“The Way” Is Closed. Jesus Is The Way

But The Rules for Salvation Have Now Changed.

Jesus is still our Savior for those who know Him and He is still here for us.  But with the new age of judgement comes a new form of salvation for unbelievers.

Please— Elect– Hear Me Out.  Jesus is Still The Way to God for The Elect who were Led by Father to Jesus.  Jesus still took the keys to death and hell so we too have the power over death and hell through Jesus (God) in us. 

After all its not the flesh side of Jesus that we worship is it?  So Jesus had flesh and a human soul.  But His Father was God Himself.  So God took the keys to death and hell and handed them to us when we accept Jesus.  And we become the clay.  God fixed us.  He fixed our heart.

But the age of Grace is past.  Now there is only one way left to salvation for unbelievers.  Now are the great tribulation rules playing out as were written.

To see the basics of what I teach in this article just watch the video especially for those who do not yet see the supernatural bible changes…as neither does this end times preacher in the video yet he is preaching of a new era of judgement called the “everlasting gospel” that the Rev. angel proclaims.  Not all the bible changes are by the wolf but most are & malevolent.  For instance this bible change directly contradict the precepts of repentance and is new. However for the great tribulation is is appropriate because of the change in the rules from grace to judgement age.

Revelation 22:11

“He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.”

For bible changes see EYA or Truth ShockTV or WakeUporElse on Youtube.

But for the tribulation saints who are not yet saved…they will have to die for righteousness sake and turn from the beast even unto their own death.  Most likely by refusing the back-scene/mark of the beast.

My readers, your likely not here if you do not see the supernatural bible changes or if your not a chosen few.  If you never knew the Bible fear-not there is no need for you to see the supernatural malevolent bible changes.  The only requirement for salvation in the age of grace is to know God.  I believe we have had many lifetimes changes to do just that…seek God.

If you never knew Jesus and if we truly have entered the age of judgement there is still Hope for your salvation but the rules have changed and were documented in the bible as I will lay out here in real time terms.  The Bible was important because it was God’s words to His children.  Especially for the elect it was prophecy for a confirmation and validation/verification of what we see in these times.

Most of what was written in the Bible that was Truth was either words on righteousness, or how to find God by prayer & stepping out in Faith, or How to know God by learning His ways and how to allow Him access to us to fix our heart.

God is Love, and prophecy was given for the age of judgement the end of days.

 I am about to categorize the types of people around me. I am trying to understand groups of people spiritually not judging the hearts of individuals overtly.  For I am not qualified for that.

Who Are The Tribulation Saints Vs. the Chosen Few Elect of God?

Jesus is The Way.  But now we think that particular Way to God is closed off due to an end of the age of grace.  And yes for the chosen He is The Way and will always be because our salvation is eternal.  But I finally see that the Way is now closed.  You may notice that now you are drawn expressly toward The Father and Jesus’ voice has become distant, faint.  You may have learned that for the chosen God’s name is finally given to us as being “Father”.  No one knows God’s other name because it is Hallowed,  Private, Sacred, not to be given to vile men.  The chosen now call God “Father”.

I kept wondering why I do not feel or hear from Jesus anymore yet I crave the presence of God/Jesus/Home more than ever.  Granted I won’t go to a church where blasphemy reigns to hear a new corrupt bible.  I do clearly hear God The Father and I hear my guides or angels if you prefer…but Jesus is aloof right now.  Even if I go before the throne Jesus is usually silent to me.

Seems to me His purpose as The Way is fulfilled.  Now, we are His breathren as He once said to us of course with the bible changes it now says “friends” which is a horrible change from breathren. We are His breathren because of his flesh side, the man Jesus 1/2 human 1/2 God.

But God is One  Creator The Father.  And He is The Son & The Holy Spirit He is The Trinity.  Perhaps since God was made flesh being born of a woman that flesh had to have a human soul.  And that soul now has its place as one of us as a spirit of a once human being.  One of the elect.  Perhaps that is why Jesus said “Ye are my breathren” because of his human flesh side.

