Most People are Living the American Dream

Because they are fast asleep.  Most People are fast asleep and unaware of The Beast System.

My daughter is upset that I am not like everybody else who has no awareness of what wifi is. I don’t allow wifi in my home anymore. All devices are hard wired.

I bought the meters to run my own emf tests and experiments and found out that routers and phones are shooting out way more emf radiation than even the FCC astronomical limits allow. Cell towers are a death sentence when constantly nearby.

I work online https;// as a seamstress who has a store. I used to be a stripper and I believe God had me quit that job, he had me buy a sewing machine. Now I make exoticwear. I do not need brain penetrating internet to work online.

Fixed Wireless Communications at 60GHz Unique Oxygen Absorption Properties Info Link.

4g Kill Grid Information link

Tell you what, I lived most of my young life by what status quos dictated and it turned me into a drug addict. Yes it was my choice. But I learned by programming that I was different and that different was BAD. So I created my self to be who other people wanted me to be and in the process I crushed both my heart and my soul. I invalidated my own truth and hid my face rom humanity. My self image was wrought. It took a lot of deprogramming and emotional processing to heal me back to self love and confidence. I still get emotional when sharing strong inner truths with others. Sometimes I even turn red but I will not ever again live by the leave of a status quo. I will never again repress my heart under my own thumb because of programming by TV, Movies, and others.


I wanted to see if it was true about 2.4 Ghz being same frequency as the water molecule.  This is what I found out

Wifi dangers dielectric loss of water

The maximum dielectric loss of water molecules the essence of life, begins at 2.45ghz
Of the trillions of frequencies, [2.4 GHz] is the spot on the spectrum where the maximum dialelectric loss of water begins.   Water molecules shift polarity neutralizing electrical potential when exposed to an influx of 2.45 Ghz
high frequency analyzer
cell towers put out over 2,000 microwatts of radiation per centimeter squared.

Put on the full armor of God that you may be able to stand in these dangerous times.

4g and Cancer

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