SALVATION 101, SALVATION FOR DUMMIES (you are no dummy Its an Idiom)

Vital End Times Prayer is Below for those who have already accepted Jesus but need a tune up.

In a nut shell.  Seek God with your whole heart, mind, and strength.  Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.  Hide none of the parts of your heart.  Do not compartmentalize with God.  What you don’t show Him He will not fix.

Let not shame and fear induce lies and dishonesty toward God Almighty.  Show Him all of yourself the good and the bad.  Ask Him to help and save you.  Ask Him for healing and deliverance.  Get to know through prayer ongoing, and meditation.   Know Him so He doesn’t say “depart from me ye workers of iniquity for I never knew you.”

What is the new “Blood Gospel”?  They say we are saved by the blood of Jesus some say protected by the blood.  We are saved by Faith in God/Jesus is The Son of God, His plan for our salvation is True.  Blood has its place and is symbolic.  I think there is power in the Blood of Jesus but its a mystery.

I asked God Himself to show me what all this “blood of Jesus” stuff means.  The next morning I dreamed it was raining blood on me.  So “covered in the blood of Jesus” is a protection (I surmise) that goes beyond the armor of God.

If all we needed is the blood of Jesus however, He could have poured some into a cup and offered it to us.  Oh wait, He did according to the stories.

Please don’t say “Jesus died for my sins”.  No He died for me so I too could overcome death’s chains.

Jesus died so He could take the keys to death and Hell for us so we also have the keys to death and hell. What He did for us He did in Spirit.  Blood is flesh & carnal.  Not that His blood was not precious but rather I am saying in all my spiritual awakenings born again experiences and so on NEVER ONCE has God pointed me to blood.  Except maybe now in research.  Nor did I see any blood present during my baptism of the Holy Spirit/healings/deliverances and so on.

But the Spirit of God & other believers praying for me were present at all my God given miracles of deliverance.

Because Jesus died and took the keys to death and hell the grave can no longer hold us hostage. “For God so Loved Us that He gave His only begotten Son. Jesus The Son of God, so whosoever believes in Him/Jesus shall shall shall shall (changed to “should” lie/corruption) not perish but has everlasting Life.” My people perish for lack of knowledge. By His stripes we are healed. The testimony of what Jesus did and does for me is the gospel. What it was like before Jesus (misery), what happened(deliverance), and what its like now(peace,hope,faith,love) that’s the gospel.  The testimony from those who know & Love Jesus, from those delivered from bondage by Him.

The blood is now a doctrine in a book.  Satan likes blood sacrifices.  Jesus had a task to complete by His death.  And by one man Adam came the curses and so by one man Jesus the curse of death and hell/grave are broken. He was not a Satanic blood sacrifice.

Grave where is thy power death where is they sting?  Father tells me that the blood is symbolic and it is fine to see it as same.  The gospel is your testimony of what Jesus did for you.  That is the gospel of Jesus.

Consider this-The Armor of God is our Spiritual protection.  Passover is Old Testament doctrine.  The armor of God is our protection.

Remember this little child.  You are God’s child made in His image, you Do Not Have the Right to Condemn Yourself to Hell in your mind.  Self condemnation is a sin don’t do it.

How to be saved by God.

Pray from your heart.  Reach deep down into yourself and get honest and real with God.  Tell Him how you feel, what you don’t know, your distrust, your fears, your Love, your hate, all of it.  Ask God to reveal Himself to you.  Ask God to save you from yourself and the lies. 

Ask God for Truth, Faith, Grace, Love, Hope, and to open your eyes.  Ask God that you be NOT deceived anymore.  Ask Him to reveal to you what He requires if anything.  This is salvation 101, get real with God. 

If you doubt His existence TELL Him.  If your pissed at Him TELL Him.  Show respect.  Respect other people.   Repent of the sins you are ashamed of.  Confess sin.  But also ask questions.  Pray from your heart.

Solutions to a life of Sin

Repentance is a solution for sin use it.  The 12 steps are a solution to guilt and shame that will reveal your character defect patterns.  You want peace?  Pray and use the 12 steps then use step 5 for repentance.  Do the 12 steps the way the Christians devised them.  Its not just for addicts.  One thing I have seen for certain, Christians and addicts are very much alike in their patterns of behavior and thinking.  Ouch! you may not like this observation but if you want peace work the 12 steps with your whole heart including Jesus and prayer at every turn.


We are Saved by FAITH, FAITH, FAITH, FAITH, FAITH…..through Grace NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.  The book is fallen. Especially KJV is fallen.