And the God part of Jesus was always The Father God.  So I am saying perhaps with the purpose being fulfilled of salvation unto men that the God part of Jesus returned to God who gave it.  And the flesh part of Jesus with soul did what human souls do.  Its not like we sit around thinking on what became of Jesus’ human side?  Right?  The part that was not God.  The part that was born of a woman.

“In the beginning was The Word and The Word was with God and The Word was God.  And The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. ” So is it blasphemy to say the God side of Jesus returned to God The Father who gave it?  At least for a time anyway.  Until the next return of “In like a Lion” as the conquering Savior of Earth itself who with the elect by His side destroys the enemy of mankind.

This Change in Jesus isn’t Blasphemy it is Fulfillment.

As a scribe of God, I myself am in new territory here so I know this info is somewhat disturbing to our matrix side.  Its yet another end of the age paradigm buster. We do not want to deny Christ God forbid!  But the flesh is temporal and Jesus was in the flesh.  “In the beginning was The Word and The Word was with God and The Word WAS GOD.”  Jesus WAS GOD. He told us this.  “If you have seen me you have seen The Father”.

The Transition of Jesus Into The Lion Warrior Conqueror.

When Jesus returns WE WILL BE LIKE HIM.  That is what the bible used to say.  So then our relationship with Jesus has evolved.  This is as it should be.  We will stand with Jesus in the new day.  And as we must be transitioned into our new body Jesus too is likely transitioning into His God-Warrior form.  He is still the Only begotten Son perhaps we should see Him or I should see Him more as God now than I did before. They are one yet they are two.  Some things I will just have to wait for to understand fully.

“Then you shall know as well as you are known”. 2 Cor. 13

“In Like a Lion”.  No more “out like a lamb”.  So its understandable that during the transition of Jesus into what He will be when He returns to Earth to defeat evil would be a kind of quiet period.  A lull where He isn’t “The Way” during the Great tribulation when martyrdom for righteousness is salvation according to Jesus own Words from God about the great trib.

Jesus changing jobs, it changes nothing of what Jesus did and who He was when on Earth and did for us by sending us His Holy Spirit, being born again, delivered, healed and enlightened.  That is what Jesus does The Way.  God is still God, or do we have two Creators or two Most High God’s?

We have one Most High and One Son of God.  And they are One in The Holy Spirit the rest is a mystery.

We are still saved by Faith and Jesus is still The Truth The Life and The Way….for us forever eternally.  But that’s no longer his job for the rest of mankind it seems.  Did not God tell us of the tribulations saints who by their death refusing the mark are saved?  Hence another Way of being saved because of another time/age. And here’s a new script that matches the old bible.

corrections are in ( )
And they sung(sang) as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts(beings) and the elders, and no man could learn the new song (likely the gift of tongues) except the (One) hundred and forty four thousand (elect of God), which (who) were (are) redeemed from the earth.
These are they (those)which(who) were not defiled with women for they are virgins. They are those who follow Jesus where ever he goes.(He has left the bible so then do they) They are redeemed from among men, being the first fruits unto God and to the Jesus.
And in their mouth was found they are found to speak no guile, for they are without fault before the throne of God. (the 133 & 144 go before the throne of God)

Rev 14:6

And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,

Just as tongues & prophecies will cease and the age of Grace is over (not grace itself the age) so too Jesus’ primary job is fulfilled.  I don’t think there will be any new Christians who get saved in The Way that we did for 1,000 years anyway.  I hope this makes the concept of my revelation of revelation clearer.

The age of judgement is here.   Yes this means that right now no one else is going to find The Way by Jesus unless they already knew Him.  Jesus has left the building.  Jesus has left The Bible to the wolves.  Obviously to us who see the signs and wonders we are in the end of the age as prophesied.

The Bible Read that at The Great Tribulation Men Would Be Saved by Their Refusal to Take the Mark of The Beast. Right?

So martyrdom becomes “The Way” in the end of the age.

Now…does this mean that no one can be saved who isn’t already saved?  And what of these Christians who can’t see that the bibles are becoming vile changing daily.  They don’t know blessing from blasphemy much less know the personality of God is Love.

