January 28th, 2021 Full Wolf Moon-FAILED PREDICTION?

Update 2023 November 8.  By further research I now see 2021 was the kickoff of the great tribulation on Earth.  Since many just don’t see it and the events of disaster are often covered up and seldom reported on mainstream news channels well….it takes spiritual eyes to see the end of days.

2020/05/03 at 3:30 am Please remember predictions are not prophecy.  For fulfilled predictions see the Random Rapid predictions.

Article #2 (Original prediction below) First the “UPDATE on this 28th prediction. By Jazweeh 1-29-2021”

The Prediction Failed we think.   Because we misunderstood what the start of the Great Trib would entail.  The next few months events will tell if the restrainer has really been removed.

We misunderstood what the restrainer is. “What happened?  Did I misunderstand the vision of the kick off event being 28th wolf moon?  Maybe. Are we not in end times?  I did expect some big catastrophic event on the Wolf Moon 28th Jan 2021″. ”


Well I admit I expected a geographical event/catastrophe to occur on the 28th of January.  Please remember it was not a prophecy and we too are fumbling to figure the end times out.

However I have learned from this prediction by asking Father.  And as usual the biblical prophecy fulfillments are much different than we picture in our minds.

We Believe The Removal of The Restrainer Was the Kickoff Event on the 28th of Jan. Wolf Moon

The kick off event is not some catastrophe—-yet.  I was wrong.  The kick off event is the removal of the restrainer which puts mankind at its worst behavior.  Those who don’t have the Holy Spirit are seething with intolerance.  I have seen this intolerance lately but increased since the Wolf moon.

Do you also feel the change in the air?  “Intolerance, disrespect by others?”  I saw more chemtrails on the 29th Jan than I have seen in years.  God help us.

Men, Mankind will carry out the actions that bring on the disasters like earth quakes and volcano eruptions etc. of the Great tribulation.  The removal of the restrainer is a direct influence on the HEARTS OF MEN to do evil.  The removal of The Restrainer allows great temptation to come to pass by men’s hand and by men’s emotional outpourings.  And when the temptation of mankind is full it produces the fruit of evil.  So much evil that the Earth itself will react to it.

I Did Not Know What to Expect of The Great Tribulation Kick off.  I do apologize____Jazweeh

The Great Kick-Off Event we believe HAS OCCURED on January 28th.  The removal we think is causing us temptation, irritation, anger, and the voice of dissension toward our neighbor tries to invade our thoughts.

PEACE HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM EARTH PEACE and that is one of the four horsemen as well.


And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.


Not so much direct peace of mind or the gospel of Peace (your testimony from the heart) as we can still draw on The Holy Spirit in us) Outer Peace IS THE RESTRAINER. (Given by Love)

The Love That Abides In Nature & All Around Us

Most have taken natures being the giver of peace for granted.

Our Holy Spirit is not removed.  But rather what has been removed is His Words.  Gods daily supernatural Words.  God explained to Jazweeh that His Words pour out daily in nature by for instance birds praising Him.  The sun shining, the moon singing. These bring us peace and repel dark spirits.

Have you ever seen the birds line up to watch the sun set on the beach in packs of hundreds even thousands while they do show Him awe.  It is a sight of Love.

They proclaim God’s Words.  Life itself exudes God’s Words when it expresses Love in ways we do not understand or hear.  But it keeps the demons at bay.  God has surrounded us for protection with His Words daily given by nature.   Even the rain, the roaring waves, the crystal glow of the sandy beaches, the shine that is expressed by glistening water exude peace that repels darkness.

These natural brilliant occurrences sing God’s Words as they emit beauty & Love.   He explained that He has removed His Words from these calming events.  Thereby removing a vital type of spiritual protection.

Why Would God Removed Spiritual Protection?

We are here on Earth that we may choose between Truth or Lies.  We are here to make a choice of which God we prefer in eternity.  Therefore now protection comes to those who choose it. Each god has its own form of armor provided for his children.  The Spiritual Armor of The Creator God and is the believers protection in the end of days.  The lie is the spiritual protector of those who choose The Father of Lies, Satan.

We get what we choose.

Demons cannot dwell in the midst of Love for it is powerful and light.  Demons need darkness.  They need violence and unloving events to flourish in.  Demons flourish in an array of deception and illusion.

