Will Civil War Be Part of The Great Tribulation?



Democrats Vs. Republicans

If your a truther and seek truth above all things except to seek God Himself then you know that the right left paradigm is by design to control the masses more easily.  Furthermore to have an on going division for the elite is to have an ace in the hole.

The division is already set and can be elevated at any given time.  Even though the paradigm is an illusion to a point…when 328+ people believe something it tends to materialize.  Via the TV CNN vs. FOX we have our two teams.  And for the men who are conditioned by their sports team programing the whole scenario fits the purpose of the puppet masters at large.

What’s you point Laura E.?

Why am I getting political?  I advise that noone believe ANYTHING that comes out of any mainstream TV corporate log except that you see proof with your own eyes.  They lie about anything they can lie about.  Except when they give a great truth to gain trust then follow it with the big gong bell deserving, “FALSE” stamped, lie.

However does anyone remember when the south and north were two separate countries basically on our soil?  Well my husband came to me today and said he had a premonition that this is what the plan for our country is.   He saw the country divided straight down the middle like before the horrid civil war.   If they do that lets HOPE TO GOD the people are not lead into civil war with silver rings in their nostrils like herding a cow they subsequently say we are.

If I hear the words “herd immunity” one more time I will SCREAM!  I AM NOT A FU*KING COW B*TCH and neither are my brothers and sisters! (comment aimed at the powers that be).

Oh wait….your a Christian Laura don’t you dare say such words!  Sometimes for expression sake even a scribe of God chooses to cuss.  My Father says its not a ‘thing’ to worry about.  That He is more powerful than my weaknesses and shortcomings to save my a** I mean soul.

So what if what if what if what if.  This is our dilemma…we KNOW something is coming, something rash and evil that will change everything as we know it.  One, the signs are here, two the prophecies are piling up fulfilled, and three the intercessors are now torch bearers announcing over and over and over the return of Jesus being nigh.  “He is coming and soon”.  That means things will happen that put Solomon’s statement of “nothing new under the sun” to shame.

Jesus’ words override those of Solomon who by the way may likely be the antichrist the Jews are waiting for if even in a reincarnation or clone or whatever.  These guys, the Jewish sect seem to worship the Davidian blood line.  The root of Jesse it was once called before the bible changed to root of David but that’s another matter entirely.


We don’t need no civil war but the elite say there are too many of us so…no telling what’s to come.

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