit of an evil man is primarily evil.

Rage unchecked leads men to murder.

Fear denied leads men to self deception.

Anger is not sin.  Be angry and sin not.

Fear is not sin.  Be fearful but proceed on the righteous path toward God through the fear.

Faith & fear easily dwell together.

Fear is part of the human condition.

Without fear mankind would no survive.

Fear is not sin, reactions to fear can be sin.

God appoints His gods of earth and of the here-after.

Salvation is not appointed to perfect men with spotless lives.

If a man must be perfect to inherit the kingdom of God then none would pass through.

Without Faith it is impossible to be saved.

Can a man put God before his riches while his riches save him from death?

Can a man put God before his money while that money grants him power over men?

Can a man put God before his own children?

Can a man put God before His lust for power?

Can a man put God before His lust for beautiful women?

The vile and ungodly will rarely if ever accept responsibility for wronging others.

The vile man’s inclination to blame others for any infraction of error will be his downfall.

Projection of blame is for the relief of strong inner guilt no matter how temporary that relief is.

“Its your fault” is the bible & creed of men who know not the processes that lead to emotional sobriety.

Truth is usually faltered by emotional discomfort and the need to divert guilt.

The diversion of guilt is for men who have not embraced truth.

To accept truth of self is to be on the road to know God.

Wise men have learned what to do with guilt in a way that does no harm to others.

Wise men are authentic toward others.

The froward and foolish men portray themselves as being like unto those whom the TV show as upright and in fashion.

By the stories on the TV the child’s mind is formed.

Truth breaks a man free of childhood programming.

The wise man builds bridges of thought over the lies of childhood programming.

Tame the tongue to follow godly precepts.

More than anything the heart’s Truth needs to be heard and appreciated.

Guard over your heart my brothers for out of it spring the wells of life.

There is a well of power far out of the reach of men.  Evil will not find it.

The fruit of a good natured man is primarily good toward his neighbor and himself.

Good men do evil.

Evil men do good.

The defining of a man is by his actions toward others and himself.

The simple minded looking for a path of leisure, sees danger yet keeps walking toward it.

Sloth takes a man’s life and turns it to a spoil.

Leisure & sloth go hand in hand.

Choosing a path of gluttony and sloth puts a man under a heavy chain of burdens.

Gluttony produces chains of sloth and disease.

Take not of their sweets & dainties they are poison one and all.

By sweet cakes a man is taken hostage by his own stomach.

By status quo the mind of a man is twisted against the precepts of Truth & of Love.

By peer pressure to copy the crowd “different” is made to be a bad thing.(by different I do not mean fashion, apparel, & weird clothing where different is popular.)

A man of virtue is seldom recognized as virtuous in a crowd of blind men.

To seek God in Truth is to be alone.

To be a torch bearer for God is to be alone.

The church is created to repel men away from Jesus.

The trauma of the Santa Claus lie is made to repel men from believing and growing their Faith in Jesus.

Some very evil and powerful men know how to form a mind by TV, educations, and programming.

Wisdom is eternal but some knowledge has temporal applications.

In a society of insanity the sane man is considered to have insane ideas.

The first lesson of survival is how to grow food from seed.

He who controls the food in modern society controls the man.

Evil men have sought out and created man poisons.

Evil men fear losing what they have or not getting what they think they need.

Evil men trample their neighbor to get what they think they need.

A fool doesn’t know what is good for him.

There are many fools in today’s society and most men unwittingly serve the beast.

Men who live for a good time pay no attention to the eternity before them.

Man was not put on earth for a good time.  It is folly to his soul and a braking to his spirit.

Man is given free will.

Man was put on Earth to choose whom he shall serve for eternity.

Logic before authority.

A policeman hands his own moral choices to the beast.

The cop hands his soul to Satan.

Men take a path to choose Hell singing these words to their Creator “It was just my job.”

Moral choices should always be retained in one’s own command.

The fool hands the great responsibility of his own soul’s eternal placement to his carnal temporary boss/leader/captain/general/authority figure and the seeking of money and esteem of peers.

Carnal pleasure is fleeting but the soul is eternal.

Carnal pleasure is fleeting but the spirit is eternal.

The flesh profits little and will burn as sun drenched grass, while the spirit lives on past time.

Wisdom comes to those who diligently seek God.

The fool does not see danger.  He cannot recognize the direction of his ways to show him where he will end up.

The fool knows not where and how he should go for his well being.

The fool seeks no direction from his Creator.

To ignore danger and walk on is to fall into a pit.

He who ignores danger so he can take comfort falls into the pit.

The wicked have the power to give to the poor yet they withhold.

A rich man’s money hold him hostage to fear.

Money is the root of much evil.

Greed makes a man ill from the inside out.

The righteous rejoice in the Lord and He gives them the desires of their heart.(double meaning).

Stand in righteousness toward God and it will be marrow to your bones.

Devising false stories trips a man in his walk.

The man who makes up the lie to appear benevolent discounts his own soul.

He who puts a selfish need before the life of a neighbor mares his own soul.

He who cracks the bones of the weak shall reap what he sows one hundred fold.

Vanity is sorcery.

The woman who lures men by her beauty and deceives them with her vanity has ill motives.

The harlot is concerned with what she can get from you.  She uses allurements of the flesh to bind men into a soul’s prison.

Why & how does the harlot of allurements steal a man’s soul?  Seek God first, FIRST the Truth & to know God and be lead of Him then ALL other things [good] shall be added unto you.  The woman of allurements shall abade and detour ye from this quest.

By magicians & witches the souls of men are harnessed as feed to the mighty demonic forces of old.

