How to Recognize Goat’s, Wolves, and Serpents of Satan

I must say I Jazweeh, am not near as schooled on these evil humans goats, wolves, adn serpents, as I am schooled on lambs, lions, and sheep of God.  However I feel led to write this article and I believe truths will come forth in the writing.  The pen is mightier than the sword and God uses the pen.

The Goats

The goats catalyst for actions is blind ego and painful inferiority complexes.  False pride is the goats lifes directional barometer.  Many goats identify as Christians.  They are thoroughly brainwashed in this country anyway.  They side with status quos and they never question what the pack believes as being truth or not.  They care nothing for truth for the truth is not in them.  They side with lies because they feel a brotherhood toward the lie.  Their leader is a serpent and deceptions is their anchor.

Goats run on Ego

Goats run on ego alone.  If they had no ego they would be crushed.  Goats strive to be at the top of the pile of hay just like the animal.  If they fight to knock the other goats to the ground and get to the top of the pile of hay they won’t budge from that throne.  They will sleep on the hay pile till some other goat knocks them off.  Goats don’t see the bible changes.  They are blind to the mandela effect.  Goats stand on this preface “it’s my job nothing personal”.  In and by that phrase goat’s have no conscience.  They NEVER take responsibility for any wrong action unless they do it for show.


Goat’s sometimes know right from wrong but they are very good at rational.  They can commit a wrong act to hurt you and will always have a justification for it.  Goats don’t care about anything except themselves.  They care for their children but not in the way of true Love.  Goats do not understand “it is better to give than to receive”.  None of the principles of Love make sense to a goat like charity.  Charity would be done for show.  The motive of a goat is to win and be first.  Goats just want ways to make themselves look good to others.  That is their prime motivation.  They take no interest in spiritual warfare.  Goats are tares, they are set and created for destructions.  Goats are in place for the big picture and the advancement of sheep, lions and lambs. Goats are worthless grain, reprobate minds.  Goats do have a soul but its temporary.  When a goat dies he is gone, annihilated for eternity.  Goat’s are temporal as the flesh is temporary.


If I had to be evil I had better be a wolf.  Wolves are not goats.  Goats have no chance for salvation.  They were created for other souls to advance.  Goats are stepping stones per say.  Wolves on the other hand have a soul that will last for eternity.  Wolves are not tares.  Wolves CAN BE and are often SAVED.  Wolves can be born again.  Wolves in scripture:  Apostle Paul went from wolf to lion.  John the Baptist was a Lamb.  Judas Iscariot was a Lion turned into a serpent.  Every apostle was a lamb when they were crucified and spent their lives as lions except Judas who went from Lion to Serpent.

Wolves are here to fool the lambs, lions, and mainly the sheep of God.  Wolves are ravenous and heartless.  Their catalyst is control, false pride, power hungering, hate, and deception.

But a wolves main catalyst is ravenous hurtfulness.

They have a hunger to hurt others in a bloody way. Wolves are out for blood and they know it in their heart.  Therefore they must wear a mask of deception.  They are smart.  They are cunning, and they believe many of their own lies.  They have much more self worth and esteem than a goat.   They are usually well educated and purposeful.  They have direction in their life and know the value of purposeful life.

Wolves posing as Christians

If a wolf is posing as a Christian it’s a facade.  Every wolf knows he is a liar. Lying is the wolfs protection just as truth is the true believers buckler and belt.  Hold not the lie to thy breast brother, lest in the end it deceive you most vehemently.

The wolf climbs the corporate ladder like a pro.  He learns the game and plays it well.  The wolf is a magnet to others.  He is charismatic and funny.  The wolf will make evil appear as good.  The wolf will show you that if you are not hurting other people then clearly you’re not doing your job and need fired.  Wolves can see the bible changes but would use this truth to inject a bigger more important lie.  For instance some bible change channels on Youtube show the changes and are appalled by them, however they will by the next word tell you to take the mark of the beast because its all symbolic and not an actual mark.

How to recognize a Wolf of Satan

In other words the wolf by greed, by hate, or by actual Satanic worship works to steal your soul and if he has to swallow some Christian ideals and spew them out in doing so he will as long as he gets your soul in the end.

