SALVATION 101, SALVATION FOR DUMMIES (you are no dummy Its an Idiom)

Vital End Times Prayer is Below for those who have already accepted Jesus but need a tune up.

Remember this little child.  You are God’s child made in His image, you Do Not Have the Right to Condemn Yourself to Hell in your mind.  Self condemnation is a sin don’t do it.

How to be saved by God.

Pray from your heart.  Reach deep down into yourself and get honest and real with God.  Tell Him how you feel, what you don’t know, your distrust, your fears, your Love, your hate, all of it.  Ask God to reveal Himself to you.  Ask God to save you from yourself and the lies. 

Ask God for Truth, Faith, Grace, Love, Hope, and to open your eyes.  Ask God that you be NOT deceived anymore.  Ask Him to reveal to you what He requires if anything.  This is salvation 101, get real with God. 

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