It is the Time of The Tribulation Saints

The tribulation saints are those who will resist the beast and its system.  They side with righteousness.  The only way I know to now get saved is by losing one’s life by refusing to follow the beast and refusing to take the mark.

A Hypothetical Tribulation Saint

Those people like “cabin talk” lady appears to be on Youtube for example she  is likely what a tribulation saint will look like.  She detests vehemently the beast system and sees it clearly.  She knows right from wrong and she stands in Truth. But for what ever reason probably by religious hypocrisy and religious evil she never came to know Jesus.  Its people like her who will be saved by death of the body when they refuse to take the mark of the beast.   To stand for righteousness unto death is to stand with God.  Jesus said or Paul “there is no greater works a man can do than to die for his breathren/neighbor.”  After all that is what Jesus did for us.

The Elect will not suffer from the Second Death

I used to think ‘second death’ meant that the first death is dying to the flesh being born again.  Well after this mornings revelations I have new information.

The Elect have already come out of great tribulation and have tasted death once at least.  I have heard this truth also from another elect who died once and of course was revived somehow.  Also there are many who have the testimony of what happened in death to them.

I believe there was reason for us to taste death.  We brought back with us certain sights and a knowing into the spiritual realms.   But, you knew that didn’t you?

The Elect have already died once…weather they know it or not, some may not know that they died.  For instance if you suffered from sleep apnea or stop breathing when you sleep.   Or perhaps you died unknowingly when they were a baby or child etc.  Ask your parents if you had a near death.  If God has shown you that your chosen and you have come out of great tribulation yet you don’t remember dying once already.

The chosen few will not suffer from the second death.  They will be raptured.  They may stand at the gallows with head inserted but know this you will be raptured before any harm comes to the body you temporarily inhabit.

“Ten thousand may fall at your right hand and ten thousand may fall at your left but you shall not be harmed.”   This is our promise from Father.

The Rapture

The Christians hail the rapture on Youtube.  Over and over they speak of it.  Only the chosen few will be raptured.  We do not know when, all we know is that our generation will NOT pass away until ALL/ALL the end times truths that Jesus gave us come to pass.  That means the elect will be raptured and not suffer from the second death.  They will be out of the body IF that is IF they are threatened at all.

The Rapture must be true otherwise the elect would be no different than the tribulation saints.  We too would have to die to be saved.  That would make the gospel of Jesus and salvation by Faith of no effect.  And that is impossible because its impossible for God to lie.  He told us we are saved by Faith in Jesus, Faith in Him.

Jesus is The Way.  He brought us to The Father.  The gospel is nearly fulfilled even to its end.  Just as it was written that tongues and prophecies shall cease so too the Way to salvation has now changed for the unsaved.  Now they must die for righteousness sake.  That is their salvation.  Its a new time. God is still Love.

Satan is Re-Making Man in His Image

I believe and it has been confirmed to me by both Spiritual means and science that mRNA DOES CHANGE YOUR DNA and not only does it enter the cell’s nucleus but it replicate by design of instruction in all other cells of the body.

Make no mistake Satan is creating men in his own image and rewriting the bibles one and all.   Satan always has his copy cat confederates.  If your DNA takes on the instructions of the beast you will forfeit your name in the book of life.

The Great Mystery

For me the hardest part of all this change is watching Christians who do not see the signs in the sky or the blasphemy in the words of the bibles.  They are baffling to me, those who do not know of the new stars, the smiley face moon, the white sun, the prophecies being fulfilled evade their eyes and ears..  Who have not seen the bright and morning star…

God has poured out His Spirit on ALL FLESH so the 1/2 blind Christians see the end of days yet don’t see many of the signs and wonder.  They proclaim enthusiastically Jesus and some of His precepts while quoting some of the most vile lies in the new books.  They clearly do not know God’s own law of Love.

I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh

“The end times pouring out of the Holy Spirit” & “the baptism of The Holy Spirit” are two different things.  Dreams and visions, signs and wonders, Mandela effects, and signs in the skies with many other signs showing that the supernatural God is real in this manner the Spirit is thus poured out.

