What The Spirit Says to the Churches Today

Today is a Good Day for a Great Decree Has Gone Forth

Synopsis of this long article A Spirt Led Word from Jazweeh we believe is from The Creator.

The separation of the people is finished sheep from Goats.
Those chosen of Satan & of God are sealed.
The beginning of the end of this earth is here.
The chosen few begin to receive their improvements to body.
The Earth begins its walk of demise.
The new Earth is now on the way Shalamar.
The Great Tribulation is decreed so the great multitude will be desperate enough to seek God in Truth.

and more____________________

The day of the crow is here the beginning of the end.

The bibles have changed supernaturally (what I say is Truth) to reflect that its birds have changed from Robins, Sparrows, and Doves to Ravens, Crows, and hateful bird. Yes “hateful bird”

Rev 18:2
And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

Gen 8:7
And he sent forth a raven, which went forth to and fro, until the waters were dried up from off the earth.
Granted Noah never sent out two birds before. Some well know verses were not changed for posterity.
But that is not my topic today.

A decree has been declared this day in the Heavens by the Almighty Creator of the Heavens and of Earth & mankind.

The Dividing of Time

This day He declares to all who listen & hear “the separation of the goats and sheep is complete. The choices have been made by the people. Those who choose Satan and Hell have chosen & are marked claiming who they serve and likewise the chosen the elect of God by their choices are in place and sealed.”
Now The Spirit says to the churches “the earth is no longer of use in its condition. Its purpose for the separation is complete. Now the beginning of the annihilation of earth in its corrupt form will begin. Hold fast says the Father to His children. Hold fast to your Faith, Hope, and Love. For these are eternal.”

Who Is the Writer?

I am a scribe of God not a prophet.  I have at times veered from God’s words & spiritual thoughts to me.  I veered by imputing my own obsessions about certain topics in some of my writings.   At this God winks He expects it. I repent.   However this day I write what I am told._____________Jazweeh

End of Days

“The earth has completed its purpose for the separation of the sheep from the goat’s. Now there is a new purpose for Earth, a new age that is fleeting, the age is very short in time. It is called the “the end of times”.
The Purpose for end times is not punishment. The purpose is for the remnant of souls who Father wants to bring in. He sees their heart and he knows their plight. There is a remnant of tribulation saints who must reach out for God with their whole heart. And unfortunately desperation is the only way that will happen.

New Jerusalem?

As with any of God’s plans the destruction of a corrupt earth to bring in the new beginning, the new earth, called Shalamar (meaning abode of Love) is His perfect plan.

No the place is not “New Jerusalem” as the Jewish power hungry men who have lost their way would say.

Would God create a world of Love titled “Je-r-u-Salem”? Would Father create a world of Love after a corrupt power hungry group of relentless soul stealing thieves who Jesus Himself called “Sons of Satan”?

Here-in lies the blindness of the masses to swallow the swill and not connect the dots of reality.

The connection in the neural pathways fails.
New Jerusalem is the throne of the antichrist. The great harlot speaks lies. Who is the Great Harlot? Why the church of course. The “Ancient of Days” is the spirit that inhabits the antichrist. (The Mummy Movie).
The Good Part
The remnant are many. “The Great Multitude”. The chosen are few. “Many are called few are chosen”.
Decree- “My chosen are sealed. Now begins their transition unto improvements. Now begins the transfiguration of the chosen few. Within and no later than 7 years hence every one of my chosen WILL be brought home. Depending on what they choose to do the dates vary but are in this range of 7 years from. This doesn’t mean that Jesus returns in 2027. The chosen know in their hearts when He will return. The chosen will also come home and some will return to help the tribulation saints if they so choose.
The earths precepts and ways will be fresh in their minds and they will have empathy for the slow transitioning saints of old.”

A poem for the Chosen Few (for only those few will understand what this poem means.)
WRITTEN 06-23-2010 A prophecy of the decree given this day.


Twilight comes her transition

Peacock brides with suicidal thoughts 
Tug at her state of mind

She weans her spirit from darks quiet calm 
The sun as a thorn impresses her mood
Called to the dance of her soul 
She circles her spectrum of thought to find only fear

How do I dance the dance of Love?
Teach my soul to dance the dance of Love!
Crying she stays in her pose

Better that she dances for fear than never to dance?
She laughs a familiar laugh when finally hearing the birds
When suddenly her ears are relieved of cottony deafness

Call not the dogs for the sound abrupt!
Please kind lover call not the dogs
Shame to hear their cry of thorns and worse to be felt
The loving doves fly to her rescue

Grace is her passionate desire and grace shall she have

Twilight again comes her transition
Make hast sweet scented spirit of Love

For this day, the dance of fear shall end in her soul and her heart
The weaning has passed

She is free__________________________

“The Weaning Has Passed”

We the chosen have weaned off this carnal Earth (please this does not mean perfection, we are human still and have certain human habits but not habits of oppression or bondage.) The Earth holds little for us.

