Faith Vs. Works. Shalimar The New Earth.

God’s Promise of a New Earth Is Already In the Works

By the hand of the beast and the eternal Faith & Hope of the Godly God’s will is done on Earth.

When the Harvest is finished then Shalimar the abode of Love, the New Earth, comes.

The sanctified, holy, unstoppable prayers of Faith have gone out to set in motion by God’s hand destruction of the beast system.   You see God gave all His children a part to play in bringing down the beast.

Even those children who died without the promises fulfillment.  They too had their part to play.  We know our part in this war.  God showed us who we are and our next purpose.

There is no stopping the beast’s annihilation of devices and of power.  The demon knows his time is short however the beastly brutes at the top of the pyramid who serve the demons, do not.  But they will.  They will soon see the demise of every vice & abomination they created.  All of them.   The caves will not protect the elites.  They have lost and are losing their power demons.  And that strips them naked.  All that will be left in them are the seven deadly sins and the crate (body) which provides a home for their demonic horde.

Yes I am aloud to despise the oppressors & genocidal murderers of the many.  I am aloud to despise evil works.

For those who are destined for Shalamar (Abode of Love) which is the New Earth, they shall be changed in the twinkling of the eye that is.  The Gentiles will sleep for a time.  While God’s appointed warriors and those who go before the throne walk the Earth for one thousand years.  Their new purpose is a journey which teaches them God’s New Nature & its miraculous Wonders.

They will scribe the new books of Truth.  Books which no man will alter ever.  They will grow strong to be Guardians over Shalamar so the Beast can never again rise to have great power over God’s children.

For this purpose God allows the first New Earthers to keep their memories.  They shall be guardians over the Earth that they Love and respect.  NOT RULE!

Rulership is and always has been oppression.  Men threaten and abuse mankind so they scream for a ruler to protect them from who they perceive as the threat.  Men steal their crops and burn their homes until the people cried for a ruler.  Not knowing that the very people who are killing them are also their choice as king.  Manipulation of the masses 101.  Propaganda is their weapon of mass destruction.  And poison is their favorite slow perilous genocide.

These men are now reaping what they sowed.  However the masses see very little.  Even those with open eyes cannot see all that God is doing.  Jesus is here.  But it will take some time to clean up the mess while He works in stealth.


God allowed evil so men could make their eternal choice of God, Evil, or Unbelief.  The three spiritual choices of the Harvest.  Will God make Guardians of Earth from those He doesn’t know.  Will He choose those who never showed Him their whole heart no matter what was in it?  Doubtful.  But nevertheless the Gentiles will have their paradise.

The Gentiles must sleep for a time.  They will no longer have access to the sacred tree.  They no longer need the knowledge of evil.  Only the knowledge of Good.  If they have the mustard seed of Faith they are also destined for The New Earth.


God Handed Us All, Both Sacred Trees.  The Tree of the Knowledge of God/Good and The Tree of the Knowledge of evil.

For our benefit and learning he showed us both.  He gave us Hope, Love, & Faith to grow within us.  Humans do not appreciate what comes to them easy.

The 144 have fought for their knowledge and for their closeness to God.  They overcame the beast.  They overcame their flesh.  But not all.  They are NOT PERFECT.  Nor are they sanctimonious.  They don’t want to “rule” over anyone.  But they already rein over this Earth.(a mystery seen in Spirit).  To see this one would have to be able to look into the Spirit realm of Truth.  Their victory is by Faith as are their prayers.  The Earth had to be won back by Faith which reflects in the Heavens.  Their works of Faith in God reflect back to the Fathers of their Fathers.  And the Mothers of Faith and of Hope.  We are connected by bloodlines to the heavenly realms.

Pearls of Wisdom

In their walk they were blessed to fulfill the Holy Grail.  To know one’s purpose in Life and fulfill it.  A purpose given by God and fulfilled by Faith, Hope, and Love.  Perseverance to rely on God in the face of many trials.  All believers go through a measure of testing.  And by it they are either blessed and strengthened.  Or they fall away being shaken.

Rely rely rely on God.  It’s the only way to overcome.

Our connection to the eternal and the Heavens is a mystery.  What we do in Faith matters more than we know.

Perhaps this is why the Watchmen on Youtube have gone over the top to minimize works of Faith.  Perhaps in their fervor to show salvation by Faith they went to an extreme.  Darkness is using their faith/works salvation doctrine to stop prayers and repentance.  And to try to stop works of Faith.

The many outspoken Watchmen are the sign of Jonah and I thank God for them. As Jonah was also a Watchmen.  Yet they minimize works of Faith.  And the great blessing in overcoming by the word of our testimony of Jesus working in our lives.  By that testimony we grow strong.  Jesus came to bring us life more abundant.

Who Are the 144?

The New Earth comes!  The 144 are anomalies.  Humans who stood against many many obstacles to their Faith, Hope, and to their great works of Faith.  They failed many times.

God’s Love is an action not a feeling.  They need Grace and forgiveness more than most due to their treacherous prodigal walk.  They died and overcame death.  Not as The Only Begotten Son.  But rather as a son of God.  The vail had to be ripped.  So they could see.  They loved not their lives unto death.  They war in the Spirit.  They are not famous.  Or rich or important to men.  They are properly judged by no one except God.

NO MAN IS SAVED BY WORKS but we show our Faith by our works.  Paul said “Faith without works is dead.”   To find salvation is a work of exercising the Faith we are given.  All of our actions are technically- works.  Prayer is a work of Faith.  And without the work of prayer how can a man come to know God?

ALL MEN NEED GRACE.  It is a component of forgiveness & exhibits God’s Love toward us.  While the media on Youtube reduce salvation to death and blood sacrifice.  Jesus took the keys to death and to hell and handed them to all believers.  What He did in death matters.  He overcame death by The Spirit of God.  Not by might or by power but by My Spirit sayeth The Lord.



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