By the [ancient of days] (the evil one) a man loses his sight.

Our God of good nature is our Eternal Creator and Lord of lords.  He is King of kings and the Alpha and Omega.  Nothing is that He did not allow. He is Spirit.  He is Love.  He is Truth and He will not endure mocking by the wolf much longer.

God will by no means ever make the lie.  He will not devise a deception.  Nor will He skin the cat to prove His power.

Neither God or His Holy Spirit will be out for display.

False Pride comes before a great fall.

Children in school learn not of the most important aspects of human life

Children in school are tamed down and shamed unto the crushing of their freedom of expression

Children in school are taught that their originality of expression is wrong and bad

Children are taught to demoralize one another for the beating down of the masses

Children are programmed to be subservient and copy cats

Children are formed emotionally in the years 1-8 treated as the enemy by those who hate & fear all men children learn not to trust their own heart.

Children are taught not to trust their own mind.

Children are taught not to trust their own eyes.

Children are taught that they are bad & wrong above all things they are feeble destroyers of mother earth.

Children are taught that they are not special.

Children are taught that there is no God who Loves them.

Children learn in school above all things self loathing and demoralization.

Moreover by demoralization the child learns self deception & lies.

By demoralization the heart of a child is broken to pieces.

By demoralization a child seeks carnal solutions to their inner pain.

By demoralization the child picks up the mask of popularity given to him by the beast.

By demoralization the child becomes he who is seen in society as loved and liked, pretty, and witty.

By demoralization the child learns to demoralize others.  And so the cycle gains the momentum of inertia.

To ignore and repress our heart’s voice is to bring on sudden death of spirit.

If a man cannot be who he is then who will he be made to be?

If a man feels he cannot be himself he is then vulnerable and easily made & formed by others.

The unseen power of evil knows the mind of children.  He boasts of how he creates men by first crushing their spirit.

A man can step into who he really is even after years of diversion and mask wearing.  With God all things are made new.

He who the Son sets free is free indeed.

The Truth will set you free.

The Truth will set your free.  Jesus is also The Truth.

A wise man sees his own heart first, then he may understand the hearts of others.

A man dull of mind and rejecting of Truth knows not the consequences of sin.  Blame is his strong suit and denial is his armor.

For a man to examine his own heart he must first accept the solutions to fear and know that fear is part of being human.  Then the man can look in spite of shame.

Love is a kind action toward another.

Love is always Truth.

Fond memories are as a well of comfort that sprinkles into the heart in times of trouble.

To remember what God has done for us strengthens our Faith and drives Hope into our now.

Reject words of those who insist on invalidating our hearts voice.  The critical tongue invokes doubt.

The heart knows its own bitterness therefore no man can interfere with its joy.

Above all that our heart needs, we crave The Love of our Creator first.

The beast presents gods to men to worship in the form of actors on a screen and stories told that are not real.

On the TV there is more truth in fiction than in the words that are presented as truth.

We do live in the upside down.  Evil is spoken of as good and good is spoken of as evil.  And few Christians know the difference from blessings & blasphemy in their “Holy Book”.

The Holy book is no longer holy and the wolf speaks great lies and deceives most who read it.

Jesus is The Son of God He was never the son of any man.  Born of a woman by immaculate conception Jesus is The Son of God.

Sorceries and witches are responsible for the strong delusion that lays on Christians.

The Bible has become the most sought after idol of our time.  Made by hands of men and changing by supernatural witchcraft the book is now full of lies while those who are deceived call it “The Word of God” the name that is only given to Jesus Himself.

Idolatry is not a thing of the past.  The idols of today put shows on by concerts and Christians who have never raised their hands in worship of God do raise their hands above their heads in worship of Hollywood’s painted idols.

Come to find out prophecy is not to see the future but rather it is to confirm the present.  God has warned us by prophecy.  And as end times progress those who see the signs and wonders receive true confirmations by God’s past inspired words.

The Word of God is now written on the hearts of God’s children.  The bibles have fallen to the wolf.

If a man is brave he can go through his past and discover who he is.

Few men know themselves, the beast has sold them a bill of goods telling all men that they are “bad & wrong.”

The demoralization of children is the beginning of mind control.

Once a man’s heart is broken by a false narrative in adolescence that he is all bad and no good can be in him he then searches to become someone else.

Give me your children until they are 8 and I will have them for life.

The demoralized children copy & become those who they see as loved by many.

Those who live by Truth and honor are seen as wrong.

Different is seen as bad.

imagination is crushed in the beast system and labelled “weird”.  This crushes also the child’s heart.

It is not sin that keeps men from salvation.  Sin is a deterrent from seeking God in Truth and Spirit.

Men only needs to seek God with their whole heart diligently to know Him.

God will not fix us if we do not ask.

To know God we must first be fixed at heart level.

God wants fellowship not robotic servitude.

Common sense is lost in Christianity.

“If I am sinless then God will Love me”….to be human is to be a sinner.

God’s Love is unconditional not dependent upon perfection.

Love takes priority over law.  Seek God with your whole heart.

If God expected perfection from humans He would not have made humans imperfect, weak, flawed, and tempted.

We do not have to like anybody.

Love is not a statement of “I love you”.  The statement “I love you” is usually said to receive a response in return.

Encouraging words are healing.  “Good job” my friend your are beautiful to me  also talented and inspiring.

Don’t tell me you love me.

Love is an action.

God is Love.  He is a powerful force who bestows peace of mind on the men who seek Him diligently.

God is not easy.  We must seek Him fervently.

Seek and you shall find, seek again, and again, and again.

Never stop seeking God.

God looks upon the heart of men.]

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