Cast Pearls Before Swine

You know who you are in Christ by now.

We have ever tried to share The Love of God with unbelievers who are Loved ones close to us.  And often we hoped that they were not unbelievers at heart.

But it seems many are somewhat righteous people with no desire whatsoever of seeking God.  They have no motivation to know Our Heavenly Father or to find the greatest spiritual gifts in life given by The Holy Spirit in The Name of Jesus.

(The YT EYA video below is not for the faint of heart.  Its a paradigm changer.)

“Each (hu) man is given a measure of Faith by God.”

Those Who Quell Their “Measure of Faith” Instead of Nurturing it.

They trade carnal and status quo for life everlasting.

They choose follow the leader story lines given by their peers & TV over Truth.

They choose denial over learning to process Truth emotional (coping skills).

(euphemism) They choose a static webpage of spiritual views that never changes over a homepage that’s updated ongoing with new and colorful truths.  They ignore lessons of Faith.

They condemn the faithful who activate Faith by Hope by their intolerance of our words & views.  The faithful are mocked because they believe in things that the eyes cannot see yet the heart makes clear.

They invalidate us by their sarcasm.  They gaslight our concerns by demands of censorship.

I cannot help but feel that the time for winning souls to Jesus is passed on the most part.  That now only the Great Tribulation causing desperation will reel men in toward God.  Fear of death is a spiritual catalyst like none other.

We tried.  We tried.  We only wanted to share with them the best and most spectacular signs and wonders we have ever seen or thought possible ourselves.

We tried.  We just wanted them to understand that they too can rely on Jesus.

We just wanted them to have the rock of salvation.

“To Believers Jesus is The Cornerstone of our Faith (not capstone).  To unbelievers He is a rock of offense whom they avoid & do not understand.” paraphrased script.  He is a stumbling block by which they unknowingly blaspheme and reject.

We hoped to awaken our loved ones.  But instead to them our words have become a rock of offense bringing to us accusation & attacks.  They will mock and they will buck at everlasting Truth.

Acceptance Is Key We Must Show Love & Respect and accept who they are.

The time has come brothers and sisters to let the goat’s make their soul level choices.

It has come to the point where no more can we share the supernatural with them lest our word become the stumbling block of sin for them.  We would cause them to sin by their reaction to us.  (the pearl before the swine.  The stumbling block of offense).  This doesn’t mean we are subject to punishment if they are offended by our words of Jesus.  It just means our words at this point ad worse to wear.  The words are pointless.  Our words are a sounding brass cymbal that no longer makes sense to them.

The gospel our testimony, and Truth have they rejected.  It’s not about us people.  Its not about us.  Something in their heart just won’t let them seek God.  Why am I saying this?  Because I have struggled with it myself.

Something in their mind …perhaps they never were, never were his children.

After all is it not the Creator’s privilege to create those for destruction and those for Earth as well as those for Heaven God’s Home and everlasting life?

Its hard enough to accept  those half blind Christians who are deep in doctrinal error and see not the greatest of the signs and wonders.

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