Wisdom Knocks & Is Utterly Rejected and Opposed

Wisdom calls to the many but she is ignored and utterly rejected.

Supernatural Bible Changes 

Below I have commenced to rewriting The Book of Proverbs by memory.  Why?  Because the wolf is desecrating all bibles.  How?  God has given me direction I am a scribe of God.  Some verses are new because we are in the end of days and end days proverbs are needed.  For now only the elect remember the bible before the desecration.  The Bible will soon be desolate of most wisdom and Truth.  Some popular verses will remain for posterity.  The strong delusion is that Christians on the most part do not remember the old bibles.  They are somehow being afflicted with false memories.  They are the majority.  They cannot see that the book speaks very vile and putrid lies. They only see, when reading, their preconceived notions of what the Holy book should mean by its words, not what the words do mean. For more on the bible changes see https://abominationdesolation.com for the bible change log 2020.

Before you read the new book of Proverbs below you may want to read a few prerequisites & definitions.


M.E. & P.M.E Mandela effect and pre mandela effect.


“Wisdom” and “Knowledge” in the KJV Bible P.M. (pre-mandela effect) were the only things/or entities referred to in the “her” format that were not a person.  Of course now many ‘its’ are referred to in the KJV bible as “she” and “he”.

The Key to Seeing the Supernatural Bible Changes

From now on I am asking please use the English language as we know it in common everyday life and use double meaning words/that sound the same along with the Webster’s Dictionary to decipher the wolf speaking in the book.

“The Good Shepard’s sheep know His voice”.     Using the English language as a foundation is the simplest way to see past the strong delusion.

Today I will recall the book of Proverbs as it was before the wolf took it over by supernatural means.  ALL existing Bible books online & paper are affected/changed.  All bible connected holy books have changed including the Apocrypha and The Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance & numerically coded Lexicons.  Our very language has changed.

Here is an example of a changed verse, double meaning, strong delusion.

Pro 14:33

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