What is an Addict?

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Disclaimer:  This article holds nothing back.  It is not a blame game but rather has identified common reasons for addiction.  Taking responsibility for our healing and recovery is still imperative to our emotional health.  But for those who do find addiction “cunning and baffling” this explains common causes.  If you want solutions they are all over my recovery websites  and here but clearly this article is not solution oriented.  See The Cure:  http://www.recoveryfarmhouse.net/addiction-is-no-longer-baffling-to-me-and-many-others/ 

We Addicts have been conditioned to demoralize one another.

Addiction needs a three fold cure, spiritual (deliverance by Christ Jesus and the laying on of hands, prayer, Holy Spirit) mental (reprogramming the mind by the 12 steps and doing steps 11, 12 for years with positive affirmations to self), and emotional (reprogramming by therapy, releasing deepest fears, recognizing emotional triggers, admitting our deepest hurts and processing them, realizing its okay to cry, becoming vulnerable the truth will set us free and knowing that fear is part of the human condition and how to process it in step four fear list).  Once these three programs in us are upgraded and over-ridden we will no longer see drugs as a solution, we receive the psychic change, and the truth sets us free.  If we become in bondage to AA meetings well we are right back where we started, dependent and not free-thinking.  Yes we should go to lots of meetings the first 7 years of sobriety but we should also learn enough solutions to where our program of sobriety is in us not at meetings.  Still I go to meetings and it reminds me how far I have come and to not allow the “I am a piece of shit” programming to come back.  I suggest after seven years of AA meetings that we take a break IF we have worked all three aspects of recovery.  If you don’t do all three aspects of recovery then your still sick and do need meetings to stay sober.  The AA book says “we recover”.  But we MUST recover spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.  ALL THREE.

Every spiritual miracle I have received has been by either prayer, or by seeking out prayer and the laying on of hands at alter calls in Spirit filled churches.  If your church doesn’t have an alter call and believe in the supernatural gifts of the Spirit then your not going to get the baptism of The Holy Spirit at that church.  You need the kind of church filled with people who believe in healings, and miracles to receive your spiritual deliverance.

Clearly in the United States the most relied upon emotional survival skill of the masses is BLAME.  Meaning if I am pointing the finger at you I don’t have to look at me.  Furthermore if I condemn you then just maybe I can finally feel better about myself.  WTF?  Sounds pervasive doesn’t it…firstly most active addicts have no idea what their emotional survival skills are.  These are the skills that they have had to invoke otherwise they may just hate themselves to the point of suicide.

Why do addicts have such self loathing?  Why do addicts feel so horrible?  And most important How can addicts learn to love themselves and others?  In AA we are taught that our self loathing is all because of our terrible deeds toward others.  We have wronged others to the point of self deprivation and hate.  And believe it, we have wronged others but that is not the whole of our self trepidation.

Thing is children are not born hating who they are.  They are not born to see themselves as “lesser than” the rest of the humans on Earth.  Children DO NOT START TO HATE THEMSELVES BECAUSE OF WRONGS COMMITTED TOWARD OTHERS.  Children hate themselves initially because of what they are taught about themselves by their caregivers at a very early and impressionable formative age, and the educational indoctrination called the “system of public schools” is a HUGE part of that engagement into self loathing that happens to us.  Once self belittlement is programmed into us then we begin hurting others, NOT the other way around.  Yes hurting others brings guilt but most children are not malicious in the beginning.  They must first hate themselves to begin to hate others.

What I am saying is our self identity is polluted at a young age by TV, school, and the indoctrination’s that our own parents have endured.  Yes we are loved but our parents have no idea how to emotionally nurture us.  Nor do they know anything about building self worth in a child.  Or about the horrible tearing down of the hopes and dreams of a child by punishment, violent spankings, and personal belittlement.   We become cut down emotionally by our own loved ones who had the same thing done to them.  We are then shamed into keeping every fear and negative thought hidden away from the light.  This gets us VERY sick and is the source of our incessant pain.  Our care givers know no other way of controlling us except by putting the child to shame and by spankings, they commit unknowingly, violent crimes against our innocent growing soul.  (this isn’t even including the abuse aspect and rampant sexual abuse that goes on).

In school our strong points and talents are seldom if ever harnessed, emphasized, and nurtured.  We are limited to an idiotic curriculum that teaches nothing we really need (save reading and writing). And if they could they would deprive us of even that.  But rather every boy and girl must be a mathematician of math he will rarely use in real life lest he be thought of as stupid.   Can you see this?

The competitive spirit in schools teach us to smash the hopes and expressed dreams of our class-mates because it’s the only way we know to make ourselves feel worthwhile.  We are desperate for validation and to be Loved.  We crave just one kind word to the point we give away our innocence to boys just hoping they will like us.

The teachers are trained to openly shame those who ask questions.  And if you shout out an answer in class god forbid it be wrong the rest of the room will mock and poke fun because it’s all they know to make themselves feel worth while.  This is devastating to a child’s self worth.  We are not taught outlets for our emotional pain that are so dearly needed to recover.  (you can find solutions all over this website).