The Separation of The Goats from the Sheep

The Separation of the goats and sheep is full.  You will know a goat by his vehement opposition to Truth. Why?  Because Truth exposes him and he cannot have that.  Truth scares the children of the beast.  Emotional denial is their safe place.  They prefer the lie and must must label those in Truth “crazy, insane, harmful, stupid, delusional etc.” So they can feel safe.  They must call the Truther “bad & wrong”.  For if they allow the light of truth to pass into them it will crush their paradigm of protection and they will promptly fall apart.

Make no mistake.  The goat WILL NOT TRADE LIES FOR SPIRITUAL TRUTH, THEY MUST NOT.  To do so would be taking off their armor.  They have no coping skills in Truth.  They are not practiced in spiritual Truth.

This is how there is a supernatural protection over mankind by the participation of nature in expressing God’s Words.

Safety in Nature

I know this nature thing sounds a little new age-ey but bear with me please.

Jazweeh heard this-“I have taken my words from earth beginning the 27th, what you call “The Restrainer” is removed for a time.  The protection that nature provided to guard against demons agitating mankind is removed”.

What Does The Restrainer being removed Mean to Us?

This means TEMPTATION, ANGER, INTOLERANCE, EVIL THOUGHTS, and all types of evil influence will now increase.  It means that the most evil of evil men on earth no longer have Love surrounding them in nature.  Yes nature is still here but again, God has removed an invisible blanket of light that repelled demons from the ear of man.  It repelled them by our environment of light that carried His voice. So the light of nature is still there its His voice/words that are removed.

As prophesied “I will cause a famine, not of food and not of drink but of my words, sayeth The Lord” Amos 8:11 & 12

Worship God The Father and Jesus His Son nothing else. Nothing else is above reproach and nothing else is called God. Especially things created by men's hands must be tested, test the spirits, above all things be not deceived.
.  The prophecy has a two fold meaning.  God has taken the security seal off the Holy Bibles.  The KJVB was the Holy Place as many have stated it as the reliable words that God inspired men to write.  
But now Father has left the books to the wolf who is changing them by supernatural means.  All of them.  You will now see new and vile scripture that...unless your a goat your heart will repel the new vile precepts in the bibles.   

So also God has caused a famine of His written words. The Bible was never "The Word of God" it is blasphemy to call it that. Jesus is The Word of God.  The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.

That is my proof that nature repels demons by its Love light from God.


Prove It!

The best way for me to prove this prediction that the restrainer is removed from the earth is to ask you “how have you been feeling emotionally from the 27th till the 29th of January 2021?  Are you experiencing a higher range of intolerance?  How about anger at your friends, family, spouse, partner, etc?  My bet is that you too have felt an increase in temptation by intolerance of others and have had to exercise your emotional tools to continue to show respect to others.

The Serenity Prayer works very well when agitated.  Also when down trodden lift arms and praise Jesus by His name at least three times.  This exterminates the spirits of depression and defeat.  We are to be overcomers not to be overcome as the new fake bible reads lies of being given into the enemies hands.  The saints are in victory. They are crushing strongholds and vapourizing demons.

Think before you Speak Words from the Bible

Never invite Satan or any demon to follow you around 24/7 at your back side, whispering in your ear like the bible’s say to do.  The scripture is a cursed invitation to Satan himself giving permission for him to get right behind you.   Don’t read these words aloud.  “Get thee behind me Satan”.

If you already said the invitation script you can easily reverse it by your own authority.  You are in Jesus and have authority over most dark spirits.

Don’t bother binding & sending spirits here there or into pigs…that’s for spirits that were invited in by people through opening doors of sin or other emotional wounds.  Crush and destroy demons that are in your vicinity.  Picture it.  Use sound effects if you need to.  Jesus said “these things I do and greater than these shall ye do because you have The Holy Spirit of God.  And especially if you have the higher language.  Get angry and crush them as your heel crushes the serpent.  Use spiritual weapons.  You have a Sword of The Spirit to use on most demons.  Obliterate them!

Instead of binding say this to Satan if he tempts you, with visualization.  “I cast you back to hell in the mighty name of Jesus”.  Or “I crush and destroy every dark vile demon in my vicinity.  Satan I now ship you straight to Hell.   As I do have the power to do so in Jesus name.”

