How do I Know If I am One of the 144 Warriors of Jesus’ Army?


Words given in a Thread on You tube:

You all seem very loving. Perhaps you have the Gift of Love and are the Bride one and all. THE BRIDE IS NOT THE 144 though there may be 144 brides. I do not think the 144 are such as outwardly cozy and Loving as the Bride.  Why?    They are warriors who war night and day. War is their nature and they are PISSED. Why? The beast system is revealed to them in a big way they see the beast and his slaughter, they see the victims how else would they war?. They pray like no others can or do because they pray in Spirit with the might and power of many weaponous gifts.


They break strongholds. They do not war on their knees…anymore. The time of intercession and supplication is over. Grace is become Judgement. Intercessors in Spirit are done praying on their faces for souls they do not even know. The labor (laboring) is done. The woman in the stars who labored has birthed her child and that child from deep laborious intercession are the warriors creed/fight/knowledge/activation.

Even the intercessory discernment gifts that accompanied the intercessors have morphed into gifts of war for the 144 to use (not the bride I speak not of the bride). Know this…the broken & lowly lambs of intercession have become LIONS of war. What & how is the personality of a warrior? This is the personality of the 144 they are VERY serious in this time. They grapple with their anger due to the great power within them.

Yes I Mean The Bride and The 144 are Two Different Groups

Do not tell the 144,000 warriors of God “I Love You” if you do not know them, they won’t believe it. They have come out of great tribulation and would see the phrase “I Love you” as very abused for manipulation. Truth is their priority Jesus is Truth.   Please see, if the 144 DROP their belt of Truth they know they are then unprotected. This is why no guile is found in them….they make a conscious effort to speak only Truth, to protect themselves during war and sleep.

They 144,000 are often seen as Satanic Sinners….this protects them. They are properly judged by none.

They are NOT sanctimonious at all.   They may cuss or do other things that regular Christians would consider sin but does not harm.   They might use crystals, essential oils, and fervent prayers that would scare the normal Christian.   (Please note:  Biblically Heaven itself is made up of Crystals of God), by this open mindedness they rebuke the propaganda the church spews out about meditation, crystals, psychic abilities and other gifts of The Spirit that the typical preacher & church claims are Satanic with no Biblical scripture to back that up…why does the church steer us away from meditation in Christ?

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools a Christian has  to control one’s mind exerting patience, tolerance, self control, self awareness, and trains a man to listen, and to connect to other realms is all very advantageous to the warrior of Jesus.

THINK THINK THINK  You have an enemy and the great HARLOT is at the helm of that organization to oppress and lead astray.  They LIE, they cheat, they steal, kill, and destroy, know it.

The 144,000 must wear all the armor of God. They CRUSH the head of Satan, they see demons and burn them with all kinds of fire from Heaven, they see angels and speak their language, they know their assigned angel(s) and see armies of angels.  They MUST trust their inner voice or they will not carry out the directives of their Father.  If its not Faith, its not Faith.

If God The Father or Jesus Shows the Church The All by speaking audibly and appearing in the carnal realms to us then the church would no longer need Faith.   We are saved by Faith which endows Hope.  This is Why you are not shown EVERYTHING.

Now we see dimly as if looking in a mirror but then face to face, then we shall know as fully as we are known by God.  Then remain these three, Faith, Hope,and Love, the greatest of these IS LOVE.  Bind this scripture to your heart for Amos 8:11-13 is upon us and these words of God will no longer be written.  KNOW IT!

They see the 12 judges who will be one day known to all. They get visions, they hear from God and call Him Father, and like the bride they want to go HOME. They were with God before but they were not predestined in the way you think predestination works. They had to make the choices to become he who was with God before. They see the supernatural changes, and their warfare is not for themselves….anymore.

The 144 have Come Out of Great Tribulation NOT “THE GREAT TRIBULATION”

They have ALREADY come out of Great Tribulation they know what it is to be a Prodigal without that experience they would not know the depths of God’s Grace & Love for them. They know the strong delusion is here, the wicked one is already standing in the Holy Place but most won’t see it, the bride and 144 are a minority. The Love the Bride exhibits in their Spirit brings the 144 to tears as they know they do not have that level of LOVE but they feel and see it because its from their Father. They fight for the Bride and they war for the sheep but they are frustrated by the exhibition of blindness throughout those who proclaim Jesus.

Remember The 144 Thousand are Human

The 144 are human and seasoned and usually but not always mature (meaning long time believers many many lessons) in Jesus. They must be alone, they are being nourished and protected. Humility yes, false humility NO.  They don’t speak badly of themselves.  True humility is being aware of their own character defects it is a must, they MUST know themselves. Remember Father God has endowed them with Great Power to be trusted with.

The 144 must know their own patterns of behavior regarding emotions and the core issues.  The strong delusion rides on emotions that are steeped in denial and blindness of self.  Its harder for a man to know himself than any other knowledge in this day.  The 144 know themselves at core level, by this people are quite transparent to them.  So many veils had to be stripped.  That process along can take 7 years.  This my friend is the area where most Christians drop their belt of Truth and fall deeply under the strong delusion.  More than anything they fear who they are because of programming that has broken their hearts.  The sheep suffer greatly by the lies they have been supplanted with.

You could say humans are unable to see themselves unless there is strong support and emotional solutions already in place for them to fall back on before they allow their own enlightenment.  But there is more to self truth than removing the veils.

The 144 Have Had Revelation of Who they are Emotionally.

Their emotional survival skills are stripped because denial had to be expelled to stay in Truth no matter how unpleasant that Truth is. How do I know all this about the 144?  Father God has revealed this Truth to me, I believe and wants you to know it also? I believe I know ONE 144 who is named Jazweeh and owns this site. As always I could be wrong.

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