Flesh and Blood or Spirit of Life? You choose

Why do you return to the sacrifices of goats and sheep and the slaughter of animals and flesh and blood as your protection & basis of your faith?  The Holy Spirit is given and gifts are given unto men in the Spirit.

Yet you want to return to the ways of the Passover lamb putting blood on your doors.  The ARMOR OF GOD IS HERE.  And it is of The Spirit not of the flesh & blood.   Blood is flesh.

Jesus has risen. Old testament Passover lamb is a flesh & blood sacrifice of the old covenant. Jesus went to the grave and took the keys to death and hell He overcame death so you can also overcome. By Him the new covenant was invoked and the old fulfilled. Salvation by Faith through Jesus’ mighty name The Holy Spirit is given in Jesus’ name. There is no longer a need for flesh blood to put on the doors & windows unless you make what Jesus did of no effect?

Why revert to old ways when the Holy Spirit armor of God is given to men? The just shall live by Faith. The power that is given to God’s children is by His Holy Spirit and Faith, and Hope. The armor of God is your protection under the new covenant not blood sacrifice. Hope is the Helmet of the Hope of Salvation, The Shield of Faith, The breastplate of Righteousness through Jesus we are righteous children of God, The Sword of The Spirit of God His Word is Jesus and His inspired words are powerful, The prayers of the Saints in Faith, Feet shod with the good news of the gospel of Peace (what Jesus has done for you your testimony by which you overcome) And THE BELT OF TRUTH. Jesus is The Truth, The Life, and The Way.

The armor of God is Spiritual.  And is your protection unless you prefer a finished covenant that did not have near the power as the Spirit does. So why all the blood blood blood? The law always leads to death. The letter kills the Spirit gives life. To put one’s Faith in blood is to put one’s faith in flesh. Is not blood of the flesh? Did God not give HIs Spiritual Armor to His children to protect us? This blood movement is error. The blood of Jesus is symbolic of His suffering on the cross. Jesus is Risen. He is Spirit. The Armor of God is SPIRIT.

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