January 28th, 2021 Full Wolf Moon

Jazweeh Has Had a Vision of a Wolf THE KICK OFF EVENT of the Great Tribulations spoken of by Jesus.

(I had this article heading wrong.   It is a prediction of the great tribulation kick off event not the first rapture that I feel won’t be until six months after this event.  Its as if AI itself had come through my website and edited my article.  And this is not the first time.  I apologize for the mix up.)

And the voice of her angel said “The Great Tribulation kick-off event will happen at the wolf month”.

The Wolf Month is January.  We are very sure that means late January perhaps during the wolf moon.

Jazweeh clearly saw the head of a wolf and heard those words.  “The kick off event, the beginning of the great tribulation.” People its getting real.  And we who make (God willing) the first rapture will be raptured right as things look their worst.

“God makes a way where there seems to be no way”.  When we hit that place where there seems no way to escape the beast system and the consequences of non-compliance are utterly grave, THEN Jesus will intervene and take us up.

Evil Children

If you make the first rapture don’t expect the goats or the mainstream population to be aware of it.  They are blind to the beast and they will also be blind to the first rapture.  Unless THEIR CHILDREN ARE TAKEN and I just don’t know how that will go.  God has not made me privy to the rapture of the children.  Except children can choose evil or good and seek Jesus at a very young age.  I know a boy who is probably about 9 who accepted Jesus into his heart recently.  The boy knows God is real, he just knows it. The end times children to me seem either very special spiritually or evil one or the other.


Don’t assume that young children don’t carry out evil, my own sister nearly killed me on purpose at a very young age.  The chosen have come out of great tribulation and the 144 have already died once.  It is appointed to man once to die and then the judgement.  If you are 144 and have already died once (and been revived) you know what I mean.  Let this be a confirmation to you.  God is revealing the 144 to themselves.

Because God makes a way when there seems to be no way out.

The moon at its closest point to Earth for the month is sometimes called a “supermoon.” When that happens in January, it’s called a “Wolf Moon.”  See link for more info.


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