These Christians speak words by The Holy Spirit that they themselves have no understanding of.

Sorry- Rabbit Trail

Its a mystery to watch them as they quote blasphemies like “We make God perfect”…yep that’s what the book says now…2nd Corinthians 12:9 especially NIV.  KJV says it too but you could miss it if your not careful because it used to be Paul saying “in weakness I am made strong” by relying on God.  But now God’s saying it…in your weakness my strength (power) is made perfect. As if God’s perfection relies on His creation.  The concept is ridiculous as usual.

“But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” NIV

Back to the Topic What of The End Times Christians Who do not See

Granted there are another group of church going Christians who are clueless even of the times we are in.  These are truly still asleep.  This group (if they don’t wake up) will take the mark of the beast without a doubt.

But its this 1/2 awake group that baffles me.  They see the end times upon us but they do not know the personality of God.

“Know them by who they show you they are not by who they say they are”. Anonymous.

Mary & Martha

How on earth is a man who claims to know Jesus yet can’t decipher blessing from blasphemy going to enter the kingdom of Heaven?  Clearly they are not the chosen.  Clearly they are not the “Cabin Talk” group who loath the beast unto extreme evident states of righteousness for Truth.

The only change these 1/2 awake Christians have I think, and I am guessing here since its evident they don’t know the Love of God they likely never got the real baptism of The Holy Spirit or they got it but didn’t nourish and learn of God.  They didn’t sit at the feet of Jesus like Mary of Bethany did.  They are Martha screaming at Mary and saying “get in here and help me with these dishes!”

They are legalistic like Martha, they are judgmental like Martha overtly.  We are aloud to make judgements on these groups for understanding sake.  We are not overtly accusing them, attacking them or judging them as individuals.  We do not have the heart condition to judge men’s hearts.

What I am doing here is trying to understand the full spectrum of what spirituality in end of days is and the categories.

So…they are Martha.  In the writing of this I got the picture of Mary and Martha.

Mary got to know Jesus and she Loves Him deeply.  While Martha is superficial with her religion in her pocket.  She doesn’t have a clue of what the heart of Jesus is really like but she can quote the book inside out.  She looks at the cover and says “Holy” no matter what is inside.  That is religion.

They dress up, go to brunch, speak the right lingo and wear the right clothes but they never knew Jesus like Mary.  Or they knew Him and fell away.  They never nurtured the faith within.  They did not become the clay.  They don’t know what it is to change so dramatically that you feel like your peeling off your own skin.  They don’t know the prodigal walk (most likely) or they wouldn’t judge others overtly…for those who do so.

The only way now that these can be saved…is to become martyrs like the tribulation saints.

I can’t see a religious person who doesn’t know Jesus standing unto death for righteousness sake in the name of Jesus.  Not unless a change happens to them somehow.  Maybe this is why Jesus said many will be very surprised at who makes Heaven and who doesn’t.

Bottom Line I DON’T KNOW WHO WILL BE SAVED AND WHO WON’T I try to categorize by behavior the people on Youtube but still it ultimately baffles me.  Why?  Because men like Bob Barber on Youtube who see so much….what if God intentionally allowed him to fall under the strong delusion of not seeing the bible blasphemy supernatural changes just so he would continue preaching.  After all he would lose most Christians if he proclaimed the bibles as corrupt.  But then on the other hand Jesus is Truth and I cannot believe He would want any of His children fallen into such a great deception.  Is Bob an example of a great tribulation saint who will have to die for his faith?  More will be revealed.  Some things are just not for us to know.  EYA YouTube channel girl is certain that if a Christian cannot see the many obvious & blasphemous bible changes then something is very wrong with their spiritual condition.  She believes its a salvation issue of the heart.

And clearly either they don’t know God or they are rationalizing the scripture to say what they know as right and good while ignoring the English language rules.  So they are flat out lying to themselves to make the bible “good”.  That is idolatry.  Uhg!  I guess I just want people like Bob to be included in the first rapture.




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