Parents surmise they cannot encourage their children lest the child become egotistical and vain. We are seldom told of our good merits.  Many men who have children are incapable by conditioning of showing true affection and Love toward their child.  They value beatings over comfort, discipline over kind lessons,  belittlement over encouragement, and shaming is used for control.  So, what is the main lesson and intent of education?  “You suck, your wrong, bad, and furthermore have NO RIGHT to even exist”.  This is how addicts start their day, with that overall view of themselves.  Furthermore this is how most humans start the day.  It is programmed into us all BY DESIGN.

Our caregivers were fear driven and we have inherited their sin.  They know no other way.  It has been passed down for centuries.  And by the time the parent realizes if ever what he has done to his child, it’s then far too late.

The disease concept is a lie.  There is absolutely not any “addict gene” that has been identified by scientists http://www.thecleanslate.org/myths/addiction-is-not-a-brain-disease-it-is-a-choice/

Addiction is not a brain disease.  Anything you do repeatedly for years changes your brain to a task to summarize the article in the link.  These days Scientism is accepted as fact and used to  manipulate and sell ideals to the masses.  True science is oppressed as an enemy of the state.  True science reveals that the TV is programming the masses and the education system is for indoctrinating the masses.  People with High self worth are not easy to manipulate and control.  People who think small of themselves can be turned to whatever way is needed.

The elite want us dumbed down from the first shot of ALUMINUM in an infants So called and unnecessary Vitamin K shot to the mercury filled Vaccines that are killing and destroying lives across the globe.  The elite want us dependent and oppressed.  WAKE THE FUCK UP!  You became an addict because of your low and horrid self image.  That self image was spoon fed to you one negative “program” at a time.

Furthermore by our indoctrination we have learned explicitly how to belittle our fellows.  WAKE UP AGAIN WAKE UP!

The elite don’t even have to pound worthlessness into our hearts as adults, why, we do it to one another, and to those we Love most, those closest to us are the worst victims of our joint demoralization patterns.  And when we leave our homes as adults we carry with us in our heads the programs of constant and diabolical criticism.  We have become the voice of our care givers or rather our critical beguilers.

TV “PROGRAMS” commercials, internet, school systems, geo-engineering, fake food, lies about diet, lies about space, lies about energy and the suppression of free energy, suppression of all things good, and the take over of the big pharma, big oil, and consumerism is what is really to blame for the state of our nation and the addicts plight.  Holistic medicine has been under attack for years.  They don’t teach us how to survive in nature but rather how to DEPEND on the government and it’s issue of supplies.

And once the drug companies get us addicted to their toxic chemicals then they raise a “drug shortage” even in the hospitals and kill off hundreds of thousands of people.    They put fluoride in our water a bi-product of aluminum manufacturing to dumb us down.  (look it up and don’t trust the FDA they are the elite).

Then to top it off they mix Fluoride with Chloride for our water.  If we don’t drink it we breath it in the hot shower.  Even bottled water is rent with fluoride and chloride as if the water is not polluted enough by big oil and fake GMO Agriculture.

Then the old timers in AA stand up and scream “we have made our own bed!”  We buy the products so we deserve to be poisoned even by the toxic smoke retardants that retard us literally.  They are on everythingJJJJJ.  But what the old timers are not taking into consideration is that we were raised to be dependent.  It is NOT OUR FAULT FOR THE EARTH’S CONDITION OR OUR OWN ADDICTION.   But it IS up to us to get free from it.  These bastards for lack of a worse word, show us over and over and over what we are NOT, what we SHOULD HAVE BEEN, and how we have FAILED to live up to the artificial status quo that is spoon fed to us.  The history, the scientism, NASA, the great deception is without end.

It is the “Age of Deceit” and you ARE a victim of that deception. You are programmed to be an addict.


The good news?  Anything that has been programmed can be deleted and upgraded.

We have one thing that the elite controllers do not, WE HAVE GOD.  With God all things are possible.  With God we can rise above all their Satanic and vicious self abated (self weakening) programming.  The evils of this world are watching the clock.  Their time is short.  By the name of Jesus you will be set free.  By the crying out of your heart and soul to your creator you will be delivered.  God is real.  Jesus is His son and advocate to us.  He came for the SICK.  Do you fit that description?  I know I did.

ONE LAST PROGRAM THAT NEEDS IDENTIFIED.  You have been taught that the God of Jesus is a punishing God and this is true.  But it is far from the whole story and it’s not intended for you to be a victim of that punishment.  But rather that by that punishment you be vindicated for the wrong you HAVE suffered at the hand of the very powerfully evil.

Do you want that vindication?  Do you want to know your creator?  Do you want to see paradise?  How about your children?  Do you wish that they also meet you in the here after?

I spent years co-signing the “any god will do”  AA agenda.  I was wrong.  There is only One Creator of this Earth whom is called God.  It is He who we should cry out to.  I swear to you every extreme deliverance I have received, every illuminating white light life changing experience I have had has been by pleading the name of Jesus.

Try it.  What do you have to lose? ” All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God and His righteousness”.  “Love covers a multitude of sin”.  Find the plan of salvation for yourself and get sober.  Peace is at hand.  But first false pride must be abated,(diminished) must be abandoned if we are to cry out to the One True God of the Universe.  See “Cure for Addiction” in the following link.



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