Brothers And Sisters What About The Simple?

The simple see evil and yet they walk on into it and are harmed.

Though often the simple have grown into the wise.  Or they grow and learn to protect themselves in their own way.  They cannot handle much Spiritual Truth.  These end times are causing a great separation of the goats from the sheep.  This I see.  But goats are often unkind and do harm to others.

The Simple are Not The Wicked

The wicked are making their own bed.  The wicked unknowingly choose Hell for themselves quite literally it seems. What do I mean?  Imagine a man who judges others and threatens them with Hell fire while he himself does the same that he condemns others for and worse.  By his words of condemnation he condemns himself.  Wicked men by their nature do harm to others.

But what of the simple?  I shall describe them.  They are usually kind.  They have a creed to “do not harm”, even a creed to help others (to a point).  By their own abilities they stick to a moral code.   They stand on the moral ethics that IF there is a God by their actions they are justified.

They run the measuring yard stick across their back and say “I am good”.  What of these?  Surely God IS Love and He will not put them in some torcher chamber.  The simple have no desire for forgiveness.  They do not suffer from guilt that they are aware of.  Faith is not nurtured in them.  The same measure of Faith that was given to them has not been grown.  Seems that in these end of days they cannot tolerate hearing about things of the Spirit.

God Is Love

I agree with this.  God is Love and love doesn’t torture the simple.  But the simple have no heart for God.  They do not seek God with their heart, soul, and mind.  The desire just isn’t there.  What box of spiritual label do we put these into?  They are an odd sort.  Those who do not know God cannot go to the place where HE is.  Jesus isn’t in their vocabulary.  They have not become the clay in God’s hands to be molded by God.  To be prepared for Heaven takes some preparation on earth.  And especially now. Those who will go to be with God now see the preparation. They see much.  Now its all coming together.  Their entire life has been for this time and things that have happened to them through the years are explained.  Everything had a purpose surrounding these times.  The lions and lambs now know who they are.  And they see the purpose in all they have experienced. God has formed the desires of their heart.

But the simple are their own clay.  They are molded by status quo and a simple heart that doesn’t want any trouble.  No complications.  Keep it simple.  They have no need or desire to know God or His ways.

They are not goats, wolves, lions, or lambs, they are not serpents nor are they “a man after God’s own heart”.  I do not know what they would do in a famine or a titanic situation.  But I think they would not have The Holy Spirit to guide them and may become as goats.  I do not know.

So what will God do with these, the simple who seem good enough in times of plenty?

Jazweeh has been shown the simple and where they go.  They too have chosen their own personal heaven.  Are they the meek who will inherit the earth?  Very likely, very likely.  For where your heart is their shall your treasure be also.  Their Love is for Earth and the things of Earth.  They are not wicked.  But of course they sin.  They lie as we all have.  They do not seek forgiveness.

God is not evil to put these into punishment.  Simple they want so simple they shall have.

They will be put on a look of paradise.  No complications.  They will have peace, great peace.  With a repeating day they shall live out their days immortal on Earth on a loop.  They will be at peace.  And their will be no need for a sun.  For the light of God will light the earth.  They won’t go to Heaven to be with God because their desire is for earth.  And Earth they shall have.  Its a perfect plan. Just as they do not want Truth.  They prefer the lie that comforts them.

So they shall have a pretty, happy, clean, illusion never knowing the deeper Truths of God.  This IS what they want.  Just as the wicked will desperately need to be a a place of wickedness and darkness.  We all have made our choices.  Is there time to change who we are? Only Father, only Jesus can change are heart.  And most people cling to their hearts condition as is unless otherwise provoked.  They only ones who will change now are the tribulation saints who by desperation will finally seek God in Truth.  The tribulation is the last house on the left.  And if the fear of death doesn’t provoke these to seek God its just not in them.

Paradise for the Hellbound.

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