5G Tyrany Urgent Informative Video!

Logic Before Authority

I apologize people…ONCE AGAIN CENSORSHIP STRIKES HIT YOUTUBE.  Logic before authority has had this video removed from his channel by YT.  That means its blacked out everywhere even though it was embedded on this page.

Satan is described as the prince of the power of the air…..[airways].  Now we understand why.  Because ALL wireless radiation & frequencies are lethal.  From FM to 5G.  What’s more people’s minds are being hijacked by wifi.  Their histories changed overnight and on-going.


But how do you tell someone who is being downloaded with a false history and has the mark of the beast (fallen angel wings or goat head) on their forehead that history WAS NOT that way.  We call it the Mandela Effect.  And the only protection from the deceptive downloads is the belt of Truth and the helmet of salvation and the rest of the spiritual armor.

To those of us who see the new false history and remember the true history there are so many changes its astounding.  While the goats & 1/2 asleep sheep both say, “same as it ever was, same as it ever was.”

Also we are experiencing “the strong delusion” and the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet. We are watching as the KJVB changes supernaturally and on-going.

The corruption of all bibles will not stop until the complete desolation of God’s wisdom in the book is complete. Its well on its way to being “desolate”, devoid of the power & words of God.

Radio Towers & 5g.

Radiation Towers were later called “radio towers” were invented around 2003.   Spanish flu not long after killed millions.  We now know Spanish flu had same symptoms as Corona Virus.

2018 It was a Rothchild family who funded the bought & paid for diagnoses of a doctor who announced the deaths in 2018 were due to influenza.  Bill gates’ grandfather was right there in the mix when radio towers that killed millions were erected then blamed on Spanish flu. 5g rolled out in Wuhan, people die they call it “corona”.

They Didn’t count on us.

“If God does not shorten those days of the end times no flesh would survive.”

Jesus is shortening the days because He is returning and the end of days is upon us.  Enough is enough. The separation of the goats and the sheep had to be fulfilled.  The dividing of time is upon us.  The signs and wonders are here.

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