The Bible has changed so to me its irrelevant what scripture you quote because The Word of God does not reside on paper it is in my heart and forever fixed in Heaven.

The KJVB is a corrupt pile of garbage with a few deep truths left in it.  The greatest spiritual gifts are Faith, Hope, and Love but the Greatest is Love.  So, don’t tell me “I Love you.”  That would be a contradiction of terms.  Love is an action.

Grace is unmerited favor not salvation.  Faith without works is dead.  Grace without faith is mortal and shallow.  Grace is the catalyst by which our faith is gifted, Grace is a bi-product of Faith.   Wherein when we were sinners we were not worthy of Jesus or His sacrifice for us.  Grace has a part in our salvation but we are saved by our FAITH in Jesus when we believe with our heart.  The relationship comes by ongoing prayer.  We should listen not just talk.

This “Saved by Faith” is why God doesn’t come down and show Himself to us.  This is why people have to read signs and see signs and wonders, faith is why we receive gifts that we may be used of God through faith because we believe in Him….

IF ITS NOT FAITH THEN ITS NOT FAITH.    For that which is no longer Hoped for is revealed, shown to us then we have our proof, then God and us are in the same space, realm, dimension, we are like HIm….Spirit.

But now we have the flesh to contend with along with the enemy who by our own mistakes and sin gets access from time to time to our ear.

The atheist always wants proof but if he got his hard proof that his eyes could see his ears could hear and his hands could touch he still wouldn’t believe, he would then say “oh your an impostor”.  But if the atheist did get his carnal proof of God coming down and convincing the man He is God then the atheist would NOT BE SAVED…WHY?

Because its not Faith if God comes down and proves it in the flesh, carnally to us.

Granted we have to have our own proof that God exists but proof that still qualifies our belief as Faith. Seems there are rules.

And to him who much is given much is expected.  Repetition meditation (step 11) in Jesus should include positive affirmations.  Why?  Because you have been programmed by the beast system to hate yourself.  Repetition can override those negative self condemning thoughts, therefore go through all the good things you have done when you pray and meditate.

How to get REAL with God during prayer and meditation

Say some things like this for confession and positive affirmations.

“I did this good thing today, I am seeking God, I showed Father my whole heart, I told Father I am afraid of trusting Him, I fear the unknown, I confessed to Father that I believe in my heart that I am bad and wrong, I confessed my deepest darkest secret that I didn’t want anyone to ever know, I wrote down all my fears and asked God to removed them instead of pretending I am not afraid, (fear is part of the human condition and not a sin).  I became courageous before God by telling Him who a really am at core level.”

Positive affirmations to yourself do these over and over to override beast programming of “I am bad and wrong”.

I spoke kind to myself today, I prayed and spent time listening to God, I fed my children, I treated others well, I wrote an article of what I learned about faith and on and on at least 5 days a week to reprogram from the beast system self loathing that separates us from God by fear.

Go to my and .net websites for more recovery techniques because recovery is recovery from the beast system which forms addicts and haters.    ITS NOT YOUR FAULT IF YOU SPEAK BADLY TO YOURSELF, YOU NEED RE-PROGRAMMED.  It takes time.

Truth takes great effort because of beast system programming that has trained men to take comfort in the lie.

Vital End Times Prayer

God will reveal your heart if you ask Him. Ask for Truth, Love, Faith & Hope. Ask to be True in the site of God.

We Must Be As Little Children To Inherit The Kingdom of God

Pray that your own heart be revealed to you by God this is vital for most to stay out from under the strong delusion. Why? If we cannot see our own heart and believe me we are all programmed by the beast system to be blind to our own heart by denial, secret shame, & unprocessed fear. If we cannot know ourselves we cannot easily or usually approach God in Truth we must get real with God from our core heart to be found worthy. God looks upon the heart do not hide it from Him.

To be of the chosen few we must suffer through the shedding of the ego that blinds, its a very painful and long process to shed ego/the mask/falsity. But I pray in these times the process of becoming who we really are can be supernaturally shortened for the sake of those who should be of the elect but not yet are.

Does this mean we are perfect never acting from false pride or vanity? No. It means we recognize when we are acting out of ego or emotional defense mode therefore we can stay in Truth. We must come to Father as little children who have not developed emotional survival skills of denial and self deception. If we deceive ourselves we may be also approaching God from ego. I am saying our emotions are very much tied to our relationship with God. Do we come to Him stating that which we think He wants to hear or do we come to Him with a True heart? God will reveal your heart if you ask Him. Ask for Truth, Love, Faith & Hope. Ask to be True in the site of God.