If you are “In Jesus” meaning you believe in your salvation by Faith in God and you lean on Hope that is your helmet of salvation then invoke the rest of your armor of God because Truth is your protection and and your testimony of what Jesus has done for you is the gospel of Jesus.

From your heart comes the living gospel of Jesus.  Not from doctrines of demons that have no Love or heart.

Leave the blood Passover to the old testament where it originated and was needed before they had the spiritual armor of God given by Jesus who took the keys to death and Hell by overcoming the flesh.

How Will All This Extra Contention (removal of the restrainer/removal of the supernatural Words of Love) Effect Mankind? 

God Created Earth with His Words.  He speaks things into existence.


Article #1 from May 3rd 2020

Jazweeh Has Had a Vision of a Wolf THE KICK OFF EVENT of the Great Tribulations spoken of by Jesus.


(I had this article heading wrong.   It is a prediction of the Great Tribulation
kick off event not the first rapture that I feel won’t be until six months after this event.  Its as if AI itself had come through my website and edited my article.  And this is not the first time.  I apologize for the mix up.)

And the voice of her angel said “The Great Tribulation kick-off event will happen at the wolf month”.

The Wolf Month is January.  We are very sure that means late January perhaps during the wolf moon.

Jazweeh clearly saw the head of a wolf and heard those words.  “The kick off event, the beginning of the great tribulation.” People its getting real.  And we who make (God willing) the first rapture will be raptured right as things look their worst.

[“God makes a way where there seemeth no way”].  When we hit the place and time when there seems to be no way of escape. When things look really bleak and approaching death or submission to the beast.   When the beast system with its consequences to non-compliance look utterly grave, THEN Jesus will intervene and take us up.


Fear is part of the human condition, without it mankind would not survive.  Fear is given a bad rap to say the least.  It is condemned to make every human look bad & wrong for natural fears.  Don’t buy in.  Once you accept fear then you can ask God to remove it.  Write down all your fears and give them to God asking for greater Faith as a solution.

People who hide their fear wear the mask of shame and reproach.  People who stuff fear make things worse and it grows in them.  Fear will dance in the mind gaining traction for those who pretend they feel no fear.

Some people even believe their own lies creating great denial in their heart they have been shamed so badly as children for being naturally afraid of that which is scary to a child.  Programming dashes the hearts of the children with words like scaredy cat, woosy, pu**y, chicken sh*t, yellow belly and so on go the fear programming words of shame.

ALL HUMANS FEEL FEAR. We paint pretty words on it like anxiety, and panic attacks when fear is not expressed and let out it can become a dysfunction of the mind. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.  First write it, I am afraid of…..then say it out loud. Then finally confess it to another human who will not judge you but rather they will RELATE and say “yes I too experience fears and hid them in shame”.

Oh this all sounds so weak and earnest.  Yes that’s the programming so you hold fear in till it makes you sick.  And make no mistake fear/shaming is the beasts most powerful lie.  The serpent is cunning send to baffle you.  Humility and to become as little children means you do not shy away from sharing your true feelings with some others when it is safe.  As you well know people who feel shame and think in their hearts that they are inferior will use your confession of fear as a chance to mock you.  These type people should be avoided.

Evil Children

If you make the first rapture don’t expect the goats or the mainstream population to be aware of it.  They are blind to the beast and they will also be blind to the first rapture.  Unless THEIR CHILDREN ARE TAKEN and I just don’t know how that will go.  God has not made me privy to the rapture of the children.  Except children can choose evil or good and seek Jesus at a very young age.  I know a boy who is probably about 9 who accepted Jesus into his heart recently.  The boy knows God is real, he just knows it. The end times children to me seem either very special spiritually or evil one or the other.


Don’t assume that young children don’t carry out evil, my own sister nearly killed me on purpose at a very young age.  The chosen have come out of great tribulation and the 144 have already died once.  It is appointed to man once to die and then the judgement.  If you are 144 and have already died once (and been revived) you know what I mean.  Let this be a confirmation to you.  God is revealing the 144 to themselves.

Because God makes a way when there seems to be no way out.

The moon at its closest point to Earth for the month is sometimes called a “supermoon.” When that happens in January, it’s called a “Wolf Moon.”  See link for more info.


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