Whereas the great multitude of remnant on the earth must be quickly taken off the milk of earth where they have been raised and injected with Spirituality. The Spirit calls. It is time. They have anchors in the waters of Earth that must be reeled in. Pull in the anchor, Anchor Hoe!

The transition of the elect shall move to “acute” says The Spirit. I give it 6 months and most every chosen few will leave Earth by their own volition and choice. Father is a Creator of free will.

Counterfeit Rapture to the cloud (Amazon)

Unlike those who worship the Bible and claim to be brought into the clouds on their rapture. Instead they will be brought into the “cloud” to Satan their God and his Artificial Intelligence Hell.

When the chosen few are raptured they will be taken to the Heavens not the cloud.

Peacock Brides

The Peacock brides are those who call themselves the
“bride of Christ”. The go on youtube and read the corrupt bible, quote vile and blasphemous changed scripture and speak lies unknowingly while their own heart eludes them. They have perfected denial. Its not their fault. The beast has brainwashed them and downloads their minds with lies and a false reality.
The chosen few listen to them to watch the progress of the beast.

The Chosen do not pretend they have no fear nor do they see fear as a sin. Fear is part of the human condition. They embrace this truth. For in knowing this truth the solution(s) to their fear is available.

Vile and deceptive Peacocks in Bible as well. Now we understand why. https://nypost.com/2020/02/22/miamis-aggressive-pooping-peacocks-to-be-relocated/

From one article about Peacocks on mental floss website.

“When peacocks mate with peahens, they give out a loud “copulatory call.” Canadian researchers Roslyn Dakin and Robert Montgomerie discovered that the birds can “fake” this call to attract more females. As the BBC’s Ella Davies put it, “By pretending they are mating when they are not, the birds could convince females they are more sexually active—and therefore genetically fitter—than their rivals.”

In fact, one-third of the calls heard by researchers were fake, and the birds that made them scored the most hookups. Sneaky, sneaky” end quote.

Its not surprising the writer of the mental floss article takes pride in the birds deception calling the birds “clever” for deceiving its mates. Let us remember Satan is the Father of lies who came forth to steal kill and destroy.
Did you think he would no do his job?
The bible verses in Job about the Peacock seem to say that “she is hardened against her young as though they were not hers”. And other vile descriptions of “wicked bird” types.
The book is an abomination and clearly now a Satanic Idol.

Her Pose

Why “She stays in her Pose”?
Posing is what those of insecurity and shame do. Their heart tels them they are bad & wrong. So they take a stance of denial. They pose because what they think is the truth cannot be faced. They fear.
This is the result of programming by the beast system.

No Fear
No Courage
Know Fear
Know Courage

Great Awakening 2017

Her ears finally relieved of cottony deafness-The 2017 Great awakeing prophesied in 2010.

Hounds of Hell & Hounds of Wrath

Only the true intercessory prayer warriors or serpents of war (sorcerers, witches of a high dark call) would know the call of the dogs. Heard of “hounds of hell”? They are real. Well Father first and foremost had/has His own Dogs of Wrath of whom His chosen do command. These hounds take action in the spirit realm that springs for into the carnal fields of earth. “As above so below”. All that means is “as in the spirit so in the flesh/carnal”. That’s all it means and it is true.

Grace is part of forgiveness

She calls to Jesus as once was in Songs of Solomon the beautiful story of Love between God and His creation, mankind & earth.

Side note: “Scent(s)” in the bible is changed do odor, odour, odours, and odors.(vile)

Upon our transition/translation/transfiguration finally our freedom will become full

says The Spirit to the churches.








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  1. But the dogs shall come. The dogs of wrath must come as they smash the demons who once deceived the bearer of their strong chained leashes.

    Like the hounds of hell the dogs of wrath have only one purpose, evil shall drop at their roar. Violence shall run to the pit at the sounds of their trampling run. No more shall God’s children be staved in awe of the lie. No more. Awaken they will and awaken they have.
    Run, run to your bunkers ye who fear and make fear. You shall reap what you sew. Oh you shall reap…..Gollum, Gollum

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