Right now the biggest mission that the wolves have is to GET YOU TO TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST WHEN IT COMES.

So expect to see some Mandela effect bible changes youtube channels to promote a symbolic idea of the mark of the beast like Sunday worship or obeying some particular Jewish tradition as being the mark of the beast.

Never will a wolf take a literal outlook on the mark in the hand or forehead.  This watering down of the mark is a sign that you have encountered a wolf when you see them circumventing the serious consequences the mark of the beast will result in for all of mankind.


What do I know about serpents? They are the most depraved of conscience.  They justify all their murders.  Serpents believe they have a right to lord over the human race.  Serpents are cunning baffling and powerful.  They are direct descendants of Satan.  They get their information from the fallen angels whether they know it or not.  Serpents are responsible for most of the Earths travails of pollution and defilement.  Serpents are responsible for the manipulation of DNA.  They are into mind control.  They pollute the oceans with red tide and don’t give a shit.  They hold vast amounts of great hidden knowledge that could save the Earth and its people but they withhold it using it for evil.

The catalyst of the serpent is POWER & LOATHING.  They hate everyone.  Love is an unknown possibility to them they only know control and possessions.  They fight all their lives to excel and will do anything for power, anything.  They lust for youth.  They lust for eternal life.  They lust for better sex.  They lust for more beauty.  They lust so intensely that they are driven by 9 forms of demonic hierarchy.


The serpents are indwelt by the most elite of demons.  It’s hard even with spiritual discernment of spirits to see these particular demons in their eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul.  While lower demons are easy to spot in people’s eyes.  The only way you can spot the hierarchy demons in a person is by praying for them with the gift of discernment.  What you WILL SEE IS A COVERING OF DARK PROTECTION OVER THEIR BODY and their soul.  Its like a black cloud that protects them against all Christian prayers and dark spells.  Jazweeh has not tried to penetrate this cloaking when she did see it, as it has been seen over Mr. O.B.A. when she prayed for him earnestly at one time during his reign as many others did also.  Her prayers she said, were slapt to the ground by the dark cloak of black power that she then saw surround him.  She said she had never ever experienced this when praying for anyone.  I guess that means there are another 66,665 serpents that she has yet to pray for.  As most likely they are all covered by that same spell.

There are just as few serpents in the world as there are Lambs of God.  144,000 12×12 Lambs of God.  There are 66,600 serpents of Satan they are very powerful and few and far between.  They worship Satan knowingly.

They may not have always know that hey are Satan’s spawn, but at some point they realized they are different.  Serpents CAN be saved BUT rarely are they turned no matter how horrible the circumstances of their life, when you don’t have any Love for anyone and are driven by sheer power, repentance would have to be a direct gift from God to achieve.

A wolf has a much better chance at repentance when he sees the blood of his victims in a true light.


God has a chosen 144 thousand lambs (of Love) of God for Armageddon.  God also has 210,000 numbering 12 types of warriors at 175 of each type of Lion.  Chosen Lions war throughout the earth today in His mighty army of The Spirit, and He has called a multitude of sheep to repentance unto Himself as well who could rise up and fight at will but sheep don’t generally know the power at their hands. Neither do goats know their power.  Wolves and Lions are inherent enemies of one another.


Satan only has 66,600 spawn of the serpents in charge of his earthly kingdom.  He has 33,000 wolves and a multitude of goats.  These numbers are due to the number of angels that fell in the beginning of the fall, being 200 fallen angels strong.  Each fallen angel appointed 333 serpents whom were given money, power, and secret knowledge to control each of the appointed land masses and areas of humans.  It almost sounds as if Satan were more than just an angel doesn’t it?  This is a mystery as well.

NOW THEN God has also given his Lions and Lambs secret knowledge.

God has given His warriors secret knowledge by their hearts, their dreams, visions, their knowing, and their ernest seeking bring them secret wisdom.  This is why any sheep can become a Lion or Lamb.  It is our action that brings us in front of the throne room of God.  Just as the actions of evil men bring them in front of Satan’s throne.

Join the army of God now because the outcome is already mapped out and written in stone literally.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and ALL other things will be added unto you.”

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