Darkness Hits Pakistan 2021, January 9 & 10

Its Getting Real.  How to apply the armor of God

Jesus’ Chosen and His Believers are Protected by The Armor of God 

200 MILLION people without power in Pakistan.  See links at bottom for details.

We at Jazweeh.com are wondering, since the prediction for the great kickoff event for Thee Great Tribulation is January 28th 2021 could this power outage be due to corona discharge?   And corona discharges create Ozone and not the good version of Ozone.  The kind that causes corona virus symptoms coincidentally.

More will be revealed by the 30th of January weather we are accurate with our reading of the fig tree signs of the season. (As Jesus put it).  Keep in mind the 28th is a prediction based on spiritual insight NOT A “thus sayeth The Lord” prophecy.  If we are wrong please don’t call us false prophets we are judging the end times by the signs in the skies and by the prayers given by the Holy Spirit with interpretation.





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